Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 366

Chapter 366: Suspicion of a Grinder
Chapter 366: Suspicion of a Grinder
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"So this is the case" Wang Yu asked thoughtfully, "What about Vigilant Pickpocketer and co.?"
Vigilant Pickpocketer and co. were a few fellas whom they often come across previously.
"After losing a few rounds, they fled when they realised they were being marked by someone."
Tibet Martial Bird wasn't trying to grumble about anything. In such a situation, any perspicacious person would be able to understand what was going on. They were all merely strangers coming together by chance. Nobody would throw in all their points for no valid reason. If his leader wasn't Seven Blueberries, even Tibet Martial Bird would have fled long ago.
"Oh, oh But we wouldn't be able to start it without sufficient players right?" Wang Yu questioned.
Tibet Martial Bird explained, "It is true that we will not be able to initiate the challenge without sufficient players. However, being able to enter the challenge list proves that the game has already started Any backing out simply means that the particular player has escaped from the game."
"Hehe, seems like they still have a bit of conscious. They are even giving you time to gather teammates." Wang Yu chuckled mischievously.
Tibet Martial Bird remained speechless. This fella really didn't know how to chit-chat. What did he mean by giving us time to gather teammates? He was always the one who dragged until the system forcefully started the game okay
"Why haven't the two of you escaped then?" Wang Yu turned back to ask Rolling Mario.
Rolling Mario replied respectfully, "We were just about to escape until we saw you."
"Hehe, not bad! You're good at words!" Wang Yu enjoyed Rolling Mario's flattery as he complimented him with smiles all over his face. Afterwards, he turned back to Tibet Martial Bird, "Alright, let's go! I do want to see who this bored person is."
Calling out someone for a challenge wouldn't add any points. Therefore, only a really bored person would come out in the morning to bully a bunch of newbies.
"We're going to do it with just the five of us?" A Guardian, who was also known as The Talking Elbow, exclaimed surprisingly. "Opposite us are the combat squads who are really very strong!"
The Talking Elbow's level of skill didn't matter for the time being. He was still able to differentiate between the strong and the weak.
The squads opposite didn't reveal a lot of their strength. However, their coordination was exquisite and they could advance and retreat in an orderly manner. They were also able to casually crumble the team on this side. Evidently, the squads opposite were no ordinary squads.
Ten of them were oppressed easily by the opponent. Wouldn't they be sending themselves to death by heading over with only five of them? Even the number one expert wouldn't be able to wipe out the entire squad on the opposite right?
"Oh, then we should just gather some random people" Wang Yu gave a casual reply.
Wang Yu's character was just like that. He had no temperament and was willing to listen to anyone's opinion.
Tibet Martial Bird replied, "Forget it, we will not be able to find anyone useful in such a short period of time too. Let's just go"
At the very beginning, he was still able to make use of the high success rate of the Blueberry Squad to rope in a few passers-by. After so many rounds, Blueberry Squad's reputation had become so bad that they were already the ambassadors for people who grind super hard. Who would still want to join them?
A young lady like Seven Blueberries didn't like to talk much. Even so, she listened to people well. Even though The Talking Elbow wanted to continue persuading them, Seven Blueberries had already clicked on 'Start'. The Talking Elbow was helpless and seeing that Seven Blueberries was a young lady, he could only stop talking.
Even if they lose, he would merely be forfeiting some points. At the very most, he wouldn't join them for the next round. There was no reason to offend the number one expert anyway. The Talking Elbow honestly felt that it might have been a slight overstatement to address Wang Yu as the number one expert. However, there must be something special about a Pugilist who could reach such a high level. A Pugilist like this must not be underestimated.
On the other side, Sanguine Warflag, with a disdainful look, noticed the records of the Blueberry Squad.
"They are indeed a special bunch of grinders with no knowledge and experience"
No matter how a squad loved to grind records, they would usually only grind to about 60-70% success rate. Such records were already extremely impressive. Only an exotic bunch like the Blueberry Squad would grind up to 100%. Other than a newbie squad, no other squads would dare to do such thing. To grind so openly and brazenly, everyone would naturally label them.
"So are we still fighting them or not?" Sanguine Stormbringer asked.
Sanguine Warflag replied, "Of course we'll fight. Why not? We shall let these fastidious but incompetent fellas know how truly weak they are. We should teach them a lesson so they will know grinding hard doesn't mean anything!""But why should we waste our time on those people. Sanguine Wall just mentions that the Twilight Temple's battle records are out. I will rather we go over to strategize on how we are going to duplicate that.
After a slight hesitation, Sanguine Warflag nodded his head. "En, you're right. Alright, we shall let this bunch off for now. The other squads will teach them a lesson anyway!"
At this point, Sanguine Warflag was going to pull out of the challenge.
However, the system sent him a notification: Your opponent, Blueberry Squad, has clicked the 'ready' button. Are you willing to challenge them?
"What?!" Sanguine Warflag was dumbfounded. They had already decided to let them off but the Blueberry Squad actually took the initiative to challenge them?
"What is it?" Sanguine Stormbringer asked.
"That Blueberry Squad has clicked ready"
Sanguine Stormbringer replied, "Then let's just fight. It won't take more than a few minutes anyway."
"En!' Sanguine Warflag nodded his head as he clicked 'start'.
On the Land of Imperial Power side, Imperial Dragon Carefree sneered coldly as he read through the morning battle report. "I really thought the nation produced some sort of super-expert. Seems like they are just a bunch of grinders. They are truly wasting our time."
"At one glance, I can tell that they grind super hard for their 100% success rate." Zhu Geliang, Imperial Dragon Secret, commented.
"Who are they up against next?" Imperial Dragon Carefree casually ignored Imperial Dragon Secret's pretentious comment.
"It seems like the Sanguine Squad Rumours spread that Sanguine Warflag is going all high profile as he really brought members of his Sanguine Guild in." Imperial Dragon Secret admired how Sanguine Warflag was willing to take them on so openly.
Bullying newbies was not something very honourable. Others would have dealt with this secretly. To think that the Sanguine Squad would actually take them on so openly. This Sanguine Warflag was truly renowned for who he was.
"Ah ah, Sanguine Warflag is no idiot The Blueberry Squad is now known for being a grinder. Is dealing with grinders considered bullying newbies? This old fella still knows what he is doing."
Imperial Dragon Secret replied, "Really? I couldn't tell"

At the PVP Arena, the Blueberry Squad and the 'Sanguine Vanguard' of the Sanguine Squad had already entered the arena.
As high-end players, the Sanguine Squad had always looked down on their opponents in terms of their strategies and placed a significant amount of importance of the opponent's tactics. Ever since the few defeats that they tasted back in Twilight City, everyone in the Sanguine Guild became more cautious than ever. Even if their opponents were trash, they wouldn't dare to underestimate them. Therefore, they engaged their war panel the moment they entered the map.
"What the f*ck. The opponent only had five players." Sanguine Asura was astonished when he looked at the panel.
Knowing that their opponents were from the Sanguine Guild, the Blueberry Squad still sent out only five people. This was exactly half their numbers. An act like this was clearly despising the Sanguine Guild.
"Slaughter them all immediately!" Sanguine Asura flew into a rage.
Against a bunch of newbies who dared to only send out five people to deal with ten of them, the Sanguine Squad wouldn't feel satisfied until they slaughtered them all.
Sanguine Stormbringer replied, "There is no rush. Just because they have lesser people, it doesn't mean that they are weaker. Let's look at their jobs and levels first."