Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 216

Chapter 216: The Cheap Stuff Are Absolute Trash!

"Look at it yourself!" The Informant dismissively answered after Wang Yu explained the reason for his visit this time.

Wang Yu was utterly speechless as he looked at the conversion table for the points exchange... it looked like a gaming noob like him really did lack alot of 'common sense'.

There were twenty five items that could be redeemed with the event points, split into five different tiers of five items each. The lowest tier items only needed one point, while the next required ten, so on and so forth. While the highest tier required ten thousand points.

Amongst the items that could be redeemed, there were scrolls, blueprints, equipments and skills books. The only issue was that none of these items had an item description... meaning you wouldn't know how good something was until you had it in your hands.

Wang Yu was very cautious by nature and didn't really understand gambling. He especially didn't have any faith in his luck, making him reliant on the advice of others.

"Teacher, how should I choose?" Wang Yu asked as he passed 10 gold coins over to the Informant. After having interacted with this shameless NPC for so long, Wang Yu understood that he would be ignored if he gave anything less.

"The expensive stuff aren't necessarily good and the cheap stuff are absolute shit!" The Informant replied after a moment of pondering.

"That makes sense!" Wang Yu nodded his head in agreement: "Should I go for equipments or the other stuff?"

"There isn't anything that is objectively bad, it's about how you use it!" The Informant replied.

"Thank you teacher!" Wang Yu politely thanked the Informant as he choose a blueprint from the highest tier, trading in his points.

Wang Yu didn't really have a very high requirement for the equipments he was wearing, hence he thought it would be a relatively safe bet to choose a blueprint. After all the items were mostly consumables that could only be used once.

But blueprints on the other hand were something only blacksmiths could use, since Wang Yu had the Refiner job, this blueprint was the most suitable item for him.

Wang Yu was extremely relieved when he saw the words 'Rare blueprint', immediately taking it out of him inventory for further inspection, but what he saw next had made his slack jawed with disappointment.

: Rare blueprint. Requires the player to know low grade engineering.

"F*ck!" Wang Yu nearly fainted in shock.

He had only chosen this item because of the advice that the Informant had given him, yet he still received an utterly useless item.

"Teacher, are you trying to pull a fast one on me?" Wang Yu gloomily asked the Informant.

"I've already told you very clearly, just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's good..." The Informant repeated himself.

"Can I refund it?" Wang Yu pitifully asked.

This was twenty thousand points, it could definitely be exchanged for something better... even someone as easy going as Wang Yu could not help but feel vexed by the amount of points he had just wasted.

"This... it's against the rules..." The Informant replied.

"About that... will 10 gold be enough?" An advanced AI like the Informant could definitely ignore this rule, but only if he wanted to.

"Nope, that'll take at least 500 gold!" The Informant casually replied.

"F*ck!" Wang Yu was absolutely livid with rage.

"Relax. But I can give you a quest for 10 gold. You'll understand the importance of this blueprint once you complete the quest."

"What quest?" Wang Yu asked.

"Truth be told, this blueprint of yours is for a powerful weapon from an ancient civilisation. It's a pity that they split the blueprint into three pieces when they were on the verge of defeat. Do you want to find all the pieces?"


Only now did Wang Yu understand the use of the Technomagic Cartridge Blueprint...

"Cartridge, rifle, firing pin. What are this for?" Wang Yu asked.

"Secondary weapon, Magic gun." The Informant chuckled as he replied, not wishing to give out anymore clues to Wang Yu.

"Gun..." Wang Yu was speechless. As a martial artist in real life, Wang Yu already had many misgivings about such things, yet this game was encouraging him to use it...

"Yes! I've heard that the Firing Pin Blueprint is currently in the hands of the Elves, you'll have to go to Spiritas Marsh in Elf City to find it."

"Thank you teacher!" Wang Yu cupped his fist respectfully as he prepared to leave.

"Don't be in such a hurry to leave! There are still some stuff here, why don't you give it another go?" The Informant chuckled.

If this was any other currency, Wang Yu you never try his luck again after being cheated the first time. But since the new year event points would expire if he did not use them, Wang Yu gritted his teeth and decided to try his luck again.

Wang Yu nervously chose a skillbook this time.

Equipments would eventually be replaced when he found a better one, but skill books were different. Even if you didn't want to use it for yourself, you could always sell it away!

Fortunately the system was kind to Wang Yu this time. He had managed to exchange twenty thousand points for a skill book specific to his job,

[Golden Bell Canopy](Active): Rare skill. The player gathers his immense inner strength as attracts all incoming damage to himself. Physical defense and magic resistance is raised by 100% for the next 1 minute. Job requirement: Martial Savant.

When a fighter had completed his job advancement quest and become a Martial Savant, he could change to a set of heavy armour and become a tank using this skill. Even though this skill could be considered to be rather powerful, it was relatively useless for someone like Wang Yu who rarely received any attacks from his enemies.

Even though the Quan Zhen Sect still had Vainglory who played as a Martial Savant, he mainly raised his Dexterity, so this skill was useless for him as well. Wang Yu sighed as he kept the skill book, planning to sell it off instead.

After exchanging twenty thousand points for this skill book, Wang Yu still had over six hundred points left, exchanging it for items that the Informant had described as cheap and useless... But because the three lowest tiers only had equipments, Wang Yu ended up with three Bronze tier equipments.

On his fourth try, just when all hope seemed to be gone, Wang Yu saw the faint glow of an Obsidian tier equipment in his inventory.