Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 378

Chapter 378: To Pay A Home Visit
Chapter 378: To Pay A Home Visit
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Neat Cloud City, the guild headquarters of the Land of Imperial Power. Imperial Dragon Behead was conversing respectfully with a middle-aged man in novice clothings.

The middle-aged man was one of the most important man in control behind the scenes of the Land of Imperial Power. In fact, his game ID was Land of Imperial Power. Indeed, it was a rather unbridled name.

The truth was that Wang Yu had misunderstood Land of Imperial Power. Because of Wang Yu's friend filter, gamers below level 25 were not allowed to add Wang Yu as a friend. Even though Land of Imperial Power had an aggressive name, his level was rather pathetic. Therefore, he was unable to add Wang Yu as friend, let alone contact him.

"How is it? Did you manage to contact him?" Land of Imperial Power asked Imperial Dragon Behead.

While this fella was a low-level gamer, he exuded impressive grandeur. Without clicking on his bio, others might even think he looked more of an expert than Imperial Dragon Behead.

Imperial Dragon Behead replied, "I did manage to contact him. He didn't feel as godly as how the president described. He feels average."

Pugilist, how impressive can a person of such a lousy job be? Moreover, most top experts had peculiar attitudes. After talking to Wang Yu, Imperial Dragon Behead really didn't feel like he was talking to a top expert.

"Oh." Land of Imperial Power nodded, "When will he be coming over? I still have a meeting in the afternoon."

"It should take about half an hour for him to travel from Twilight City via an airship. Hold on for a while and he will be here soon."

Imperial Dragon Behead didn't imply the rejection in Wang Yu's 'Oh'.

After all, the Land of Imperial Power was a huge guild ranked in the country. It was even one of the guilds with quite a solid foundation. This was why an expert like Imperial Dragon Behead felt a sense of superiority. He was convinced that just like any other ordinary gamers, Wang Yu would rush over the moment they hear the big name of Land of Imperial Power.

This was especially so during the conversation with Wang Yu. Imperial Dragon Behead accidentally understood that Wang Yu was a professional gamer. Therefore, he was even more confident of his judgement.

Money was everything to a professional gamer. It would undoubtedly be a dream come true for professional gamers to be able to advance their gaming career in a professional squad. Imperial Dragon Behead didn't believe that Wang Yu would forgo such a golden opportunity.

However, even after one hour, Imperial Dragon Behead didn't receive any news of Wang Yu.

Land of Imperial Power grew impatient and seeing that Wang Yu had yet to arrive, he turned to Imperial Dragon Behead with a stern face, "Behead ah, this is what you mean when you say you manage to contact him? If I remember correctly, you are usually quite reliable when tasked with something to do ah"

"Boss, don't worry. I will contact and ask him again. He might have lost his way"

As he spoke, Imperial Dragon Behead opened up the friend list hurriedly. He clicked onto Wang Yu and sent a message, "Why aren't you here yet?"

Imperial Dragon Behead was all ready to reprimand Wang Yu.

After a long while, Wang Yu finally got the time to read the message, "Here? Did I say I'm going over?"


Imperial Dragon Behead was instantly petrified.

"What? Where is he now?" Land of Imperial Power urged.

"He, he says he isn't coming anymore" Imperial Dragon Behead didn't dare to say that he didn't do his job well. Instead, he blamed it on Wang Yu.

"En?" Land of Imperial Power's expression became extremely ugly, "The two of us sat here awkwardly for half a day and he says he isn't coming anymore?"

Land of Imperial Power and Imperial Dragon Behead were truly only related because Land of Imperial Power was Imperial Dragon Behead's superior. It was indeed pretty awkward for him to wait in an empty room with his leader for one hour.

Imperial Dragon Behead explained anxiously, "You cannot blame me for this. He initially told me that he would come. Who knew that he will have a change of heart just like that This fella cannot even keep his promise, I guess he isn't a decent person at all."

"En" Land of Imperial Power pondered for a moment before scratching his chin, "I feel that he wants us to go over instead Seems like this fella is quite greedy."

Whether it was in the game or in real life, the logic of doing a business was similar. The difference between initiating to visit a business partner and getting the business partner to visit was not something that could be explained in a single sentence.

Imperial Dragon Behead agreed promptly, "Yes, yes, yes. He is a professional gamer. Earlier, he even ask if I want to buy his equipment. I really haven't met someone as snobbish as him."

Land of Imperial Power sneered coldly, "It isn't impossible for someone to discuss conditions with me. I just wonder if he is strong enough to do so. This fella is a Pugilist right? You and Old Fist, head down to test the waters. See if this is worth our visit."

"I can go alone. There is no need to bring Brother Fist with me right?" Imperial Dragon Behead asked.

Land of Imperial Power replied, "You are a Warrior. There is no glory when you win. Let Old Fist go with you. He will be convinced and ready to concede if he loses to someone of the same job."

"Oh, I get it"

The Quan Zhen Sect wasn't considered a professional squad. Other than gathering to grind dungeon quests every now and then, they usually train alone to increase their level. Even after completing dungeon quests, they would split up again.

Fearless said he was going to start a research meeting. Spring Halo said he was going draw maps. Boson said he was going to experiment on something. Ming Du said he wanted to walk around the streets

The point was that everyone had their own reasons. Besides professional gamer Darknorth Fisher and the idle Crotch Lord, everyone else returned to the city before logging off.

The three of them were all of different jobs. Because of the big area, they didn't train together often. Today was no exception.

The district Wang Yu was currently in was called Dusk Corridor, a level 40 training district. The little monster here was called Dusk Bandit. It looked similar to Wharton. Because it was a human form monster, Wang Yu felt more comfortable looking at it. Wang Yu was used to coming here to level up after grinding dungeon quests.

Dusk Bandit's equipment drop rate was very low and even the gold drop rate was only so-so. Moreover, its skin was extremely thick. Even those professional squads who focused on skipping a level to kill a stronger BOSS didn't like this place. Therefore, this entire place only had Wang Yu. It was relatively quiet and peaceful.

To deal with these monsters, Wang Yu preferred to pull about ten of them together. Once they were all gathered, he would annihilate them all in one move.

It was the most effective way to deal with these monsters. Moreover, Wang Yu was able to increase his reaction speed and kung fu. Even though these live targets didn't have high IQ, they were still more useful than wooden targets.

Just as Wang Yu was dealing with a group of monsters, two men crossed the Dusk Mountain Range and entered Dusk Corridor.

One of them was Imperial Dragon Behead.

"Behead ah, what was boss thinking? Why did he ask me to tag along with you to fool around? I still have my training to do." The tall and sturdy other fella spoke.

Imperial Dragon Behead replied, "Brother Fist, this fella was recommended by Boss Carefree. He is extremely vicious who wouldn't even show any face to Boss. He actually stood Boss up today so Boss wants you to teach him a lesson."

This man addressed by Imperial Dragon Behead as 'Brother Fist' was actually Imperial Dragon God Fist. He was the only Pugilist in Carefree's squad. His skills were impressive and even though he was a Pugilist, nobody in the Carefree Squad dared to say they could beat him comfortably.

"Oh really? This is interesting! But why did he need me to come? Isn't Old Secret very free?" An Assassin had far more advantages than a Pugilist. Therefore, they didn't require as much training as a Pugilist.

"Because that man is also a Pugilist. Boss says that he will be convinced in heart and by word if another Pugilist defeats him." Imperial Dragon Behead replied.

"Hmm, that's true Come to think of it, are you reliable or not? This is a level 40 training district. Is he really here?" Imperial Dragon God Fist inquired.

Imperial Dragon Behead answered, "Don't worry, I've actually spent ten gold at the Magic Academy for the tutor to use [Heaven's Eye]. His coordinates show that he is nearby."