Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 379

Chapter 379: A Pugilists True Fighting Style
Chapter 379: A Pugilists True Fighting Style
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After finishing off a wave of monsters, Wang Yu sat down to rest.

Even when gamers faced up against monsters of the same level as them, they would lure them out one by one to kill. They would make full use of the respawn time of the monsters to clear the region. Once they were done with the last monster of the region, the very first monster that they killed would be out again for them to repeat the process.

Wang Yu's method of killing one group of monsters all together was way too extreme. Ordinary people wouldn't have the energy to follow suit. Even an expert like Wang Yu wouldn't find it too easy for him.

"Someone is here"

At this moment, Wang Yu suddenly felt as though someone was watching him. Therefore, he turned his head around in a hurry. Indeed, he saw two men standing not too far away from him pointing and nodding their heads.

"Is that him?" Imperial Dragon God FIst asked.

Imperial Dragon Behead replied, "I guess so There aren't many people here. Moreover, he dresses like a Pugilist too."

"Let's go and ask him!"

As they spoke, the two of them walked over to Wang Yu.

Seeing that these two men were walking towards him, he thought that they were here to ask for directions. Therefore, Wang Yu stood up calmly and greeted them with modesty. This was the most basic courtesy of a martial artist.

The duo walked over to Wang Yu and Imperial Dragon Behead asked, "Are you Iron Bull?"

"I am." Realising that these two men knew him, he was slightly taken aback. Following which, he asked, "Do you need anything from me?"

"What are you doing here?" Imperial Dragon Behead asked directly without holding back.

Imperial Dragon Behead was already not happy with how Wang Yu missed their appointment. Presently, Wang Yu came to such a distant and remote area which gave Imperial Dragon Behead a hard time to find him. Hence, Imperial Dragon Behead was evidently in a bad mood.

"Leveling up." Wang Yu was well trained in such situations. Even though Imperial Dragon Behead was being rude to him, Wang Yu was still able to maintain his cool. He was still able to control his urge to kick Imperial Dragon Behead's head like a soccer ball.

"Leveling up?" Imperial Dragon Behead was clearly startled by Wang Yu's reply.

Pugilist's attack ranges were short and all their other attributes were extremely average. An ordinary Pugilist would usually choose to fight against brittle monsters.

On his way here, Imperial Dragon Behead was well aware of the attributes of the monsters here in the Dusk Corridor. They were all thick-skinned warrior monsters and were all level 40. Even a Warrior like himself had to walk over stealthily. A Pugilist saying that he was training here was evidently a lie.

However, Imperial Dragon Behead took quite a while to travel from Twilight City to find Wang Yu here. Since Wang Yu was still here, this meant that he had been here for quite a while and he wasn't lying.

"He might really be a top expert" Imperial Dragon Behead whispered to Imperial Dragon God Fist.


Imperial Dragon God Fist smiled faintly before clasping his fists at Wang Yu, "My name is Imperial Dragon God Fist and I'm from the Land of Imperial Power!"

"Oh, hello!" Wang Yu nodded. When Wang Yu heard the four words 'Land of Imperial Power', he roughly knew why these two men came to look for him.


Imperial Dragon God Fist was not satisfied with Wang Yu's reaction. As the head Pugilist in the Land of Imperial Power, he was rather reputable for his fighting prowess. Even after hearing his reputable ID, Wang Yu only responded with an 'oh'... This was indeed savage.

The main reason for this dissatisfaction was because Neat Cloud City was located far away from Twilight City. If they were located nearer, Imperial Dragon God Fist wouldn't have thought of it this way

Without sprouting any more nonsense, Imperial Dragon God Fist replied, "The main purpose of my trip here is to have a taste of your skills. I want to see if you have the strength to negotiate with our Land of Imperial Power. How? Do you dare to have a match with me?"

"Of course" Just as Wang Yu was about to agree, a monster respawned. A Dusk Bandit respawned coincidentally next to Imperial Dragon God Fist.

"I think we should get rid of this monster first!" Wang Yu reminded.


Imperial Dragon God Fist thought that Wang Yu was trying to show off his skills by killing this level 40 Dusk Bandit. Therefore, he called out for him to stop before attacking the Dusk Bandit beside him with a fist.

The way Imperial Dragon God Fist attacked was extremely interesting. He wasn't like any other gamers who would first attack with a skill before making use of the skill's effects to attack the monster. Instead, he stood right beside the Dusk Bandit, raised his fist and attacked right away.

Taking the hit from Imperial Dragon God Fist's fists, the Dusk Bandit could only tremble constantly. It was beaten to death by Imperial Dragon God Fist as it wasn't even able to retaliate at all.

"Pendulum Fist!" Imperial Dragon Behead exclaimed.

[Pendulum Fist] was a manipulative skill of a Pugilist.

In the system, a Pugilist's attack was formed by [Jab], [Pendulum Fist] and [Hook].

[Jab] wouldn't do much effect but the [Pendulum Fist] was able to stun the opponent. [Hook] was able to make the target retreat.

This might seem very powerful but the rebel effect of [Hook] was slightly troublesome for gamers After all, a Pugilist's attacks were all short-ranged. Being able to penetrate and attack was already rather difficult enough. With the opponent moving backwards because of the effects of [Hook], it would disrupt the rhythm of attack.

Therefore, people on online forums started fantasizing about being able to fight with this [Pendulum Fist] alone. To be able to do so, one must be able to cancel the first and third phase of a system attack. This way, one would be able to constantly stun the opposition...

However, this remained as something that could only be discussed online and not executed. To execute such a high level and effective attack, one had to be extremely skilled. It was, hence, hard to imagine that Imperial Dragon God Fist could accomplish it. It was no wonder he was the head Pugilist of the Land of Imperial Power.

"Too strong Brother Fist is simply too strong" Imperial Dragon Behead complimented excitedly.

"How is it?"

Imperial Dragon God Fist looked over at Wang Yu.

"Not bad at all!" Wang Yu looked interested as he replied, "But you can't be called a Pugilist like that."

If anyone from the Quan Zhen Sect was here, even they would be able to appreciate the way Imperial Dragon God Fist fought. However, in Wang Yu's eyes, this fella was merely extremely skilled in controlling the rhythm of his attack. As for the other aspects Haha.

"All you know how to do is to talk big!"

Imperial Dragon God Fist was enraged as he raised his fist and charged towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu shifted his body and went straight to the monsters around the area.


Wang Yu circled the entire area and without breaking a sweat, he managed to gather all the Dusk Bandits in the area in front of Imperial Dragon God Fist.

"F*ck! Is he trying to kill himself after realising that he is not a match for you?" Imperial Dragon Behead called out in shock.

"No He isn't dead" Imperial Dragon God Fist pointed at the bunch of monsters.

Imperial Dragon Behead shifted his eyes over and saw a lively Wang Yu moving between the monsters. He was skillfully attacking each and every one of the monsters.

Every attack from Wang Yu was able to stun a Dusk Bandit and reduced their HP significantly. Everytime a Dusk Bandit raised its blade to attack Wang Yu, Wang Yu had already gotten out of the attack scope to attack another monster.

With such repetitive actions, tens of Dusk Bandits with 20000HP were turned into rays of light in less than two minutes. This sight was simply too dazzling.

Imperial Dragon Behead and Imperial Dragon God Fist were dazed at what they had just witnessed.

After clearing all the Dusk Bandits, Wang Yu returned in front of Imperial Dragon God Fist, "Did you catch that? That is the true fighting style of a Pugilist!"