Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Gnome Wolf Knights

The deeper Wang Yu went into the cursed forest, the higher the level of the monsters, and the tougher it was to deal with them.

For example, after passing Hooktail Scorpions, it was the territory of the level 35 monster, Sickle Beetles.

Sickle beetles lived in groups, they could fly, but gave out little experience points, making them an annoying pest. Any normal player would walk around them.

However, Wang Yu was an outsider, and did not know about it. He ran into a bunch of sickle beetles by accident, and he spent a lot of effort to get rid of them.

As Wang Yu continued, he walked past the gnomes' line of defence, before finally reaching the area in blue on his minimap.

The whole area was no different from the rest of the forest, except that it was covered in a grey fog. To make things worse, the system informed Wang Yu that the area covered in fog cannot be entered. Wang Yu was dumbfounded again.

"Could there be an entrance?" Wang Yu mumbled to himself, and started walking around the fog, looking for an entrance.

Before long, Wang Yu heard battle noises from not far away.

'Eh, there are people here!" Wang Yu quickly went towards the noise.

As he closed in, Wang Yu saw a group of grey gnomes surrounding a team of people.

The team looked pretty familiar, it was the team that Wang Yu came across just now.

The gnomes that surrounded them were completely different from the ugly gnomes that Wang Yu had seen. These gnomes were muscular, broad, and fierce looking. They were even riding wolves.

Wang Yu threw a detection skill over to check out their identity.

HP: 30 000

MP: 2000

Skills: [Charge], [Sudden Attack], [Buck Shot]

Monster description: The most elite force in gnomes, great mobility and jungle warfare capabilities.

The moment Wang Yu saw the description, he knew that the team was in trouble.

As compared to human knights, these gnome knights were smaller in size, yet they made up for it with speed and flexibility. They had no problem going through the woods at high speed.

When human knights battle, they would only crush their enemies with their mounts. Surrounding their enemies was unheard of.

Yet, these gnome knights had surrounded the team, and used their guns to attack from afar. The tank was on the verge of death.

Luckily, the team had great coordination, and Thousand Shades of Purple was a decent priest. With her healing and the cover from the trees, the team managed to stay alive so far. However, the situation was not looking good. The team could only defend themselves against the group of elite monsters, and had no chance of retaliating.

"Brother, didn't you say there was a boss here? How did it end up like this?" The girl in purple complained.

"I don't know. There was nothing here when I came in the morning, but somehow there are so many monsters now." The big guy was clearly too stressed out by the monsters' attack.

As the gnomes started closing in on them, the team's room for evasion became smaller. The pressure on them was getting stronger, and they were struggling with their defence.

"F*ck, guess we are going back to the city for free. Thanks a bunch, Storm!"

The team started laughing at the big guy.

"Yeah you have to compensate us, I want to drink Herbal Fragrance" Herbal Fragrance was the most expensive alcoholin City of Elves, it costed a gold for a bottle, just like the alcohol Wang Yu used to bribe the Hermit.

"F*ck you, don't take advantage of the situation!" The big guy was clearly dejected, "Malt beer is fine!"

"F*ck off you stingy bastard!"

The team mocked the big guy again, and kept their weapons. They were ready to give up on resisting.

If the equipments were kept in the bad, there was a much lower chance of them dropping if the player died. In <>, everyone knew to keep their weapons if they knew they were going to die. After all, experience points did not matter, as compared to equipments.

At that moment, a figure appeared before the team. Wang Yu had descended from the sky and used [Thunder God's Stomp] to kick a gnome off the back of its wolf.

Wang Yu then did a backflip and landed, while he grabbed another gnome's head with his right hand, and attacked with his left. Two more gnomes were now on the ground, the gnomes' encirclement was broken by Wang Yu.

"What the f*ck, is this a hidden quest?"

The team was stunned.

The gnome knights were moving at a high speed. For Wang Yu to kick one on the face with precision, and then brought down the other two without using a targettable skill, he must have had godly maneuverability and mechanics.

Furthermore, Wang Yu's movement was smooth and confident, as if he had anticipated all of it. That was another shock factor for the team.

They were experts themselves, and could tell that Wang Yu's mechanics was extraordinary.

For common players, it was reasonable for them to think that only intelligent NPCs could have done that, so they treated Wang Yu as a NPC, and thought that this was a hidden quest.

"Get out of their encirclement now!" Wang Yu turned to shout at the team, then went towards the other gnomes.

When they saw Wang Yu's face, they got the shock of their lives again, and shouted, 'What the f*ck, it's you!"

They had guessed that Wang Yu was not a rookie player, but they had never expected Wang Yu to be so incredibly strong.

Despite their astonishment, the team did not forget to put on their equipments and rushed out from the hole in the encirclement that Wang Yu had made.

While they were doing so, Wang Yu had already took down five more gnomes. He then went to join the team.

There were 20 gnome knights in total, Wang Yu had single handedly brought down almost half of them.

However, in Thousand Shades of Purple's team, the big guy was the only tank. Apart from her, who was a priest, the rest of the team were either bowmen or thieves.

It was no surprise that their team was surrounded by the gnome knights.

"You dare to attack the knights with only one tank" Wang Yu was surprised as well. In real life, a round of arrows from the archers could easily take down a group of knights, but they were in a game. The best way to handle knights in game was to go hard on them and demount them. This was common sense, even for Wang Yu.

"How the f*ck would we know that there are knights in the forest" The big guy said in frustration.

Indeed, a large unit like a knight would not be able to use their speed as an advantage in the forest. For the team to come across the elite gnome knights who were not restricted by the forest, they were surely unlucky.

"Nevermind, you guys will go and stop the fallen knights from mounting again. I'll go and bring the rest down!"