Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 331

Chapter 331: The Team That Came Out Of Nowhere

In the instant that the trap activated, Wang Yu dodged to one side just in time. As the traps were placed in bushes, the others didn't manage to see this, otherwise Little One would have completely given up on fighting Wang Yu.

Things like traps were instantaneously activated skills, so was it still humanely possible for one to dodge in the instant that the trap was activated? This should have been impossible even for bosses right? Of course, bosses wouldn't bother dodging this sort of lousy trap. They would simply crush it with a single step.

So what if Wang Yu had been silenced? Against 10 people, it was just a matter of time before they fell.

By now, the 6 seconds of silence had passed and Wang Yu used [Crushing Blow] to move over 5m in distance. [Thunder God's Stomp] took out another three Magicians, and with a casual wave of his left hand, [Void Seizing Palm] brought Little Seven into Wang Yu's hands where he was squashed to form a burst of white light.

In less than 30 seconds, the entire Basic Number Competitive Team had died

Seven Blueberries and Tibet Marital Bird thought they were dreaming as they saw the system notifications pop up one after another. All the way until the notification indicating their victory came out, both of them were in a state of shock.

"This I'm not dreaming right" Seven Blueberries asked Tibet Martial Bird.

"I don't know" TIbet Martial Bird was also very confused. He had no idea why they suddenly won.

One had to know that the strength and discipline of professional teams were very high. For a random team like their own to defeat one, it would take a whole lot of luck.

Even if they had a few more people than the other team, Tibet Martial Bird wouldn't be confident in defeating Basic Number Competitive Team, much less if they had only three people left? No! It was essentially one person. Wang Yu was the only one that actually took part in the battle.

If this were in real life, different people would have different levels of talent, fighting ability, and physical ability. One person fighting 10 was rather rare, but not completely unheard of.

However, this was inside a game where one's attributes were fixed since character creation Everyone was at a similar starting point, and there wasn't much difference in levels either. Hence, one person fighting 10 was something totally shocking. Moreover, the person that pulled this off was a Pugilist? D*mn

This incident totally changed these two people's worldview.

10 seconds later, the game system forcibly ejected the three of them out of the map. With a change of scenery, they returned to the original location where they formed their team.

"Brother Bull You killed all of them by yourself?" Tibet Martial Bird asked with an incredulous look on his face. Also, the way he addressed Wang Yu had changed. After all, in a game respecting experts was the basic courtesy he could give.

"Mhmm." Wang Yu replied with a smile.

As expected, Wang Yu was the MVP of the match, so 70 points were credited to him. Together with the 40 points from before, Wang Yu had already obtained 110 points, almost 1/20 done with his goal, leaving him in a pretty good mood.

"How did you do it?" Tibet Martial Bird was still the most curious about this.

Wang Yu nonchalantly replied: "I walked over and killed them!"


Tibet Martial Bird was confused once more. Walked over and killed them - this was an extremely simple and violent reply Anyway, he didn't believe it at all but as Wang Yu didn't want to reveal anything else, he didn't feel like he should probe any further.

Wang Yu then turned to ask Seven Blueberries: "Sister, are you still battling"

"Ah?" Seven Blueberries was stunned for a moment before she asked: "Big Brother Bull, aren't you afraid that we'll be a burden to you?"

Wang Yu casually responded: "It's fine, it's fine, you guys can just sit tight at one side, I'll be enough."

"Eh Ok, I'll recruit more teammates" After finishing her sentence, Sven Blueberries started calling out for people to join their team.

"Doing PVP Join us No restriction on jobs." This time she intentionally added the word 'no restriction on jobs'.

There was no lack of people who despised Pugilists, so once they saw a team that did not place any restrictions on jobs, many of them joined. However, when they saw that there were that many Pugilists in the team, one by one they left.

This made Wang Yu sad and angry. Even Puglists despised other Pugilists - there was no way for this job to survive.

At this moment, he received a friend request from Little One.

"God Bull, I'm begging you, please let us off" Little One begged gloomily.

The Basic Number Competitive Team was already a small team that didn't make it into the top 100 rankings, and when the 10 of them couldn't even defeat Wang Yu, their morale plunged completely. Mentally, all of them were on the verge of breaking, and if they bumped into Wang Yu once more, they would probably end up disbanding.

"Well, the game's system arranged it, I can't do anything" Wang Yu also felt a little sorry for them. Out of the 110 points he gained today, 100 actually came from Basic Number Competitive Team. Constantly bullying the same group of people would make one bored too.

"How about this, when we enter the map, you guys continue to search for another team to battle?" Little One suggested.

Looking at the five man team beside him, Wang Yu replied: "Relax, even after you finish your battle, my team might not have enough members yet"

Little One: "..." Being teamwiped by a team that didn't even have a fixed roster gave him mixed feelings.

For the rest of the day, Wang Yu immersed himself in the PVP Arena. He came to realise that PVP was so much more meaningful than PVE. After all, bosses' had a very rigid thought process and could never match up to the intellect of humans no matter how smart they were. During this day, the more people he encountered, the more unusual skills and tactics he encountered, which really opened his eyes.

By the time he went offline at night, Wang Yu had fought in over 30 PVP matches and while he accumulated sufficient PVP points, Seven Blueberries'"Blueberry Squad" had a win rate of 100%, propelling them to the top of the rankings. This made many high level teams notice this small one, and many experts were gossiping: "Where did this Blueberry Squad come from? Could it be a team from overseas?"

What the professionals failed to notice was that there was one person in the Blueberry Squad who was the MVP for every single one of the 30 matches and managed to obtain over 2000 PVP points. This was over a thousand more than the number 1 expert on the PVP rankings. However, being ranked for number of PVP points never lasted long. It only took a few moments before one would disappear into the depths of the rankings once more.

After exiting the PVP Hall, Wang Yu happily came to the PVP Merchant.

"Good day mighty Pugilist, do you need anything?" The PVP Merchant respectfully greeted Wang Yu.

This change in tone completely took Wang Yu by surprised. When he had just arrived at the PVP Arena, this guy said something along the lines of "Only use your eyes to look, don't touch anything".

Who knew that after a player won matches, other than gaining PVP points, they would gain a hidden attribute - PVP Arena merit points, which would increase the friendliness of PVP Arena NPCs towards you. The higher your win rate, the higher your PVP Arena merit points.

"I would like to buy some tools." Wang Yu responded.

While opening his shop, the PVP Merchant praised Wang Yu: "The tools we have here are only suitable for brave warriors like you."

Upon entering the PVP Shop, Wang Yu was about to flip to the page with Smelting Stones, but an item pulled his gaze over.