Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Teaching You How to Fight A Boss

At this moment, all experts of the Quan Zhen Sect noticed Irritated Master as well.

The firing motion of Irritated Master was not with machine-like precision like the other players but his rhythm was very impressive. Loading the arrow, drawing the bow, releasing the arrow - these three actions were executed in one smooth motion continuously, and every arrow could deal a significant amount of damage to the lucky boss.

"This is Independent Mode!"

Wang Yu and Yang Nuo exclaimed.

"Independent Mode? You can't be serious?"

Upon hearing what the two of them said, everyone else was stunned.

Out of all the jobs in <>, Pugilists' Independent Mode was probably the toughest to figure out, but at least there was somewhere to start from. On the other hand, there was a job whose Independent Mode no one dared to try out - Archer.

An Archer was simply too specialised, and as a job that dealt damage from a distance, it required very fine motor skills and a high accuracy rate.

Pugilists were at least a close range job, so there was only a minuscule chance for a fist to miss when punched out at such a short distance. However, for Archers, it was extremely challenging to hit their opponents without the game system's accuracy assistance.

Hitting a target from 10m or more away wasn't as simple as it seemed. Even a martial artist like Yang Nuo stood within 3m of her target to maintain her accuracy.

Yet Irritated Master stood much further away and his every arrow did not miss. If this guy was really using Independent Mode, his accuracy would be off the charts.

"Look at his hand techniques when shooting arrows!" Wang Yu pointed at Irritated Master.

Everyone turned their heads in the direction that Wang Yu was pointing in only to see that Irritated Master pinching the bowstring with his right hand that was used to draw the bow before shooting.

"What's the meaning of doing that?" Everyone asked as they had no clue what was going on.

Wang Yu explained: "Doing this can give some spin to the arrow which will increase its damage. The game's system will definitely not do this."

"D*mn, this works?" After hearing Wang Yu's explanation, everyone was momentarily stunned and couldn't help but exclaim. "This is a famous expert indeed. At first, I thought he was only good at mouse and keyboard based games. Who knew that he would be so overpowered in a virtual reality game as well."

"Well Sister Clear Snow, are you confident in defeating him?" Fearless asked Yang Nuo.

In the whole Quan Zhen Sect, Yang Nuo was the only Archer, and such a specific question was definitely not meant for others.

Yang Nuo honestly replied: "I'm not sure. My style of fighting is different from his"

The style that Yang Nuo employed was heavily reliant on her movement techniques while Irritated Master's strength was his accuracy. Although they couldn't really say who was the more skilled one, to Archers, Yang Nuo was obviously using an unconventional style.

"This guy"

When the group heard Yang Nuo's explanation, Quan Zhen Sect's experts gasped again. In their eyes, Yang Nuo was a martial artist on the same level as Wang Yu. These martial artists were already so strong and could evaluate things like this very well, but one of them wasn't confident in dealing with this expert? How strong was he really?

No matter how strong the lucky boss was, it was just a bunch of numbers. Even an Independent Mode boss would very quickly have a set of countermeasures developed against it once players get an idea of its weaknesses.

Other than the mistakes made in the first clash, with an expert using the Independent Mode like Irritated Master on their side, and other crowd control and tanking players pinning the lucky boss to the spot, the fight the boss was progressing smoothly.

The accuracy of Irritated Master might not have been as crazy as Wang Yu described, but the damage it dealt was still rather high. Moreover, an Archer's attack speed was also much higher than other jobs, hence under the group's continuous attacks, the lucky boss's health soon reached the 30% mark.

"You ignorant mortals, how dare you challenge the grand swordmaster's honor! Receive my rage!"

The lucky boss roared out in anger and his body turned invincible in a flash of light. Following which, a beam of gold light descended from the heavens, covering the lucky boss completely.

All of the players present knew how impressive the lucky boss was and no one dared to randomly fire off attacks now that their target was no longer in sight. Three seconds later, the gold light disappeared, bringing the lucky boss back before everyone.

"Eh? Nothing changed" Seeing that the lucky boss retained its dishevelled appearance, everyone quickly inspected it.

A boss that could transform would normally change forms, but the lucky boss remained the same. Could its skill have failed?

HP: 595896

MP: 31254

Skills: None

Descent of the Sword Saint: Attack damage increased, possesses [Penetration] and [Dodge]

All of his skills were gone, and they were replaced with a simple status.

After seeing the attributes of the transformed boss, everyone was puzzled. Other bosses normally became stronger but this guy became weaker?

"Continue to block it! Everyone don't stop attacking!" Irritated Master dealt the most damage and stood out the most with his technique, so now he naturally transitioned to become their commander. Without any hesitation, he gave the order to attack after seeing the transformed lucky boss's attributes.

The Guardians who received the order charged towards the lucky boss, smashing themselves on its body.

In the previous clash, everyone found out that the lucky boss never took [Shield Bash], which had crowd control effects, head on, hence once the Warriors started using [Shield Bash], it would quickly teleport out of the way.

In order to target the lucky boss effectively, the tanks would choose to approach it from four directions so that they would be able to stop it in time if it wanted to teleport.

However, this time the lucky boss had no intention to dodge. It swung its sword to release an intense wave of sword qi.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh!"

Flashes of white light erupted around the lucky boss as three out of four Guardians were killed in one shot. The only survivor was Peerless Dominator, whose shield's durability was reduced to zero by the blow of sword qi. It turned into a piece of scrap metal and fell onto the ground while Peerless Dominator's HP fell to the single digits.


Upon seeing this, everyone's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. If shields could be destroyed, that meant that the lucky boss's attack had gone up by at least 300%. Now that tanks couldn't play their role anymore, how could they continue the battle?

Without saying another word, Peerless Dominator turned tail and ran. The lucky boss didn't give chase but instead stared at its surroundings coldly. Its skinny body exuded a strong aura.

The Archers of Dominator's Guild quickly gave some cover fire as they saw their leader in such a state. Facing the barrage of arrows, the lucky boss still did not move and all of the arrows somehow missed. Even the arrows from Irritated Master landed beside the lucky boss.


At that moment, everyone was taken aback. D*mn it, not only had the boss's attack risen by that much, it could avoid the attacks from Archers. Could there even be anyone more shameless than this boss?

"What to do? What to do? The system is obviously acting shamelessly" The players of the four large guilds were all frustrated. However, no one was willing to give up after fighting the boss until this point, so they could just stare at each other before turning to look at the lucky boss within their encirclement without any idea what to do.

At this point, a voice echoed out from the masses: "Hey stupid, have you guys not noticed that the boss doesn't move?"

"Eh, you're right...The lucky boss seems to have stopped moving." All of the players reacted after hearing that statement.

Before this, most of them were still in shock from the sudden spike in the lucky boss's attack and actually overlooked the fact that the boss was no longer chasing after players. Luckily someone noticed it eventually, otherwise they would have become a laughing stock when news of this spread.

"Who? Who was the one that just spoke?" Players began looking all around in an attempt to find the person that just spoke, but nothing came up.

"Were you the one who said that?"

"No, I thought it was you"

"If I said that it was me, do I get a prize?"


"Then it's not me"

Irritated Master asked with a puzzled expression on his face: "That's weirdThis isn't something that's embarrassing, so why hasn't anyone stepped forward to claim credit?"

Sanguine Stormbringer also scratched his head: "That voice seems quite familiar, I must have heard it from somewhere before"

Noticing something that others couldn't was still considered a sort of skill. Since the person that spoke wanted to maintain a low profile and didn't want to reveal himself, the others naturally wouldn't forcibly investigate the matter or sing words of praise of that guy. Hence they moved on from this issue and pointed their weapons at the lucky boss once more.

It stayed rooted to the spot, not moving a single bit while its eyes were fixed on the players and its face remained expressionless.

"Then again, how should we engage it?" Another player threw out this question.


The atmosphere became awkward once more. The lucky boss was a magic immune boss and now it could also dodge physical attacks, so even if it stood there, it was not possible to damage it. Could they really have to resort to getting magicians to reduce its health one HP at a time?

Just as everyone sank into despair, the mysterious voice echoed out again: "Stupid guys, the boss can't dodge when it's being crowd controlled. Can't we just attack when Shamans keep him in place?"

"You're right!" This suggestion made many people's eyes light up, hence Irritated Master quickly gave the order.

"Shamans use [Dark Barrier] for crowd control, the rest, attack!"

Upon receiving the instructions, Shamans immediately used [Dark Barrier] to fix the lucky boss on the spot. Then, the arrows from the Archers landed neatly over the lucky boss's body.

Indeed, the lucky boss under crowd control lost its ability to dodge and a good part of its HP was taken away by the rain of arrows.

As it couldn't move, the Shaman's [Dark Barrier] had a fixed release point and no longer had to cover four different sections to control the area. Four Shamans used [Dark Barrier] back to back, causing the lucky boss to get crowd controlled to its death.

Other than the shots made by Archers, Peerless Dominator, who had almost died under the blade of the lucky boss, took out a two-handed sword and began slashing at the boss as well.

From inside the Mystic Barrier, Fearless wiped the sweat from his forehead: "This bunch of idiots! They still dare to fight bosses with this level of IQ! I almost had to hold their hands to teach them!"