Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 301

Chapter 301: 2 and a half dollars

"Are, are you sure this would work?" Spiralling Winds and Clouds was terrified.

It could not be helped that he was afraid. Bowman was a job that only worked against someone slower than him.However, Stone Golem King was fast and immune to crowd control skills. It was a rule of thumb for bowmen to run away if they came across such bosses.

Moreover, Stone Golem King was an independent mode boss with an unpredictable aggro system. Since Wang Yu was not a tank with taunt skills, Spiralling Winds and Clouds was afraid that the boss would come after him instead. Hencc, he felt that Wang Yu's suggestion was a suicide mission.

"Why not?" Wang Yu retorted.

If the mission was going to fail, all the items they had gotten in the dungeon would be forfeited, and Spiralling Winds and Clouds would die anyway. Since they were going to die anyway, it was worth a try.

"Ok!" Spiralling Winds and Clouds made up his mind and started attack Stone Golem King on its head.


In order to maximise his damage, Spiralling Winds and Clouds even used the arrows that Wang Yu gave to him.

Wang Yu was glad to see the damage dealt. It seems like the weakness of this boss was a bowman's attack. That was why the blacksmith in the village was full of arrows.

Stone Golem King was already furious that it cannot touch Wang Yu, the arrow that suddenly hit its head only made it worse. It turned around and was about to attack Spiralling Winds and Clouds.

At that moment, Wang Yu went beneath it and struck its crotch again. Wang Yu realised that although Stone Golem King did not have the same weakness as a human, it was made to think like a human. Whenever Wang Yu struck its crotch, he would attract the aggro from Stone Golem King.

As expected, Stone Golem King came back to attack Wang Yu. However, its attacks were too slow. Wang Yu dodged all of its blows with ease, and did not forget to attack its crotch once in a while.

Although its attacks were powerful, but none of them was able to hit Wang Yu.

"He...he really attracted its aggro"

Spiralling Winds and Clouds was in awe again. He could not believe that a Pugilist could have stalled a level 40 obsidian grade boss so easily, without even sustaining damage.

"His mechanics.even the God of War and God of Magic are probably at his level...No. Although they are given the title of god, they are still humans...this guy is definitely not.:

"What the f*ck are you looking at? Hurry up and attack it!"

Wang Yu was pissed to see Spiralling Winds and Clouds watching at the side and cursed at him. He quickly drew his bow and started attacking again.

As a bowman, his attack speed was fast. With Wang Yu stalling the boss, he just had to deal constant damage. Spiralling Winds and Clouds was a decent player, with the system's aim assist, he did not miss at all. Every arrow was dealing about 2000 damage.

After a dozen or so arrows, Stone Golem King's cooldown ended and charged towards Wang Yu again. Wang Yu then rolled over to its back, forcing it to cancel its skills and used [Corkscrew Punch].

Wang Yu did the same thing and stuck his pole between Stone Golem King's legs. However, he controlled his center of gravity so he would fly lower but further. While he was flying away, Wang Yu grabbed Spiralling Winds and Clouds as well.

Right after he was taken by Wang Yu, countless rock spikes appeared at where he was.

"F*ck you!!!" Spiralling Winds and Clouds was both shocked and enraged. He started shooting his arrows at Stone Golem King like a machine gun.

Wang Yu was right beside him and heard him mumbling something, but it was not a skill name, nor was he cursing. Out of curiosity, Wang Yu focused on his hearing trying to make out what Spiralling Winds and Clouds was saying. Only after several seconds, Wang Yu realised that he was saying, "$2.50, $2.50...."

That was when Wang Yu realised Spiralling Winds and Clouds was experiencing heartache from using the expensive arrows that were given to him. No wonder he was looking so pissed at Stone Golem King.

In that brief moment, Stone Golem King was already coming towards them. Wang Yu quickly rushed out and started stalling again.

Just like how thieves dreamt of backstabbing with every strike, all bowmen dreamt of standing still and dealing damage freely.

With Wang Yu stalling the boss, Spiralling Winds and Clouds finally fulfilled his dream.

Stone Golem King was not a human type boss, it could hardly be classified as a living thing, since it was made with nothing but boulders. As such, its intelligence was limited.

The duo was soon accustomed to its attack pattern. Whenever Stone Golem King used its skills, they would run away, then Wang Yu would stall it again while Spiralling Winds and Clouds dealt damage.

Their coordination was flawless, and Spiralling Winds and Clouds was getting better as time went on. After all, all had to do was deal damage, since Wang Yu did all the other work.

"I guess..I'm nothing more than a bunch of rocks"

Stone Golem King did not last long. After about 20 minutes, its HP was depleted, and it turned into a pile of rocks with a pitiful cry. Its sky-blue heart dropped out when its body collapsed.