Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 302

Chapter 302: The Dungeons Final Reward

Wang Yu ignored the system notifications and went to pick up the Stone Golem King's heart.

Since it had exploded, there was no chance for Wang Yu to loot its body at all.As the final boss, that was too stingy.

Spiralling Winds and Clouds seemed to have received the system rewards as well, and he asked Wang Yu excitedly, "Brother Bull, what did you get?"

"Well" Wang Yu opened his bag and took out a book.

: The long lost ultimate alchemy skill that belonged to the Gnomes. Secondary Job Requirement: Blacksmith, Pharmacist

"Erm...a skill for secondary jobs? You are really unlucky" Spiralling Winds and Clouds said sympathetically.

Wang Yu laughed and asked, "What's your reward?"

"A weapon!" Spiralling Winds and Clouds smirked and took out a beautiful longbow.

Physical Attack: 120-120

Magical Attack: 80-80

+20 Dexterity

+15 Strength


[Feather-Light] (Passive) - Increases speed of arrows by 60%

[Rainbow] (Passive) - Increase attack speed by 30%

[Heart Piercing Shot] (Active) - Penetrates the target with great power, 100% chance to deal critical damage. MP Cost: 100. Cooldown: 30 seconds

[Meteor Shower] (Active) - Consumes 5 arrows to deal damage in a specific area.

Job Requirement: Sharpshooter

Level Requirement: 30

Item Description: The peerless treasure given to the Gnomes by Elf Queen Alice.

"F*ck!" Wang Yu cursed in frustration when he saw Spiralling Winds and Clouds equipment.

It was an obsidian grade equipment

[Feather-Light] was a mandatory skill for bowmen. Due to their ranged attacks, a 60% increase in speed of their arrows would greatly increase their accuracy and rate of attack.

The two active skills made Wang Yu more envious. Most equipments currently had only one active skill. This bow was virtually godly at this point in the game.

Wang Yu felt unfair that he only received a secondary job skill despite that his contribution was the greatest.

"This is unfair!!" Wang Yu yelled.

"Haha, this is luck." Spiralling Winds and Clouds felt smug. He then picked up the leftover items from his dead teammates and said, "Brother Bull, I am going to leave the dungeon first. My team is still waiting for me!"

"Go ahead!" Wang Yu waved his hands moodily, and headed back to the village. Wang Yu still had to collect his rewards from the Gnome Village Chief.

When Wang Yu returned to the village, he was suddenly treated like a hero. The villagers that ignored him before were now crowding beside him calling him a hero. Wang Yu had to force his way through to the village chief, Karon.

"Dear respected warrior, we are utmost grateful to you for removing our greatest threat." Karon said respectfully.

"Don't mention it."

"You've saved our entire race, I don't know how to thank you for it"

"Just give me the best thing you have, or are you trying to scam me" Wang Yu was experienced in getting scammed by NPCs. If he had been courteous and not asked for a reward, the NPCs might actually not give him one.

Karon's face changed as if Wang Yu saw right through its intentions. "How can that be, brave warrior. Us Gnomes was a species of ancient descendance, our history" Karon started nagging about Gnome's history instead of talking about the reward.

However, all Karon had talked about was about the greatness of their race and their ancestors, and the superiority of their technology.

After it was done talking, Karon took out a pile of items. There were blueprints, magical equipments, and various special items.

"Dear brave warrior, we have whatever you would need! If we don't, I will figure out a way to get it for you." Karon said with pride.

"Do you have High Grade Engineering?" Wang Yuasked. His equipments were already the best ones available in game, so he did not need equipments from Karon. As for one-time consumables, Wang Yu felt like they were a waste as well, so he decided to ask for a skill book.

"We do.but its an ultimate reward, so you could only learn it at level 150. Do you really want it?" Karon replied honestly.

"Level 150?" Wang Yu's face turned black instantly.

It had taken him over two weeks just to get to above level 20. The game would have probably closed down before he could get to level 150.

Instead of looking so far into the future, Wang Yu would rather get something that can be used now. He immediately started thinking about other rewards.

"Well...I want [Firing Pin Manufacturing Blueprint]." Wang Yu said after checking his skill trees.

Wang Yu only knew Low Grade Engineering, so there were few blueprints that he could learn. The skill books Karon had offered were blueprints for mechanical equipments that he had no use for, so he wanted to get the last blueprint he needed to complete "Forgotten Knowledge".

Since Wang Yu already had [Technomagic Cartridge Manufacturing Blueprint] and [Rifling Manufacturing Blueprint], he would apparently be able to make a godly weapon with the addition of [Firing Pin Manufacturing Blueprint].

"[Firing Pin Manufacturing Blueprint]?" Karon was surprised by Wang Yu's demand.

"Why? Can't you give that to me?" Wang Yu was pissed. "Is Karon trying to give me a trashy reward despite the fact that I saved their tribe? Guess these gnomes are stingy just like they are known for." Wang Yu thought to himself.

"No, no...." Karon shook his head and took out a worn out book. It passed the book to Wang Yu and said, "I didn't expect someone to know about the long lost ultimate invention of our race"

[Firing Pin Manufacturing Blueprint] - Skill Requirement: Low Grade Engineering.

"There are many more things that you would not expect." Wang Yu smiled with satisfaction and learned the skill right away.

He received a system notification right away.

Wang Yu opened up his skill tree, and saw that [Technomagic Cartridge Manufacturing], [Rifling Manufacturing] and [Firing Pin Manufacturing] had disappeared, and were replaced by [Magical Rifle Assembly]

[Magical Rifle Assembly] - The forgotten knowledge of the Gnomes. It's the skill required to make a magical secondary weapon.

Cartridge: 1/1

Rifling: 0/1

Firing Pin: 0/1

"Interesting." Wang Yu thought to himself. He then learned [Fusion] as well.