Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Lone Vagrant Guest
Chapter 429: Lone Vagrant Guest
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After Daybreak Studio left the game, Peerless Heaven took over the Daybreak Studio's business. The members of the Quan Zhen Sect were aware that they weren't made to succeed in running a business. Therefore, they would rather throw everything to Peerless Heaven.

Peerless Heaven was a massive organisation and the two guilds were on extremely good terms because of Wang Yu's relationship with their boss. Hence, Evil Rampage would definitely not take advantage of the Quan Zhen Sect. The sale of their resources to Peerless Heaven would probably earn them a huge sum of money.

This was especially so for Li Xue and Wang Yu. Presently, Li Xue was providing 80% of her medicine to Peerless Heaven while the other 20% to Mu Zi Xian's convenience store. Wang Yu need not do anything and would still be able to earn some money every day. His life would be rather comfortable.

In <>, players would have to figure out ways to play the game after reaching level 30 with the exception of a few fixed scenario based dungeon quests.

Without dungeon quests corresponding to their levels, gamers above level 30 would find that their level progression slowed down significantly. Even after one week, the highest level in the game was around level 35.

Dusk Plateau was Twilight City's level 50 monsters zone. This was also Wang Yu's place to train after reaching level 35. The main monsters here were the Dusk Stoneman and Desert Blood Eagle.

If someone saw a Pugilist training here, he would probably not believe his eyes.

This was because Dusk Stoneman's attack and defense were strong while the Desert Blood Eagle was exceptionally quick. These monsters were not monsters a Pugilist could deal with easily.

Moreover, the highest level wild monsters in the main city could go up to level 100 while level 50 was already considered an intermediate ranked monster.

Not only did intermediate ranked monsters have much more incredible attributes, they also possessed unique skills which low ranked monsters could never compare to.

In Wang Yu's eyes, however, these Dusk Stonemen could be classified together with the other human-shaped monsters of the same level. To Wang Yu, their speed was slow enough such that it was suitable for his training.

As for the Desert Blood Eagle, there were only at most slightly over ten of them in the Dusk Plateau. He would simply avoid them if he could. If he couldn't, he would try to kill it. They were indeed slightly problematic but they still didn't pose many troubles for Wang Yu.

Wang Yu's rate of clearing these monsters was extremely fast. Dusk Stoneman had a health of 50,000 and its unique skill was to use the power of the earth to create a full body stone armour. The defense of this armour was extremely sick.

According to the game's set up, after the monster was fully equipped with the full body stone armour, even high levelled Independent Mode players would find it hard to disregard its defense. Logically, the Dusk Stoneman should have been a real headache for Wang Yu. However, after Wang Yu learnt the two level 35 Pugilist skill moves, it was extremely easy for him to get rid of these monsters.

[Pouring Inner Breath]: Qigong Master directs inner breath into punches and kicks to attack opponents. Unique Effect: Penetration of armour.

[Iron Vein and Bone]: Majoring in external force to ensure punches and kicks are as firm as iron. Unique Effect: Attack and defense increases.

Both of these were passive skills and by themselves, [Pouring Inner Breath] wouldn't be as impressive as Iron Vein and Bone. This was because a Qigong Master would fare better in a long-ranged fight and not close combat fights. To fully exhibit the unique effects of [Pouring Inner Breath], the punches and kicks had to be in contact. Therefore, a skill like this would never be as effective as [Iron Vein and Bone] which could multiply offense attributes.

From level 10 onwards, Qigong Master's skills were fraudulent just as before such that players were already used to it. After all, only two in ten rare people who chose to be a Pugilist would choose to be a Qigong Master...

In actual fact, [Pouring Inner Breath]'s effects would be decent if players could learn both skills. The increment in attributes for a player's defense from [Iron Vein and Bone] could increase the chances of a player's survivability. Adding on, if their attack could be complemented by the effect of being able to penetrate armours, it could be a rather powerful combination. From this point, a Pugilist could become several folds stronger just like that.

At this moment, Wang Yu managed to kill a Dusk Stoneman easily. Following which, he didn't look for another one to kill. Instead, he jumped back and landed beside a large stone. Out of the blue, Wang Yu shouted at the space beside the stone, "Who are you?"

As Wang Yu shouted, he even pushed the air and a shocked Thief was exposed.

"I'm talking to you! Why are you acting dumb?" Wang Yu was in no way polite to the Thief.

This Thief must be conspiring something malicious since he was hiding so secretly while Wang Yu was training… Wang Yu was still considered good tempered. If it was anyone else with a worse temper, this Thief would have been killed on the spot.

Of course, a player's bad temper shouldn't be blamed because the main reason was that <> had too many such examples.

As a job which could use [Stealth], a Thief was basically a wretched job. There were simply too many examples of how a Thief casually walked past to steal a BOSS which someone else fought hard to kill.

Because of this, many players started complaining to the company on the game's online forum. Some were suggesting that the game weakened a Thief's ability to [Stealth] while others were suggesting the possibility of letting other jobs learn [Stealth] too.

However, the game company turned a deaf ear to this which made everyone, who suffered in the hands of those Thieves, extremely furious.

The more frustrating thing wasn't the fact that the company turned a deaf ear to their complains. It was the fact that there was an increasing number of Thieves in the game.

The Thief exposed by Wang Yu had sharp ears and he looked like an Elf Thief.

By nature, elves were nimble and mature quickly which meant that they were most suitable for two jobs namely the Archers and Thieves. Presently, a majority of the Thieves were Elf Thieves.

As a new group, the strongest Elf Thief was only level 25. This was a level 50 monster zone and [Stealth] mode would be easily exposed by a Desert Blood Eagle's [Sharp Eye]. To be able to make it here, this fella was evidently not simple.

This Elf Thief was taken aback as he asked, "Are you talking to me…"

"Is there anyone else here?" Wang Yu refuted.

"You can see me?" The Elf Thief exclaimed in shock.

"En." Wang Yu nodded as he replied, "What are you doing behind me?"

"F*ck…" The Elf Thief scratched his head, "I've lost my way… I wanted to ask you for directions but looking at how serious your fight was, I didn't dare to disturb you."


Hearing the Elf Thief's words, Wang Yu's displeasure became empathy within seconds.

Wang Yu was naturally empathetic to lost people.

"Alright, I shall believe you. What's your name?" Wang Yu questioned.

Elf Thief answered, "Lone Vagrant Guest."

"En, sounds like a martial artist's name…" Wang Yu continued to mumble, "Where are you going? How did you get lost?"

The Twilight City was neither vast like a forest nor boundless like a desert. Moreover, there were many unique landforms so as long as one wasn't a road idiot, the probability of getting lost should be very low.

"I'm heading to Dusk Peak for a quest."

"Dusk Peak? You? Are you kidding me?" A surprised Wang Yu asked.

Dusk Peak was also a level 50 monster zone. The difference between Dusk Peak and here was that Dusk Peak was filled with monsters like the Desert Blood Eagle and Dusk God Eagle.

Not only could bird species monsters fly, they possessed incredible speed and their attacks were shockingly strong. Moreover, they had the innate skill of being able to see everything clearly. They were especially effective and dangerous against jobs with low health especially Thieves. Even an expert like Wang Yu would find it really difficult and was unwilling to wander there unnecessarily. He could not believe that a level 20 small Thief would be heading towards the Dusk Peak.

No matter how fraudulent the system's quests were, they were always within the capabilities of the player. One must know that even the monsters in Wang Yu's S grade quest were at most level 40.

Lone Vagrant Guest replied, "I'm not kidding. While I was training, I met a countryside NPC and he asked me to go to the Dusk Peak to retrieve an item."