Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 487

Chapter 487 Sixth Apostle Cassa

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After replying Wang Yu, Fearless arrived next to Reinald as he waved his hand to disperse the people surrounding Reinald for the photo taking. After clearing his throat, he asked, “Master Reinald, may I ask for the location of the Sixth Apostle? This is so we can quickly defeat him and head back to report on the completion of our mission.”

Reinald glanced at Fearless as he looked to the sky, “He is here! Hurry up and hand me the Dagger of Seal so I can seal him up.”

“Alright!” Fearless threw out a dagger and sent a message on the group, “Attack fast! This fella is an impersonation by the Sixth Apostle!”

When everyone heard Fearless’ orders, they were exceedingly shocked. However, they didn’t question Fearless’ words as they started attacking Reinald.

Everyone was a top expert so there was no question about the damage they could produce. As over ten of them attacked at the same time and with their most vicious attacks, the fake Reinald was instantly submerged in skills.

“Everyone back off and stand in formation!” Even though this was the Sixth Apostle’s impersonation of Reinald, Fearless didn’t believe that the group of them could kill him with just one wave of attacks. After the successful ambush, he immediately got everyone to back down.

Everyone was smart enough to realise this and even without Fearless’ warning, they executed their skill and retreated almost instantly. When Reinald finally came to his senses from the first wave of attack, everyone was already standing in position.

He was truly a powerful BOSS. The previous wave of attack was definitely able to cause more than 100000 worth of HP but the fake Reinald’s health bar only decreased by a little.

The fake Reinald didn’t seem like he was in pain. In fact, he even burst out into laughter. Simultaneously, the indolent look on his face was gone and there were overflowing flames of magic bursting forth from his body. Everyone could feel the sudden increase in pressure around him.

“Hahaha! You bunch of ants!!” The fake Reinald laughed out loud, “I cannot believe you manage to expose me so quickly. However, it is already too late because I have successfully merged with the Heart of Darkness. You guys are merely a bunch of clueless fellas who can forget about defeating me!”

Following the fake Reinald’s laughter, his attributes appeared and everyone checked on it concurrently.

The Sixth Apostle. The King of Cheating. Casso (LV 50) (Obsidian) (Ancient) Merging level with the Heart of Darkness (100%)

HP: 2000000

MP: 2000000

Skill: Dark Magic Atmosphere Slash, Dark Magic Earth Splitting Slash, Magical Prison Inflammation Strike, Gate of Underworld

Talent: Cheat

Character Description: The clone of the Sixth Apostle, Casso. Merged with the Heart of Darkness and his strength is at an unfathomable depth.

Fearless’ face turned really serious, “From the attributes, it seems like he had successfully merged with the Heart of Darkness already.”

Hearing the words of the Sixth Apostle, the only reason he didn’t attack first was because he was delaying so that he could merge with the Heart of Darkness. Fearless didn’t know that merging with the Heart of Darkness would increase the strength of this fella by several folds.

“What a despicable cheater!” Everyone shouted in anger when they heard what the Sixth Apostle said.

They couldn’t believe that the code name of the Sixth Apostle was the King of Cheating. To think that a mighty Apostle had to cheat them to delay time. How lowly must this Apostle be?

Moreover, everything in this dungeon had been out to cheat the players. It seemed like the designers of this game had worked incredibly hard to make sure these players die of a terrible death.

“Why? Are you scared?” The Sixth Apostle couldn’t help but mocked them as he saw the look on their faces, “Fear me, you tiny ants! I love the look on your faces. Haha, the more you”


Before the standard villain’s script could be read out, a thunderbolt fell right on the head of the Sixth Apostle.

The Sixth Apostle was dumbfounded as he glared at the squad in anger, “Who dares to ambush the noble Apostle? Report your name because I will never behead a nameless person.”

Ming Du looked at the Sixth Apostle before replying, “Since you will not behead a nameless person, I will not tell you my name.”

“Tsk! What a glib! Since this is the case, all of you can die together!”

The Sixth Apostle’s right hand grabbed the air and a large sword which contained magic flames appeared in his hand. The Sixth Apostle held onto the sword with one hand as he swung it towards the squad.

“Front row, block him!”

Fearless gave his instructions and almost instantly, Crotch Lord and Thunderlord charged right out.

Both their shields were raised to block this strike from the Sixth Apostle.

Even though the Sixth Apostle was only a clone, he was still a level 50 ancient grade BOSS. This strike was of extreme power and it forced Crotch Lord back by two steps. Crotch Lord’s Hinder was instantly destroyed and his health decreased by one third.

However, it was clear that the Sixth Apostle had underestimated this bunch of people. Not only did his strike not kill them instantly, it even resulted in a counter stun because of the shield’s massive Hinder.

Seizing the opportunity, Thunderlord used [Charge] followed by [Earth Splitting Slash]. Working together with Crotch Lord, he successfully executed the “Two Segments Air Pursuit Slash”.

The Sixth Apostle was a humanoid BOSS and his control immunity was not as good as a beast type monster. At that moment, he was sent flying by Thunderlord.

This was the moment when Boson and Nine Solitary Spears had reached their position to execute their air pursuit of the Sixth Apostle.

Nine Solitary Spears’ pike sent the Sixth Apostle flying in the air again as Boson’s [Tornado Slash] followed suit.

In that instant, the Sixth Apostle’s flying state was over and just as he was about to fight back, Wang Yu and Vainglory, the two Pugilists, executed [Knee Strikes] one after the other which gave them a total of three seconds. In this three seconds, the four Assassins ran to the back of the Sixth Apostle and used their [Rabbit Strikes] on his back.

At the same time, the skills of the two Mages landed on the Sixth Apostle’s body too

Waves of damages floated above the head of the Sixth Apostle.

Even though this was the first time everyone worked together, these fellas knew each other well from how they had a mutual enemy. Therefore, they had perfect coordination and this was the first time everyone’s attack was the greatest of all time. It was even better than the first ambush on the Sixth Apostle.

“This fella isn’t anything dangerous after all.” Seeing how easy the Sixth Apostle got hit by all of them, everyone started labelling this Ancient Boss as average in their minds.

Wang Yu got everyone back to focus as he shouted, “Everyone must not be complacent. The combat skills of an Ancient BOSS will improve as he fights. This is just the beginning.”

As a person who had fought an Ancient BOSS before, Wang Yu knew how scary they could be. Against such a BOSS, the same combination of attacks wouldn’t work twice. It was necessary for them to constantly change their plan to attack.

Indeed, the Sixth Apostle’s body shivered slightly as he stabilised himself. With a swing of the blade in his hand, he attacked the squad once more.

Crotch Lord and Thunderlord wanted to repeat what they did earlier but who knew that the Sixth Apostle’s blade turned back in mid-air as the blade radiance divided the two men and turned towards the back of them.