Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Tricked

"I have an idea!" Wang Yu suddenly shouted.

"If we throw all the torches upwards, that'll force the monster to fly down won't it?"

"Yes... but we don't have enough torches..." Fearless said.

Torches were a single use consumable item. A player could even keep them in his inventory after he had lighted it up. But once it left a player's hand, the system would take it that the player had stopped using the torch and the torch would slowly burn out.

Torches were not something that players would usually buy. It was only because Sanguine Warflag had previously explained that there were torches in the dungeon that Fearless even had the idea of buying a few.

It probably wasn't a very good idea to throw torches at the monster since they didn't even have many to begin with.

"No worries! We have enough!" Wang Yu chuckled as he ran towards a wall with a torch in his hands. Wang Yu used the wall to launch himself into the air, throwing the torch towards the wall as it landed between two rocks in the ceiling.

With the torch at the top of the cavern, the Flying Serpent loudly screeched as a whole swarm of them began descending.

The tanks were holding torches and defending the weaker players. The Magician's hid behind the tanks as they began to shoot spells at it. Even Wang Yu was standing by the side casting [Rippling Wave]. Very quickly the whole swarm had been killed.

Only after they had confirmed that all the Flying Serpent's in the area were dead did the players heave a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, a reddish-yellow snake appeared in the air.

This snake was significantly smaller than those that they had encountered before. It was only half a metre long and exuded a misty miasma around it's body, giving it an incredibly mysterious look.

"It's a boss!"

The players quickly got into their battle formation when they read the system notification. Who would have thought that such a tiny snake would be a boss.


MP: ???

Skills: [Fantasy Array], [Metamorphosis], [Riddle]

State: Metamorphosis 100%

A boss with only 5000 health... this really something to celebrate. This boss couldn't even compare to the normal monsters! It was simply a godsend...

"Stormbringer! Kill it!" Sanguine Warflag immediately shouted without waiting for Fearless to speak.

"Don't kill it..." Fearless knitted his brows and said.

Fearless had a strange feeling that something wasn't right ever since they had encountered the ghost wall.

As a beta tester of the game, Fearless had previously challenged the Hurricane Cavern dungeon in the past. But during that time, they had only cleared the normal dungeon, hardly anyone ever attempted to fight the elite difficulty and above.

Even though challenging higher tiered dungeons would mean that there were more hidden bosses like this Fantasy Serpent. Fearless had never heard of a boss being stationed at such an odd position. And such a simple boss with only 5000 health at that...

But Fearless' instruction was a second too late. Sanguine Stormbringer had already fired his arrow towards the Fantasy Serpent.

The Fantasy Serpent's form flickered slightly as it's appearance changed to that of Sanguine Stormbringer. Strangely enough, once the arrow struck it, the real Sanguine Stormbringer turned into a ray of white light...

"What the f*ck!!! What a despicable boss!!!" Everyone shouted.

Damn it. It would imitate whoever attacked it and would cause them to receive the damage that they dealt to it as well.

Archer's had very little health to begin with, thus there was no way that Sanguine Stormbringer would even survive an attack from himself given all the top tier equipments that he was wearing.

He had used the strongest skill that Sharpshooter's had in an attempt to kill this boss in one hit.

The boss suddenly opened it's mouth to speak after Sanguine Stormbringer's death.

"Despicable intruders, even though you have slain my brethren I do not wish to fight you, for I am a pacifist. I will give you one opportunity. If you can answer my riddle, I will let you pass."

"Do you believe it's words?" Sanguine Warflag asked Fearless.

After facing an elite boss previously, everyone knew that these bosses liked to toy with their preys, especially this one. One look at it's skills and the previous exchange with Sanguine Stormbringer revealed it's questionable character.

"What can we do if we don't believe it's words? Do you think we can bypass it?" Fearless replied.

"You mean Brother Bull can't do anything either?" Sanguine Warflag asked Wang Yu.

"Nonsense! Didn't you see what happened just now? Brother Bull will definitely die if he tried to fight it..."

"Che!" Wang Yu grunted in discontentment.

"What's the riddle?" Fearless ignored Wang Yu's unhappiness and asked/

"What create walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon..." The Fantasy Serpent started to ask.


"What's with all these old fashioned western riddles? Why would you even bother asking such a shitty riddle?" Fearless interrupted before the Serpent even got the chance to finish it's riddle.

"Oh well, to think that you would be so smart..." The Fantasy Serpent chuckled before it continued with another riddle: "If there is light, I lose my light. But if I am bestowed with light, I will help men walk."

"Torch. Can you ask a more challenging riddle?" Fearless yawned.

"..." The Fantasy Serpent remained silent before it suddenly burst into anger: " These are the fucking riddle's that the game designers programmed me to ask! Do you think I have a choice?"

Who would have thought that this AI would actually scold it's creator...

The next few riddles that the Fantasy Serpent asked were also easily solved by Fearless...

These were all common riddles that everyone had heard of before...

But as the riddles progressed, the players started to feel a sense of danger emanating from the Fantasy Serpent.

Even if these people could not sense killing intent like Wang Yu, they could still vaguely feel that there were some changes about the Serpent's disposition.

The originally half a metre long Fantasy Serpent had suddenly swelled to two metres long. It had been progressively getting larger with each riddle that Fearless solved.

HP: 5000

MP: ???

Skills: [Fantasy Array], [Metamorphosis], [Riddle]

State: Metamorphosis 700%

"Fearless, stop solving it's riddles, you've been tricked..." Wang Yu hurriedly pulled Fearless aside.


Only after Wang Yu had pulled him away did Fearless suddenly notice that the Serpent had swelled in size.

"What the f*ck has this guy been eating?" Fearless gasped.

"It's been feeding on your knowledge!" Sanguine Warflag mocked.

"F*cking hell, how dare this b*tch trick me..." Fearless angrily cursed as his face flushed red with embarrassment.

After all these years of gaming, Fearless had always been the one tricking and scamming others. Yet today, he had fallen for the trap of this seemingly innocent and curious boss. If word of this ever got out, he was sure that the other players from the Quan Zhen Sect would never let it go till the day he died.