Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 254

Chapter 254: There He Goes


While Berserk Thunder Emperor was happily chatting away with Berserk Thundergod, he suddenly heard a shout from behind the pillar.

Immediately following the shout, he saw Ming Du and Spring Halo charge forward from behind the pillar.

"They're out! Quickly get them!" Berserk Thunder Emperor barked.

When they heard his command, the Berserk Heavenlaw players took aim at the two of them and began unleashing all the skills and spells in their arsenals.

Within a few seconds, the entire hall was filled with various fireballs, ice needles and holy magic as well.

Without a shred of hesitation, Spring Halo summoned his demons and formed a wall to block all the ranged attacks.

Since there were almost two hundred players inside the conference room, Spring Halo's demons barely lasted 2 seconds before dissolving into light particles. In the second before he finally fell, Spring Halo cast [Distortion] and [Poison Nova] on the players at the front and threw out as many skills as he could.


When the players were hit by his spells, they rapidly lost a chunk of their health before the remains slowly dwindled to zero.

"F**k this Dark Shaman knows an AOE spell???" the Berserk Heavenlaw players gasped in shock.

"Ai? What's that?"

Right as the players just recovered from their initial shock, they noticed a lightning spear flying towards them.


As the familiar sound that accompanied all lightning based spells rang out, Ming Du suddenly materialised in front of the crowd.

During the first volley of attacks, Ming Du had his himself out of sight of these players and prepared his [Spear Of Lightning]. When the spells had finally ended, he threw the spear and used [Protective Switch] to appear in front of the other players.

Seeing that Ming Du was still alive, Berserk Thunder Emperor frantically shouted: "Seal up that gap! Don't let him escape!"

In the blink of an eye, the Berserk Heavenlaw players rearranged their formation while the ranged jobs released their second round of attacks.

"Ke ke ke!" Ming Du ran forward a few more steps before waving his staff again and materialising in the middle of the Berserk Heavenlaw players.

When the dust had settled, the Berserk Heavenlaw players saw light particles floating up into the air and heaved a sigh of relief.

"That can't be right why didn't the number of enemies decrease?" One of the players asked.

"That's because I'm still alive motherf**kers! Hahahahaha!" Ming Du wildly cackled as he cast [Hell Inferno] right beneath him.

Since most of the players were standing guard near the exit, the spot that Ming Du had selected to use [Hell Inferno] was very packed. Many of the players were melee classes or tanks so [Hell Inferno] was naturally insufficient to finish them all off. Just as the spell was about to end, Ming Du followed it up with [Flaming Barrage].

[Flaming Barrage] had a much higher base damage than [Hell Inferno] but it was also a channel type spell. Since Ming Du was a miser, he wouldn't normally use this spell due to it's high mana cost. However, in this situation, Wang Yu wouldn't be able to escape if he didn't go all out.

In the next instant, the conference room was filled with an immense amount of light particles. It was at this moment that Wang Yu finally emerged from behind the pillar.

Ming Du and Spring Halo's combined suicidal attacks had managed to kill more than sixty players. Right now, the only players that still remained near the exit was Berserk Thunder Emperor and his personal bodyguards.

"Stop him! Now!!!" Berserk Thunder Emperor bellowed as he lifted his shield and charged towards Wang Yu. However, Wang Yu simply swapped to his pole and vaulted above Berserk Thunder Emperor's head.

Before Wang Yu landed, the other Knights had already set up a perimeter and had him surrounded.

With all of these Knights surrounding him, there was no where for Wang Yu to run to. While he was still in mid-air, Wang Yu used [Flying Knee] to grab Berserk Thunder Emperor's Head. He then used [Eagle stomp] to forcibly land on the ground and then flung Berserk Thunder Emperor towards the other Knights and knocked them over.

After he cleared a path for himself, Wang Yu immediately ran towards the exit without even looking back.

Outside the conference room, Berserk Thundergod had originally thought that the entire situation was under control. He didn't think that there was even the slightest chance for these three cornered animals would suddenly turn the tables on them. As the Berserk Heavenlaw players streamed out of the respawn point, he redirected them to surround the conference room door.

The moment Wang Yu stepped out of the conference room, he saw the army of players that were camped outside waiting for him

Fortunately, the conference room's door was an arch and had a small stone platform above it.

As the Knights were about to reach Wang Yu, he leapt toward the side of the conference room door and kicked off of it to boost himself just enough to catch the platform above it.

Without even needing any instructions, the Archers in Berserk Heavenlaw readied their bows when they saw Wang Yu jump into the air.

Most of the players in Berserk Heavenlaw had ranged jobs. If several hundred of them attacks Wang Yu at the same time, there was no way for him to dodge at all. All he could do was brace himself and hope that [Spirit Guard] would be able to hold out.

Fortunately for him, his 2 seconds of invincibility was just enough to endure the entire wave of attacks.

"Hpmh! I want to see where you're even going to run! Everyone, continue!"

The small platform above the Conference Room's door was only a few meters long. To Berserk Thundergod, Wang Yu jumping up to it was a blessing.

"Heh, then just keep watching!" Wang Yu chortled. With that, he twisted his body and ran along the walls straight towards the exit of Ironcliff Fortress.

"Wait what? The f**k??? Is he a ghost???"

When the Berserk Heavenlaw players saw the scene, all of them instantly froze on the spot.

As the top guild in the district, the berserk Heavenlaw players were more or less all experts. However, none of them had ever heard of a skill that allowed players to run perpendicular to a wall!

A Pugilist with movement skills like this simply wasn't human!

"Th Thi This isn't logical at all!" Berserk Thundergod numbly muttered as his weapon slid out of his hand.

"What's wrong? Where did he go?" Berserk Thunder Emperor asked as he ran out of the conference room.

"He escaped..." Berserk Thundergod choked.

"He escaped? Stop joking around bro how did he get away from a few hundred of our brothers?"

Without Ming Du and Spring Halo's kamikaze attacks this time around, the formation that was set up outside the conference room could have been said to have been perfect. If a single Pugilist had really managed to escape from them like this then their guild was a complete joke!

"He ran from there..." Berserk Thundergod replied as he pointed a shaky finger at the wall.

"Dude stop f**king with me man! Are you trying to tell me he can fly?"Berserk Thunder Emperor laughed. Now he was sure that Berserk Thundergod was playing with him.

"It's not flying, but it's very close..." A he spoke, Berserk Thundergod traced his finger along that path that Wang Yu ran and whispered: "He ran there..."

"Dude seriously, stop..." Before Berserk Thunder Emperor managed to finish his sentence, they all suddenly received a system notificaiton.