Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Fly, Fly Proudly
Chapter 350: Fly, Fly Proudly
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"I read a novel. There was this skill inside"

Wang Yu, "That novel sounds interesting but it sounds like bullsh*t"

Martial arts was a skill with another person as the target. Now, to use one's right leg to step on the left leg to reach the skies? How was that different from pulling one's own hair? This skill was clearly going against the principles of science

"So you don't know it" Darknorth Fisher was disappointed.

"Nonsense, no one would know it!" Wang Yu retorted angrily. After which, he said, "Now that I heard your nonsense, I have a good idea."

"What good idea?" Everyone asked.

"I am going to jump to the top of the tree and drag the BOSS down. How about that?" Wang Yu said.

"Errr" Everyone was left speechless. After some time, Ming Du said, "What did you say? You want to build a human ladder?"

"F*ck! You look down on me?" Wang Yu raged.

Fearless, "Brother, do you know how tall this tree is?"

Naturally, Fearless had seen Wang Yu's skill to leap over walls and climb roofs. No one would dare to deny Wang Yu's skill. However, this tree wasn't something that a wall could compare to.

This tree was so tall that even archers couldn't reach its top. Now, a pugilist wants to jump to the top? Was he dreaming? Moreover, there was the BOSS up there. Even if Wang Yu was a cat and could climb the tree, would the BOSS simply allow him to do so?

Compared to this, Ming Du's idea of a human ladder was better At least it wasn't so preposterous.

Wang Yu was dissatisfied, "If I say I can do it, means I can do it. Frost Blade, Old Fisher, wait here and prepare for an ambush. After I drag the BOSS down, pull the aggro. Make sure he doesn't run away."

With that, Wang Yu started stretching. Suddenly, his two legs pushed fiercely against the ground, pushing him towards the tree in an incredibly fast speed.

"Biu! Biu! Biu!"

Indeed, the BOSS on top of the tree was waiting for someone to appear. The moment Wang Yu ran out of the array, a row of arrows shot towards Wang Yu.

When there were still a few meters from the huge tree, Wang Yu's weapon changed into a staff. With a powerful slam against the ground, he flew up.

Wang Yu's staff was roughly 2.5 meters. This jump was already 4 meters high. Borrowing his initial momentum, Wang Yu stepped against the tree branches and jumped up another 5 to 6 meters.

At the highest point, the force from the staff ran out. Just as Wang Yu was about to fall, he activated Crushing Blow, pushing him up by another 3 meters. Wang Yu made use of this force to continue running up. In the blink of an eye, Wang Yu was already at the two-third mark of the tree.

In the next instant, Wang Yu sent a Rippling Wave behind him, adjusting his position. At the same time, the weapon in his hand changed into the Universe Sword's short edge state and he stabbed it into the tree bark. Wang Yu turned, stepped onto the sword and jumped up. Sunset Shift was activated and Wang Yu moved up another 5 meters. At this moment, the tree branch that was closest to Wang Yu was merely 2 meters away.

"It's over, Old Bull has run out of skills"

Originally, everyone was incomparably shocked and endlessly excited as they saw Wang Yu fly up the tree. However, when they saw that Wang Yu had already used his Sunset Shift, they could not help but clench their fists in regret.

Sunset Shift was Wang Yu's final life-saving skill. But now, even this skill was used. Clearly, Wang Yu had already reached his limit.

Although it was already world-shakingly astounding that Wang Yu could reach such a height, he still failed to make the mark. The members of Quan Zhen Sect were filled with regret. If only his level was just a little higher if only his equipment were just a little better, perhaps he might have been able to reach the top

Just when Fearless and co. thought that Wang Yu's efforts had gone to waste, they saw Wang Yu's right hand moving forward. A white stream of energy shot forth and wrapped around the tree branch. Wang Yu looked as though he was connected to a wire as he got pulled up. Ultimately, he grabbed the tree branch with his two hands and pulled strongly, shooting him upwards.

Void Seizing Palm!!!

So the Void Seizing Palm could be used like this!! All the members of Quan Zhen Sect were dumbfounded.

"My god!!"

Seeing Wang Yu actually climb up the tree, the emotions in Little One, Sanguine Wall and co.'s hearts could not be simply described with the word 'shock'...

From the moment Wang Yu charged out to the moment he reached the top of the tree, less than 8 seconds passed. He used the pole to spring himself up, Crushing Blow to charge up, made use of his blade as a step and finally, Void Seizing Palm to grab the tree branch. There was not a single mistake in his actions and he fully utilised the greatest potential of all his skills.

Making full use of a skill. Wasn't that the peak that everyone was dreaming of?

"Is, is this fella still human"

Compared to others, the one that most shocked was Yang Nuo, the other practitioner of martial arts.

Ordinary players could only see that Wang Yu's skills and actions had been used perfectly. But as an expert herself, Yang Nuo knew that as long as one had a quick reaction time and a good sense of rhythm, even an average person would be able to execute those actions. The real acts that required true skill were the two vertical jumps that Wang Yu did.

Leaping over walls and vaulting over roofs seems like a simple skill. However, in Chinese martial arts, this skill requires great control over a practitioner's strength and skill.

To push yourself up, you would need to borrow force from beneath you. However, a tree was vertical and you naturally wouldn't be able to borrow any force from the tree. If an ordinary person tried pushing off the tree, he would definitely be sent flying in the opposite direction.

If she was the one that did it, she would only be able to borrow the force from the tree bark to run up several meters. Beyond that, she wouldn't be any different from an ordinary person.

On the other hand, Wang Yu made use of his pole to jump up, then used the momentum to move in mid-air. This action was already unbelievable. What was even more unbelievable was that Wang Yu did such a thing twice

There was no wonder why he was called the world-shattering genius in the martial arts circle. That address was not a single bit exaggerated. Yang Nuo didn't know about other things that Wang Yu did, but from this single act, she could tell that Wang Yu's abilities had definitely surpassed all those before him.

"Damn it, I almost shamed myself" After Wang Yu reached the top of the tree, he secretly wiped off the sweat on his forehead. In his heart, he was thankful that his Void Seizing Palm worked. Otherwise, he would be mocked by those fellas below for his entire life.

Originally, Wang Yu also didn't think that his Void Seizing Palm could actually be used in such a way

This tree was exuberant and thick. Its leaves caused one's vision to be blocked severely. Being at the top wasn't as clear as when he was below. At this moment, the BOSS was near him. Wang Yu didn't dare to be careless as he hurriedly raised his alertness to its peak and he tried to sense the energy around him.

"Sou!" An arrow shot from diagonally above him. Wang Yu sprang upwards, avoiding the arrow and jumping onto the branch above his head.

Just as he stabilised himself, another arrow shot over. However, Wang Yu already locked onto the BOSS's location. He waved his hand, slapping the arrow away. Thereafter, he charged towards the direction of killing intent.

Wang Yu didn't make it far before he heard a 'Pata' sound He had been rooted.

"Damn it, there's a trap on top of the tree! There's no such thing as principles!!" Wang Yu raged.

The people below, "A pugilist like you scaled a 30-meter-tall tree. That's the true lack of principles!"

Wang Yu didn't respond to their words. This was because he lifted his head and he saw a 'person' in front of him.