Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 341

Chapter 341: Shield Of Sunset Light

The Sunset Light Holy Beetle was very aggressive, and Wang Yu took advantage of its momentum to lift it off the ground with a swing of his pole.

At this moment, Crotch Lord and Sanguine Wall's [Charge] had already landed on the Sunset Light Holy Beetle. The charge skill of Guardians had a much higher chance of success, so their strikes managed to knock the beetle until its landed on its back.

However, Wang Yu was also blown away by the large force from the Sunset Light Holy Beetle. Although he had tried his best to divert as much of the force as possible, there was a significant gap in strength between the both of them, hence 60% of his HP was erased while he was smashed away.

"Attack its belly!" Upon seeing the Sunset Light Holy Beetle on its back, Fearless quickly gave the command. Everyone immediately reacted by launching their attacks on it.




A string of numbers rose up as the Sunset Light Holy Beetle's HP bar fell at a rapid rate.

Under the barrage of attacks from the party, the Sunset Light Holy Beetle struggled with all its might. Just as it was about to flip itself upright, Wang Yu descended from above with a [Thunder God's Stomp], striking it on the head and hitting it back onto the ground.

Following which, everyone's magic, arrows, and blades erupted forward once more. As all of their weapons had received the blessing of the Sunset Light God, they dealt an especially high amount of damage to the Sunset Light Holy Beetle. In a few short rounds, its HP was reduced to zero and it turned into a corpse.

"D*mn, that was really tiring" Wang Yu muttered as he wiped his sweat.

A mindless boss like the Sunset Light Holy Beetle that was not only tanky but also strong really gave Wang Yu a tough time.

The rest of the group weren't any better either. While all of their weapons had been blessed as well, if it weren't for Wang Yu's successful attempts at stomping the Sunset Light Holy Beetle to the ground, it would have probably flipped up a long time ago. The party had been attacking while under physical and mental stress. The 25 level difference was nothing to laugh about.

Crotch Lord sat on the ground and asked Fearless: "How did you know that we should flip it over?"


"What do you mean?" Crotch Lord didn't understand.

"This monster doesn't have any protective shell over its belly" Fearless smiled as he spoke.

"Ehh" Crotch Lord froze for a moment. "It's that simple"

"Let's loot the equipment!" Fearless turned one round and looked at everyone. "Who will loot the boss?"

Fighting the Sunset Light Holy Beetle wasn't dangerous at all thanks to Wang Yu, hence it wouldn't be fair if this job went to anyone but him.

Fearless noticed that the whole group was looking at Wang Yu, so with a chuckle, he walked directly in front of the boss and began looting. In the face of everyone's suspicious gazes, he shamelessly said: "I am Old Bull's manager, so it's ok for me to loot on his behalf"

In response, Wang Yu coldly replied: "Loot if you want to, but don't mention the term 'manager' ever again!"

"Why?" Fearless asked. It seemed like the last time they helped Sanguine Alliance clear Hurricane Cavern, this guy didn't have anything wrong with this term.

Wang Yu clarified: "Because I recently found out that this isn't a very good title!"

Everyone else: "..."

All this while, Fearless's luck had been better than Wang Yu, and with a few motions, he casually took out a large two-handed shield.

Physical Attack: 40-50

Magical Attack: 40-50

Physical Defense: 100-100

Magic Resistance: 100-100



Durability: 100000

Job Requirement: Guardian

Level Requirement: 30

Sunset Light Set 1/3

Shield of Sunset Light 1/1

Glory of Sunset Light 0/1

Leap of Sunset Light 0/1

Set Effect:

[Boundless Twilight] (Passive): Increases Max HP by 1500 (Activated)

[Protection of Sunset Light] (Passive]: Increases Physical Defense and Magic Resistance by 30% (Not activated)

[Sunset Light Assembly] (Active): Equip an armor assembly on a target. The target enters Giant state. When in Giant state, Damage Received reduced by 10%, Physical Attack increased by 40%, +40 Strength, Max HP increased by 20%, all speeds decreased by 20% (Not activated)

A set equipment. The first equipment that he looted was a set equipment. Fearless's luck was indeed much better than Wang Yu.

Upon seeing this large shield, Crotch Lord and Sanguine Wall began salivating.

Although Crotch Lord managed to obtain the Protector's Set during the early release of the game, no matter how good it was, it was only a set of level 10 equipment. It might have still been considered rather ok now, but one could only consider it as second rate, never the best anymore.

For Sanguine Wall, things were much more straightforward. Shield type equipment were never in abundance, so even though Sanguine Wall was doing well in Sanguine Alliance, the shields he had been using were all common ones.

At this point, both of them really wanted to charge over and take the shield for themselves.

Basic Numbers Squad's Little Six was also eyeing this shield, but his squad's contributions was too insignificant. They didn't even take part when the rest were flipping the Sunset Light Holy Beetle over, hence he could only watch as the shield was taken away by the two of them.

"You two, roll!" Fearless remarked as he looked at the both of them.

Crotch Lord had already taken out his dice a long time ago, and once Fearless finished speaking, he threw it out - 12 points


Everyone gazed at Crotch Lord with pity. Vainglory even walked over to pat him on his shoulder: "You aren't much better than me" Vainglory had thrown a '2' before

Sighing, Crotch Lord replied: "Not that much better"

"Let's work harder next time." The two of them shook hands and tears welled up in their eyes.

Sanguine Wall laughed and threw a '16', winning by a slight margin.

Everyone was sweating profusely. Could the luck of all Guardians be so bad? Crotch Lord was really quite unlucky this time.

Sanguine Wall also wiped the sweat off his forehead and took over the shield while celebrating his luck in his heart.

Just then, Crotch Lord suddenly asked: "Are you selling this shield?"

"Ah?" Sanguine Wall was taken aback. He never encountered something like this before.

"Well I don't intend to sell it, I'm sorry" Sanguine Wall replied after a short pause. He hadn't even had the chance to use this piece of super equipment yet, so how could he sell it off?

"I offer 200 gold!" Crotch Lord gestured at Sanguine Wall.

"200? D*mn! How rich are you!" Sanguine Alliance and Basic Numbers Squad were shocked by Crotch Lord's wealth.

Even though the purchase of gold had just started, but only cashers had large amounts of gold. Ordinary players were still extremely poor, and 200 gold wasn't a small amount.

While this shield was a piece of set equipment, without the other two equipment in the set, it was only an equipment with high attributes 200 gold was definitely a good price.

Hesitating for a moment, Sanguine Wall aggressively replied: "Sold!!"