Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Event Points

Of course! That's just fine!" Lone Blossom growled as he stared at Fearless...

But while Darknorth Fisher and the girls wore an expression of worry on their faces, the others from the Quan Zhen Sect seemed completely unfazed.

"Leader Fearless, Lone Blossom won't retaliate against us right..." Darknorth Fisher asked.

"No wonder your woman left you, stop being such a worrywart and play the game however you please!" Fearless laughed.

"But what if they retaliate..."

"Fight what we can and run when we can't fight! If we really can't handle their onslaught the we can just quit this game...I don't understand your concerns! We've been hunted down no matter what games we played in the past, it just takes some getting used to..." Ming Du muttered.

Darknorth Fisher couldn't believe his ears, an honest player like him couldn't understand the thoughts of the borderline criminals in the Quan Zhen Sect.

"Alright guys, let's not talk about such depressing things now! It's the new year, let's talk about more auspicious matters!" Spring Halo chuckled.

"More auspicious matters? Oh you mean how we will split the money!" Vainglory cheered.


Back in their own headquarters, Lone Blossom was slumped over a chair, feeling extremely depressed over todays matters. Even after playing games for so many years, this was the first time that he had tasted such a crushing defeat. He had never backed down even in the face of largest guilds, yet he was forced into such a sorry state today by a rag tag bunch of hooligans today.

"Since they've already left, why don't we hunt them down and kill them?" Amitabha asked.

"Forget it... those guys are bound to meet their maker someday, just not today!" Lone Blossom sighed.

"Are we really going to bear this insult?"

"Do you think we have a choice... even if we could deal with those idiots, that Pugilist isn't someone I would want to offend..." Lone Blossom blankly replied.


According to Spring Halo's logic, a woman would never admit that she was in the wrong.

Just like Sanguine Rose. Even though she had single-handedly created this entire issue by herself, she would always be thinking that everything started because the Sanguine Alliance and the Quan Zhen Sect ganged up against her.

Sanguine Rose had quit the guild in a fit of rage, blocked everyone from Twilight City on her friends list and skipped town.

Sanguine Primrose on the other hand did not stop her. She knew that even though Fearless had orchestrated the matter and set Sanguine Rose up, the fact remained that Sanguine Rose was in the wrong to begin with.

But Sanguine Primrose realised that even though she was the guild leader of the Primrose Militia, she had never willingly done anything herself but had always listened to the orders of Sanguine Warflag...

What guild was she even leading... her very own guild 'Spear and Primrose' had already collapsed. After that incident, she had never been happy when playing in a guild.

Once she reached that realisation, Sanguine Primrose immediately handed over the role of guild leader of the Sanguine Militia over to Sanguine Azalea. Quietly leaving the guild and Twilight City.

Within the headquarters of the Quan Zhen Sect, all fifteen members were currently seated around a table.

There were several large crimson red bags of money on the table. Since it was the new years, the system had stored the money they received from the Pure Lands guild in these bags.

Fearless was the one dividing the money.

"Since Spring Halo, Vainglory, Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher saved me, they get 1000 gold each..."

"Boson and Crotch Lord were mentally traumatised, so they get 1000 gold each..."

"The girls and I were killed once, so we get 1000 gold each..."

Looking at the way that he divided it, it seemed that everyone of the fifteen members of the Quan Zhen Sect would get 1000 gold each.

"For f*cks sake! Couldn't you have just said that everyone was getting 1000 gold? Why are you wasting our time!" Ming Du angrily shouted.

"It isn't the same. I recognising the contributions that each of the members in our guild made to our fight with the Pure Lands guild!" Fearless retorted.

"We didn't even do anything, don't you think that 1000 gold is abit too excessive?" Li Xue timidly asked.

"It isn't much..." Boson interjected before Fearless got a chance to reply.

"It's all thanks to your medicines that we even survived..." Boson continued.

"That's right!" Ming Du added: "Ai, maybe it would have been better to die. The three of us used up one hundred and eighty medium grade recovery medicines to survive while waiting for you guys... what a waste."


But Li Xue wasn't stupid, she understood how precious the medium grade recovery poitions were. but even so, the raw materials didn't cost 4000 gold... Despite how poorly the Quan Zhen Sect treated outsiders, they would never mistreat their own guild members. This sort of camaraderie was something that Li Xue and the other girls never experienced in any other guilds.

"Little Xue, take mine too." Mu Zi Xian giggled: "All I did was open a door, I think 1000 gold is a bit too excessive. Maybe you could put it to better use..."

"If sister in law didn't open the door we would have all died for sure.." The others guffawed.

By the time the money was divided, it was already 2 hours past midnight. Everyone was dying to log off after a long day of being chased.

As someone who was not used to staying up late, Wang Yu did not wake up until noon the next day.

After logging onto the game, he realised that everyone was still liotering around in the guild headquarters.

"Did you guys just log on too?" Wang Yu asked.

"Oh you're alive?" Ming Du laughed.

"What's the matter? Are we being hunted again?" Wang Yu asked.

Knowing their characters, it woulnd't be surprising if they did offend another large guild while Wang Yu was sleeping.

"They're going to give out the event rewards soon! Apparently the top ten players will get a special reward..." Boson replied.

"Oh..." Wang Yu finally understood what was going on, the day after new years day was the last day for this event.

"But we didn't even do much, so I guess we probably won't be in the top ten." Wang Yu mumbled to himself.

"Ha ha ha! Brother Bull, how many point do you have?" Spring Halo asked Wang Yu.

"40634!" Wang Yu looked at his event points and replied.

"And how many Nian's are there?"

"There is one in every city right..." Wang Yu answered.

There were in fact seven Nian's in every city. Given that there were 300 home cities, there were a total of two thousand one hundred Nian's.

Before they discovered the secret of the fire crackers, there weren't many players that could kill a Nian. Even the large guilds had to use swarm tactics to kill it, but even then the points would be divided to all the people present.

Once the secret behind to firecrackers was leaked on the forums, the number of people hunting the Boss Nian rose exponentially. Given the intense competition for the limited amount of event points available, 40634 points was definitely considered a heaven defying number.