Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 381

Chapter 381: I Like My Freedom
Chapter 381: I Like My Freedom
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"This" Wang Yu looked over at Fearless and co. While they looked like they were seated upright and still, the channel was already flooded with comments.

'F*ck! This fella is actually trying to rope our member in front of us. Fearless, you must not tolerate such acts!" Ming Du was the first to comment.

Vainglory followed suit, "I agree! You cannot and shouldn't tolerate!"

Everyone else started condemning Land of Imperial Power in the channel and even the usually quiet Darknorth Fisher commented too, "There is not a single decent person from huge organisations"

"Naturally, we can consider giving up Brother Bull's strength if the price offered is right."

"True, true, true" Everyone agreed.

"I'm not interested" Wang Yu glanced at the Quan Zhen Sect before replying Land of Imperial Power.

Land of Imperial Power was not surprised at Wang Yu's answer. Instead, he laughed it off, "Don't be like this! You can name any condition you want! The salary of our combat squad is rather high. You can definitely earn more than any other professional gamers. Isn't that true, Old Brother Warflag?"

Land of Imperial Power looked over at Sanguine Warflag as he wanted him to help convince Wang Yu.

Sanguine Warflag had already accepted his money so he felt embarrassed if he didn't try to help. Therefore, he added on, "En, the salary is indeed rather high."

In the Quan Zhen Sect's channel: "Tsk! To think that he will actually use money to corrupt God Iron Bull's moral principle. This fella is too despicable. Tell him that he can forget about roping you in if the yearly salary is less than 50 million."

Any first team players in the ring of professional gamers would usually earn above 10 million. Therefore, it was completely logical for a player of Wang Yu's calibre to earn 50 million.

"Oh" Nobody expected the response from Wang Yu as he shook his head, "Not interested."

"I'll even give you the salary of a first tier player!" Land of Imperial Power pulled out his bargaining chip.

Before Wang Yu could reject, Fearless chuckled, "Your so called first tier players are also only worth a few million dollars. Given the capabilities of our Brother Bull, he will not agree to anything less than a hundred million dollars..."

"Hundred million?" Land of Imperial Power started shivering

Even Wang Yu himself was shocked by Fearless' input. One hundred million eh? Wang Yu was born in a big family and was never too concerned about money. Only recently after he moved out, he knew how important money was. Besides the idle discussion with Mu Zi Xian in bed about what they could do with an imaginary hundred million dollars, Wang Yu never dared to think about so much money.

Land of Imperial Power thought to himself, tsk! He is indeed a thorn. To think that he would actually ask for a hundred million He is clearly picking a fight with me. It is no wonder nobody dares to want him.

However, from Imperial Dragon God Fist's description, this fella definitely had the capitals to raise the price. On the other hand, Land of Imperial Power didn't have the capability to quote a price. Therefore, he answered with a certain level of obscurity. "This isn't impossible. However, I need to think about it"

One hundred million is not a small sum of money. The yearly expenses of a combat squad was also this price. Hence, even Land of Imperial Power wasn't capable of making this decision alone.

"..." Wang Yu glanced over at Fearless speechlessly, "I already belong to a guild"

"Oh really? How come I didn't know about that? Ancient Empire or Land of Soaring Dragons?" A surprised Land of Imperial Power asked.

When Imperial Dragon Secret recommended Wang Yu to Land of Imperial Power, he didn't mention anything about Wang Yu's guild.

The two guilds which Land of Imperial Power mentioned were two of the extremely reputable guilds. Given Wang Yu's strength, these should be the only two guilds that would even stand a chance of recruiting him.

"Quan Zhen Sect" Wang Yu glanced at Fearless again as he replied.

"Quan Zhen Sect? What kind of guild is that?" Land of Imperial Power was shocked. After his many years in the ring of the PVP Arena, was there really a big guild which he hadn't heard of?

"A small guild with only around ten members." Fearless interjected.

"A small guild" Land of Imperial Power was relieved. This fella was a businessman so he wasn't interested in anything else other than big organisations. A guild like the Quan Zhen Sect was definitely not worthy of a mention in front of him.

"Given your strength, a rubbish guild like this will only become your burden" Land of Imperial Power continued to badmouth the Quan Zhen Sect.

"Rubbish guild"

Every member of the Quan Zhen Sect furrowed their brows when they heard this Sanguine Warflag, who was seated at the side, looked at Land of Imperial Power as though he was looking at a dead man.

"Why? Did I say something wrong? A fine bird chooses a tree to nest in. In this game, it is very normal for one to jump ship"

Indeed, top experts of online games usually changed guilds very often. Nobody would blame or curse their morals because everyone wants to win.

"I'm used to where I belong and I do not wish to change guild" Wang Yu replied.

"Great God Iron Bull, let me tell you"

Just as Land of Imperial Power wanted to continue talking, Wang Yu suddenly extended his arm to grab his neck.

In one single move, any same level gamers would have been killed in seconds too. As a level ten newbie, Land of Imperial Power was instantly dead.

Everyone at the inn was dumbfounded.

"Did you just slaughter him?" A shocked Ming Du asked.

"Too irritating"

"Speaking of which, we didn't agree to not slaughter him in our agreement earlier right?" Fearless turned to Sanguine Warflag.

Sanguine Warflag's face turned pale, "No, no"

It didn't matter whether it was agreed upon or not. Killing someone out of the blue was simply too f*cked up. Initially, he thought that Wang Yu was the most polite and friendly person in the Quan Zhen Sect. Who would imagine Wang Yu to be this cruel and unreasonable?

"It wouldn't matter even if it was in the agreement. We have already received the money haha" Ming Du chuckled.

"Make sense"

Wang Yu frowned, "I knew that this was a collution! Why? Are the few of you not happy with me and want to sell me out?"

Hearing the words of Wang Yu, Sanguine Warflag was scared out of his wits. He was afraid that he might exterminate the Sanguine Alliance because of anger.

"Ai!" Fearless let out a breath as he replied Wang Yu, "You should know this. What we do is for your own good I can fight for the highest price for you."

By entering a professional squad, the salary was much better than killing monsters and selling the equipment dropped by it. Everyone saw how down and out Wang Yu was in the beginning. However, everyone in the Quan Zhen Sect were unambitious gamers who played solely for the fun of it. There was a limit to how much they could help him and the most they could do was to not be a burden to him.

Everyone is an adult so they naturally do not wish to obstruct a friend's future because of a few pedantic issues.

"Indeed, you can become a PVP star very soon after you sign the contract to be part of their squad. Life will be so easy after that" Ming Du called out excitedly. He acted as though he was the one who signed the contract.

"Thank you everyone for thinking for me" Wang Yu thanked them sincerely, "However, I am also a person who likes my freedom."

Freedom. That's right! Ever since he was young, Wang Yu craved for something called freedom. By signing the contract, he would be selling himself to the guild. He would be required to report to work or training depending on the schedule assigned to him. How would that be different from his life before moving here?

Wang Yu was sick of living a life like that. If he had to live a life like that, he would rather return home instead of giving himself away to somebody else. At the very least, he would still be a young master back at home instead of a good which could be sold or bought by people.