Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Breakthrough

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“F*ck! This b*stard’s health is back at the full bar!”

Ming Du cursed because everyone knew how much effort they put in to reduce his health to 50%. In the blink of an eye, this fella’s health was at 100% again. Moreover, his attributes were even better than before. Anybody would curse when they saw this.

“What’s there to worry about? Let’s just get it back down again!” Wang Yu’s optimism surprised everyone and his grandeur was even more impressive than the Sixth Apostle. Those who didn’t know might think he was the BOSS.

While the storyline was unexpected, Fearless was starting to understand more about the Gate of Underworld.

Firstly, the Gate of Underworld would be activated once the Sixth Apostle’s health decreased to below 50%. Once it was activated, the Gate of Underworld would have two sides. One with the Heart of Darkness and one with the Sixth Apostle.

The side with the Heart of Darkness had four BOSS who would be giving the Sixth Apostle energy and power. When they were offering the power, the Sixth Apostle would be in the state of invincibility and would even release his skill [Magical Prison Inflammation Strike].

At this moment, as long as everyone entered the side with the Heart of Darkness and kill the four defenders, the Sixth Apostle’s state of invincibility and skill would disappear. The state of invincibility of the Heart of Darkness would also disappear. All they needed to do would be to use the Dusk Roulette to control the Sixth Apostle and the Heart of Darkness could be sealed.

At the thought of this, Fearless shouted at Wang Yu, “Old Bull, use the Dusk Roulette on the BOSS!”

“Alright!” Wang Yu answered as he avoided the attack of the Sixth Apostle. He took out the Dusk Roulette and pointed it at the Sixth Apostle as he pressed ‘use’.


Fearless nearly vomited blood when he saw the system notification forwarded by Wang Yu.

The Dusk Roulette could only be used when the Sixth Apostle’s health fell below 30%… However, when it falls below 50%, this fella would enter the state of invincibility. By the time everyone killed the four defenders on the other side, the Sixth Apostle’s health would have recovered fully. This was basically a cycle of death.

“This is impossible. The system would never design a BOSS that cannot be defeated. There must be some sort of way that we haven’t thought of.” Fearless told himself.

At this point, Fearless heard Yang Nuo saying, “When the BOSS was in the state invincibility, his health wasn’t regenerating. But why did his health returned to full bar the moment we leave for the other side?”

“?” Fearless asked Yang Nuo, “When we enter the gate, the BOSS’s health wasn’t regenerating?”
Back then, Fearless was escaping desperately so he didn’t notice the BOSS’s health.

“No, his health was still at 50% when I attack him.” Yang Nuo replied. Besides Wang Yu, Yang Nuo was the only other person who was not having a hard time avoiding the attacks from the BOSS. Therefore, she could see everything clearly during the BOSS’s state of invincibility.

“I got it now! It is the aggro!” Fearless called out in a pleasant tone.

The main side and the side with the Heart of Darkness were two different scenes. The dungeon squad was the target of the Sixth Apostle’s aggro. When everyone disappeared from his radar, the Sixth Apostle would naturally enter the resting state. When it entered this state, it would naturally recover. The breakthrough point was the aggro.

With the first experience earlier, the second time dealing with the Sixth Apostle was much smoother. With Wang Yu in the front line drawing the aggro, the aggro was extremely stable.

Even if the Sixth Apostle’s strength was increased by 10%, he wasn’t a lot more difficult to deal with as compared to the first time. After 20 minutes, the Sixth Apostle’s strength dropped to below 50% again.

The [Magical Prison Inflammation Strike] was activated and the Gate of Underworld opened.

“Old Bull, hand me the dagger. You will stay here to continue drawing the BOSS’s aggro.”

“En!” Wang Yu nodded as he jumped over to the side of Fearless. After handing over the dagger, Fearless and everyone else hurriedly entered the Gate of Underworld.

Indeed, there were another four monsters offering their energy to the Heart of Darkness.

Ming Du called out in excitement, “F*ck! Four BOSS every time! This is equipment heaven!”

Fearless disregarded his comment immediately, “Heaven your head! Every time this happens, the BOSS’s strength will increase by 10%. If the BOSS got too strong, we will not even have anything left with us. This is such a simple trap and you couldn’t tell”


“Quit spouting nonsense and quickly kill these four BOSS!” Fearless used his staff to draw one of the BOSS away from the Heart of Darkness.

On the other side of the teleportation gate, the Sixth Apostle’s strength increased by yet another 10%. The density of flaming rain also increased and this skill would grow as time passed by. As the flaming rain grew denser, Wang Yu stood close to the teleportation gate as he cautiously avoided the attacks.

As time passed by, the density of the flaming rain really increased significantly. Wang Yu was, after all, only level 35 so there was a limit to how agile he could be. Moreover, the entire scene was covered by the flaming rain so there was no way that he could dodge all the rain.

“Are you almost done? I am struggling to keep up here!” Wang Yu asked and while he spoke, two flaming raindrops fell on his head and his health decreased by one third.

“Almost there! Just hang in there for a while more!”

Fearless was also getting anxious. Because of the previous failure, the Sixth Apostle wasn’t the only one who had gotten stronger. The four BOSS here were also harder to fight which was why they were taking this long.

After another half a minute, the last BOSS was still not turned into a corpse yet. However, Wang Yu had also suffered another hit. His defensive cover came up and fortunately, there wasn’t any fear effect that came with the BOSS’s attack. If Wang Yu suffered a fear effect, he would have been one of those corpses too.

2.5 seconds of invincibility passed and Wang Yu saw that everyone was not done with four defenders so he clenched his teeth and put on the Undying Heart. At the same time, Wang Yu was also rejoicing at the fact that there was no one around. Otherwise, he would definitely be ridiculed at.

The magic flames fell on Wang Yu again as his health decreased and the Undying Heart was activated. Wang Yu had an additional state on him.

Undying Heart: In the next 15 seconds, your health will not fall below 1.

With the support of the Undying Heart, Wang Yu stood firmly in the middle of the Sixth Apostle’s endless magic flames. At this moment, the squad had finally killed the last defender and the Sixth Apostle’s skill came to a halt.

Wang Yu took in a deep breath and actually forgot to remove the Undying Heart from his body.
Concurrently, Ming Du and co. arrived back at the scene through the gate and saw Wang Yu’s appearance and started smiling to themselves.

Wang Yu had no idea why they were smiling as he asked, “Where’s Fearless? Only the few of you? And why are you all staring at me?”

Ming Du controlled himself as he replied, “Fearless is on the other side, waiting for us to use the Dusk Roulette to control the Sixth Apostle. As for you You look quite impressive. Do a pose for me so I can take a picture of you”

“??” Wang Yu was lost but suddenly remembered about the Undying Heart on his neck. His face turned gloomy and he quickly took the Undying Heart off.