Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Where's the BOSS?
Chapter 348: Where's the BOSS?
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The third equipment that Fearless got was a staff, which looked like the one Harriot was holding.

Physical attack: 1-3

Magical attack: 1-3

Job requirement: Shaman

Level requirement: 30

Item introduction: A staff that hides a huge secret.

"What is this trash?" the crowd gasped at this equipment as they turned to Fearless and said, "Your luck is rotten, let's get someone else to unopen to loots".

The system knew how to make a fool out of people indeed.

Just as Fearless was about to throw the staff to Frost Blade, Spring Halo stopped him and said, "Leave this staff to me".

"What do you want this piece of trash for?" Fearless asked, unable to understand his thoughts.

Even though there was only one Shaman in the team, if Spring Halo took this item now, he would need to use gold to purchase the next Shaman equipment.

Spring Halo smiled and looked at his current staff, "This toy is useful for me".

Fearless looked at Spring Halo's staff as a look of surprise appeared on his face. He then tossed the Summoning Staff over.

It seemed that Fearless' luck was bad indeed, after revealing three useless equipment, the following items that he unveiled were all equally bad. Under the watchful eyes of the masses, he tossed all of these equipment to Frost Blade.

After he finished looking through the loot, an ear-piercing scream suddenly resounded from the throne which Harriot was sitting on as it shifted to one side.

A secret passage appeared beneath the throne, which gave access to the third floor of the Twilight Temple.

As guardians, Crotch Lord and Sanguine Wall led the way. After making sure that the coast was clear, the rest followed them.

Upon entering the third floor of the Twilight Temple, everyone around was stunned

The name of the map was no longer the Twilight Temple, it was now the Sanguine Forest.

Yes, that's right, a forest. No one would have expected a forest to be deep underground.

They soon recovered their composure.

Little One had an excited expression on his face. As a master of jungle survival, this was his home ground, he finally had the chance to show his worth.

Apart from Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher, Little Five and her three assassins were all in high spirits upon seeing the forest.

The forest spanned over a large distance, the pathway that ran through the middle of the forest was narrow. This place was suited for more agile classes, especially for those of the archer class.

The assassin was the class that could dominate the archers in this game. Seeing the formation of this play, they were naturally excited. When they entered the Sanguine Forest, the three of them went into stealth mode and entered the woods, exploring the road ahead.

The others who did not have skills that could stealth themselves were naturally not as jubilant. Wang Yu was once taught a lesson by the forest. One could never traverse alone. Under Fearless' arrangement, the two guardians led the way as Spring Halo summoned his own six demons before they entered the forest.

Once they entered the forest, they immediately saw monsters walking over.

HP: 100000

MP: 50000

Skills: [Lethal Strike], [Swift Shade]

HP: 80000


Skills: [Forest Trap], [Lethal Venomous Arrow]

HP: 150000


Skills: [Regeneration], [Ravage]

Compared to the monsters from the previous two floors, the monsters here were more individualistic- they guarded their own territories and were not working in cooperation.

For the masses, the Sanguine Guard had short arms and legs which allowed them to deal with it with the most ease relatively. The Sanguine Piercer was speedy and had explosive power, but its ability to control its cruising was weak, it could not enter stealth as well. With the tanks around, they were not much of a problem.

Only the Sanguine Sniper was a cause for worry. Once someone entered the aggro range of it, it never jumped out to face the person head on, it merely shot an arrow and turned to flee. Its Lethal Venomous Arrow ability not only had high attack damage, it could also inflict a damage over time status.

The most irritating thing was the Forest Trap skill. Its root duration was long and even gave a 30 second speed debuff after that, making it extremely difficult to give chase.

Luckily, there were the three assassins who were clearing the road ahead, which minimized the trouble.

Little One said with some delight, "Did you see that? This is the might of the Survivor, the Master of Jungle Warfare, the king of the game Let me tell you something, once one falls into a trap, there isn't anyone who can't be played to death.".

"Haha! Is that so? Why do I get the feeling that your traps aren't all that?!" Wang Yu laughed.

Little One frowned and replied as he shook his hands, "Boss Bull, you're not counted.".

Someone who could block over ten arrows after being rooted was not in the realm of normal humans.

Upon hearing this, some of the people in the crowd whispered, "Wow, is Old Bull good at dealing with traps too?".

Wang Yu said humbly, "I've fallen into one before, but I'll never fall into another one again.".

"Why don't you go and help clear the mines then" Fearless said.

Wang Yu's face changed as he said, "I don't want to go!".

"Alright, you have charisma, I admire your straightforward spirit!" Fearless said as he gave a thumbs up.

Spring Halo, Ming Du and Vainglory expressed their own opinions as well.

"You shouldn't accommodate people who fish for compliments like him," Yang Nuo said with disdain.

Little One and Sanguine Wall looked over and said, "What do you know, if he's good he should know it".

"What kind of group is this" Yang Nuo was speechless.

No matter how powerful the Sanguine Sniper was, it was still a lone monster. With the three assassins ahead scouting the way, everything went considerably smoothly. Apart from quelling some shots that had landed in the masses, there were no noteworthy incidents.

Soon, the group reached the deepest parts of the Sanguine Forest.

The important point of location was a giant dark coloured bark. The bark was largely similar to the Elven tree in the Elven City, except it was smaller in size. There was no one around here at all.

"Oh? Something isn't right. Where's the BOSS?".

Seeing that the location was empty, the suspicions of the people were aroused.

"Maybe they're hiding somewhere and waiting to launch a sneak attack," one of the people from the Quan Zhen Sect said warily.

They were familiar with such tactics, so it was the first possibility that they thought of.

Sanguine Wall replied, "According to the rules, the Boss can't be moved before anyone engages it.".