Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Feng Yun Guilds Killing Machine
Chapter 415: Feng Yun Guild’s Killing Machine
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"Now that they have all returned, what do we do…" Sword Emperor asked Shi Hu.

Sword Emperor, Shi Hu and Godless were all actual members of Feng Yun Guild. Upon receiving the system notification about the start of the battle, Sword Emperor was momentarily flustered.

Shi Hu, Sword Emperor and co.'s mission was to hold the members of Quan Zhen Sect in Thorn City, preventing them from returning to defend their headquarters. But now, the members of Quan Zhen Sect had managed to enter the battlefield. Even the last fella managed to escape. This was a clear failure to handle their duties. When they return, it was highly likely that they would face a pay deduction.

Shi Hu thought and said, "Go back and help."

The number of Feng Yun Guild members currently in Thorn City was sizeable. If they returned to help with the attack, they would definitely serve as a great combat force. Now that the members of Quan Zhen Sect had all ran away, there was no meaning in staying any further. When the time comes for their superiors to punish them, going back to help would reflect more nicely on them.


Sword Emperor also thought that this was logical and he immediately issued the order to return to help.

"Haha, 126 points. I'm rich!"

"Damn it, we do not for so long but we can't compare to you," Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher said bitterly.

Even if assassins were any more powerful, they could only fight one opponent at a time. How could it be as exciting as a magician that could take down huge patches with a single skill? Whether it was farming monsters for experience or farming players for points, there was nothing more efficient than a magician.

"Eh? What's that?"

Just as Ming Du was proudly showing off his points, Yang Nuo, who was standing on the arrow tower, exclaimed as she pointed into the distance.

Everyone looked towards the direction that Yang Nuo pointed at. In Feng Yun Guild, there was a triangular shaped frame. Behind the shelf, there was a ladle-shaped thing. Four players from Feng Yun Guild were currently loading a huge stone into that ladle.

Seeing this, Fearless's face instantly turned white.

"It's a catapult!"

The catapult was an attack-weapon used in the Cold Weapon Era. How could Fearless not recognise it?

"Catapult!! There's such a thing in the game?" The others also turned pale with fright upon hearing those words.

Although cold weapons have already faded out of sight, they would still learn about them from television and books. However, this was their first time seeing a real catapult.

"Yes!" Fearless replied, "It belongs to the arms class, high-levelled "Arms Manufacturers (blacksmith advancement)" would be able to forge it with a blueprint."

"Rebirth"was set in the Cold Weapon Era. The principle of a catapult was not much different from a bow. Thus, this BUG-like thing wasn't strange. The only strange thing was that Feng Yun Guild was able to obtain such a thing.

After deliberate thought, this was also within reason. The backers behind Feng Yun Guild was Daybreak Studios. Gaming studios were production lands for rare equipment and skills and a large-scale studio like Daybreak Studio would definitely be able to craft something like this.

By this time, the catapult was already set up. Following Inferno War Reverent's order, the catapult was fired and a huge stone came falling from the sky.

Crotch Lord wasn't able to dodge it in time and could only raise his shield in defence. However, against an attack like this, Crotch Lord was excessively overpowered.

With a loud "Bang", Boson, Crotch Lord and Spring Halo's six demons were directly shattered into white light and sent back to the respawn point.

Only Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher, who were hiding behind the mountain's wall, managed to avoid this calamity. However, the two were incomparably shocked by this overwhelming attack.

What was worse for Crotch Lord was that with the descent of the stone, his hand which was holding his shield went empty… his shield had turned to trash.

On top of the wall, Spring Halo's mouth twitched in anger.

He had trained those six demons to Level 25 by Spring Halo. One must know that these demons level up with the experience from the master. Otherwise, with Spring Halo's training speed, he would have already reached to the top of the leaderboards.

To raise six demons from Level 1 to Level 25, one could see the immeasurable effort and time that Spring Halo had dedicated. But now, all of them were decimated with a single attack.

If this was reality, the huge stone fired by the catapult would definitely block the entrance of the valley. However, the huge stone was a consumable item. Just like arrows, it disappeared the moment it reached the ground…

Now that the obstacles, Crotch Lord and the demons, were eliminated, the first row of Feng Yun Guild's players were free to charge forward.

Still, the width of the valley could only accommodate four people. But without anyone defending the entrance, Spring Halo, Ming Du and Yang Nuo weren't able to stop the advance of Feng Yun Guild.

Not much time passed before a gap appeared on their blockade line. Frost Blade, Darknorth Fisher and Vainglory resisted bitterly. However, they were helpless against the plentitude of tanks on the opponent side. Even if their skills and equipment were any better, they weren't able to survive many exchanges before being turned into white light.

Crotch Lord and Boson rushed out of the headquarters just as the Feng Yun Guild players were about to charge through the headquarters entrance.

Spring Halo summoned his demons to form a defensive formation with the two of them. Just at that moment, the second stone came descending.


White light rose and the area was cleared.

It wasn't just Crotch Lord and Boson, even the players from Feng Yun Guild were squashed to death.

Seeing such a gruesome sight, both sides jolted in shock.

"What the f*ck, this plaything actually doesn't differentiate sides…" Inferno War Reverent said, slackjawed.

This was also the first time that Feng Yun Guild used the catapult.

Feng Yun Tu Bian hurriedly made the order, "Stop staring in shock. Their defensive line has been breached. Hurry and charge in!"

"Right, that was what I was also thinking of…" Inferno War Reverent added, inviting some rolling eyes.

Upon receiving the orders, the Feng Yun Guild players started charging again.

From this, one could see the benefits of superior numbers.

Although this valley could only accommodate four players, Feng Yun Guild had sufficient numbers. Losing four players at one go wasn't a huge loss. On Quan Zhen Sect's side, they only had 12 players. No matter how powerful they were, they could not win this war of attrition. Moreover, they had already lost five people. This was equivalent to half of their fighting force. In such a case, they definitely wouldn't be able to cope.

Fearless signed, "Motherf*cker! Just four minutes. I didn't think that we would be breached so easily."

12 against 500. Fearless had never expected to resist for the entire 60 minutes. Of course, if not for the catapult, it might have been possible for them to resist till the Sanguine Alliance arrived. However, with a BUG-like item like the catapult, the war situation was completely changed.

The others also lost their spirits. Their headquarter's geographical terrain was their biggest advantage. Once it was breached, it would mean that they have failed. Without such an obstacle, how could the 12 of them deal with hundreds?

"Go back and defend…"

Just as Fearless was prepared to give up on the headquarter's gate to return and defend the crystal ball, a system notification rang.

System Notification: Your teammate, Iron Bull, has entered the battlefield.