Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 466

466 Trajectory
"Cannot lie" was such a powerful and resonating reason It seemed as though there was no other statement that was as convincing as this.

But it was not as though Wang Yu didn't know about the system's morality. Even though they wouldn't lie, they always found a way to dig a deep hole to throw you in This was, in fact, so much more hateful than lying.

Therefore, even when the Ape King came up with such an invulnerable excuse, Wang Yu was not intending to believe him.

"Alright, then swear to us!" Wang Yu threatened.

Swearing in the game didn't mean that the Ape King simply need to say these words again. It was to get him to repeat what he said to complete the "agreement contract". After all, NPCs were really not allowed to lie. The moment the Ape King lied, he would be destroyed by humanitarianism

"As long as you let me off, I will give you a reminder. This reminder can help you find the hidden stage to raise the completion level of this dungeon." The Ape King swore.

"Hidden stage?" Wang Yu smiled the moment he heard this.

They rushed to this dungeon mainly because of this hidden stage. If the Ape King could guide them, it was certainly what Wang Yu wanted.

Of course, what Wang Yu didn't know was that this "agreement" was also nicely pre-set by the system. When gamers reached the second stage and caused the Ape King to feel threatened, he would initiate this exchange

"Yes, hurry up and let me off now. I will tell you immediately!" The Ape King was desperate as he continued to pester Wang Yu to let him off.

"So? Are we going to let him off?" Wang Yu consulted the other two.

Crotch Lord replied, "Let him go then. Hidden stage eh? Since he already said so, I believe he will not lie to us."

Wang Yu was still conflicted inside, "Why do I still feel that something is off? Will the hidden stage kill us?"

Promise the gamers with benefits first before sending them into a trap was something Wang Yu came across countless times.

Crotch Lord answered, "This was a dungeon with a fixed level. Even if the hidden stage is tough, how much tougher can it get?"

"That is also true Okay, I will let him off now!" Hearing the advice of Crotch Lord, Wang Yu agreed with his logic.

Since only the first ten attempts had the hidden stage, this meant that other gamers would have completed it before too. Otherwise, there wasn't really any significant meaning to this dungeon. The Quan Zhen Sect was most certainly considered one of the top few squads around. Therefore, there wasn't any reason they would be tricked to death.

As he spoke, he slowly released the rope in the hand.

The Ape King roared before running to the edge of the cliff and letting out a loud roar towards the bottom of the mountain.

"What's the meaning of this?" The trio was slightly shocked.

At this moment, Fearless suddenly asked on the group's channel, "Is the BOSS dying? The flocks of monsters below are all rushing up."

"F*ck! We've been tricked again!" Wang Yu panicked and took one sudden big stride forward. He instantly sent a punch towards the Ape King.

Who knew that the Ape King was even more nimble and agile than Wang Yu? Noticing Wang Yu's dash over, he immediately jumped out of the way and opened up the distance between him and Wang Yu. "What are you doing?"

Looking at how the Ape King avoided his attack so quickly, Wang Yu was also surprised. This was the literal example of letting the lion back to its mountain.

"Hurry up and tell us the secret!"

Wang Yu charged over once more as he shouted and swung his fist.


The Ape King chuckled and dodged Wang Yu's attacks again. He jumped to the side of Wang Yu,"Let me tell you something. I didn't mention when I will tell you. No hurry, let's just wait for the arrival of my subordinates then I will tell you."

"F*ck off!" Wang Yu and the two other almost vomited blood.

When the other monsters returned, the three of them wouldn't be able to escape anymore. What was the point of knowing the secret by then?

Telling you the secret but not giving you the opportunity to find it. The system was really getting more despicable by the day. Wang Yu knew, from the start, that the BOSS's words were dubious and it seemed like they really shouldn't have trusted any BOSS

"Fearless, fight for your life to keep those monsters there first. Try and hang in there for as long as possible." Wang Yu sent the message on the group's chat before telling Crotch Lord and Yang Nuo, "The two of you listen to my instructions."

"What are you going to do?" Everyone in the chat asked in unison.

Wang Yu replied, "Kill the BOSS!!"

Everyone, "..."

Since the monsters below the mountain were all controlled by the BOSS, all Wang Yu needed to do was to kill this BOSS. The monsters would then lose their leader and even they could disperse in confusion. Even if they don't, it would be easier to defeat them without the leader controlling the formation.

Therefore, Wang Yu wanted to kill the Ape King before the other monsters could fly back up.

"How are we going to kill him if we cannot even touch him?" Crotch Lord questioned Wang Yu's decision.

All three of them saw the Ape King's agility and how he could cover a few inches with just one jump which was even more disgusting than teleportation. If Wang Yu couldn't even touch him, how could a heavy tank like him even think about touching him?

"I have an idea so the two of you only need to wait for my instructions." Wang Yu charged at the Ape King for the third time.

The Ape King smiled and jumped up again as Wang Yu pointed to the left, "Shoot an arrow towards 10 o'clock and Crotch Lord, charge towards me."

Yang Nuo and Crotch Lord received the instructions and did exactly as told without any questioning.

The Ape King landed and it looked as though this had been rehearsed many times before as he landed right at where Wang Yu pointed. At the same time he landed, Yang Nuo's arrow reached its destination.


As a BOSS, the Ape King couldn't be controlled so the few seconds of dizziness effect from the arrow only made him paused for a short moment. However, it was because of this pause which allowed Crotch Lord to [Charge] right on the Ape King's body.


The Ape King was knocked about two metres to the right. Concurrently, Wang Yu's long pole struck the back of the Ape King's knee and he immediately knelt on the ground.

"Really? Did we really get him?"

Crotch Lord and Yang Nuo asked in disbelief.

This stupid monkey was agile and quick that Crotch Lord never believed they could even hit him.

Wang Yu replied, "Of course! Even though I am not as fast as he is, I can see the trajectory of his jump so I am naturally able to determine where he is going to land."

Even though the Ape King was extremely quick, Wang Yu knew that the only reason why he couldn't hit him was because he wasn't nimble enough himself. However, Wang Yu was still able to see through every move of the Ape King.

From the way the Ape King jumped, Wang Yu could tell from the Ape King's legs the trajectory of his jump which was why he could determine his landing spot.

"Ah?" Yang Nuo was also slightly flabbergasted when she heard this.

"Trajectory? Landing spot?" Crotch Lord was completely at a loss.

"Projectile of a shot and the target Do you get it now?" Yang Nuo helped to explain.

"F*ck! The arrow and bow are dead objects and the distance of the target is fixed. This monkey is a living and agile being"

"That's why Brother Bull is a disgustingly good expert!" Yang Nuo replied emotionlessly.