Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Ancient Grade Skill

"That's it?"

The group was still in disbelief that golden goblin was already defeated

Golden goblin was a gold grade boss at level 35 after all. Even a team of 20 to 30 players would have troubles in dealing with it. Yet, they backstabbed it to death so easily.

It was all thanks to Wang Yu who kept golden goblin under perfect restraint with his martial arts skills. No one else would have been able to do it like him. The rest were only able to attack golden goblin because Wang Yu turned it into an unmovable target.

'Brother Bull, hurry up and loot it now!" Spiralling Winds and Clouds said eagerly. It was what they had been waiting for.

"Let's see!" Wang Yu grabbed around golden goblin's body, and took out a golden sword.

Physical Attack: 100-100

Magical Attack: 80-80

+15 Strength

+20 Dexterity.


[Critical Attack] (Passive) - 30% chance for normal attacks to deal critical damage.

[Ethereal Dance] (Passive) - Increases attack speed by 30%

[Big Dipper's Radiance] (Active) - Strike a target with extreme speed for 7 times, dealing damage equivalent to 60% of physical attack each time. MP cost: 150. Cooldown: 50 seconds.

Level Requirement: 30

Job Requirement: Warrior

Item Description: Master swordsman Laker's personal sword. Lightweight and portable, with an incredible attack speed.

The passives of the sword was common, but its active skill was strong. Jobs that dealt physical damage did not have a big multiplier to their skills. A skill with 480% attack was a tremendous amount of output.

The main stat was even more surprising. It was at the maximum.

In <>, only equipments crafted by players could reach the maximum stats. For example, if the maximum attack was 100, then the equipments dropped by common bosses would be below 100. Golden goblin was a good boss indeed.

"Since none of us could use it, shall we not roll the dice?" Wang Yu asked.

Wang Yu was an earnest man. He knew that without the four of them helping him, it would take much more effort to kill the boss alone. Hence, he did not want to keep everything for himself.

"Ok, you make the call, brother Bull." Spiralling Winds and Clouds nodded.

Team Storm would have been dead at the entrance of Wonderland Forest without Wang Yu's help. They were appreciative of Wang Yu to even think about sharing the loots with them. Since they did not contribute much, they knew they had no say over how the loots would be split.

"We will bid for it, the highest bidder wins"

Wang Yu's words almost had them choking. Their impression of him instantly changed from "earnest" to "looks earnest, but cunning in reality".

Wang Yu single handedly emptied the shops in the village, there was no one who could outbid him.

"Brother Bull, all of us are poor. You can take it for any price"

Spiralling Winds and Clouds was a pragmatic man. He knew that he was poor, so he did not try to raise the bid.

'How about 150 gold?" Wang Yu asked.

He had sent a screenshot of the sword to Frost Blade the moment he picked it up. 150 gold was the price that Frost Blade gave to the sword.

Good equipments were getting common. Even gold equipments were not as rare as before, so the prices had fallen. If the sword did not have maximum attack stat, it would only be worth 100 gold.

"Ok!" The four of them nodded in satisfaction. All they did was helping out to backstab the boss. 30 gold for their effort was a great deal.

Wang Yu gave each of them 30 gold, and continued looting the body.

Physical Attack:40-40

Magical Attack: 20-20

Physical Defence: 60-60

Magic Resistance: 60-60

+15 Strength

+20 Vitality

Durability: 12000


[Laker's Protection] (Passive) - +525HP, +250MP

[Laker's Fortitude] (Passive) - 70% chance for 40% damage reduction when damaged by normal attacks.

[Laker's Rage] (Passive) - Reduce damage taken by 20% after HP reaches below 35%.

Level Requirement: 30

Job Requirement: Guardian

Item Description: A divine equipment that Laker received when he was young. A special skill could be triggered if the user has equipped Laker's Saber as well.

[Counter Attack] (Special) - While the skill is active, if the user successfully parries an enemy's attack, the user would automatically retaliate with normal attack. Can be triggered once every 60 seconds. (Inactive)

This shield's properties was definitely among the best in 1-handed shields, especially its last skill. That skill alone had increased the value of the shield by 50%>

"How about 200 gold?" Wang Yu asked the rest.

"Whatever you say" Wang Yu's price was too good for them to negotiate.

"200 gold it is!" Wang Yu continued looting after he paid them.

[Cross Cut]: Uncommon skill, allows the user to attack with two sword rays produced by demonic power. Job requirement: Thief, Warrior, Knights.

It was obviously a skill that any job using blade as weapons could use, so Wang Yu gave the skill book to the two assassins generously.

The last item was a skill book as well.

[Three point Slash] : Ancient skill, allows the user to attack a target with three charging attacks at extreme speed. Additional 150% damage if the three attacks hit the same target.

Item Description: Master swordsman Laker's proudest signature move. Laker was undefeated in the world thanks to this skill. So far, there is no one who could counter it.

Job Requirement: Warrior

Wang Yu despised the item description. "Uncounterable? That's because I was not around before. I just countered his skill easily!"

However, Spiralling Winds and Clouds and the rest saw the skill book, they screamed in astonishment, "This, this is an ancient skill??""

"Ancient skill? Why? Is it that good?" Wang Yu asked in a contemptuous tone. Wang Yu never cared for skills that he could counter. Although it was an ancient skill, but to Wang Yu, it was merely "so-so".

"Of course it is, it is an unique skill for warriors, only second to the legendary skill!" Spiralling Winds and Clouds exclaimed loudly.