Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Mount System

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The post expounded on the balance of the game and even elaborated on who Pugilists were not as weak as everyone perceived.

For example, even though Pugilist was not proficient in weapons, they could use weapons from every job. This was a Pugilist’s advantage over the other jobs.

As to how Pugilist didn’t have their own mount, this was also a distorted truth. Because the official didn’t directly answer the question, everything said before the release of the mount system was false.

This post was not long but every sentence was right to the point. Wang Yu read through a few times and realised that the person who posted this was actually Nian Liuyun. This made Wang Yu sighed inevitably. Both of them were the younger generations of aristocratic families but Nian Liuyun’s understanding of the game was far deeper than himself.

When Wang Yu went online the next day, he arrived at the shop which the Quan Zhen Sect always patronise. Coming online to meet them and complete one or two dungeons everyday was becoming of a great part of Wang Yu’s everyday life.

When he arrived at the shop, everyone was, surprisingly, already gathered there. Even Ming Du, who would usually patrol the street before coming online, was already seated there early in the morning.

“Wow, everyone is pretty early today.” Wang Yu greeted them as he walked over to the table and pulled a chair to himself.

Everyone looked nervously at Wang Yu, “Old Bull, should you be saying something else?”

Wang Yu looked around as he mimicked the television voice and said, “The country prospers and the people are at peace. The common people are living in peace and working happily”

“Stop fooling around. Where is the Mount Token? Hurry up and take it out! We have to bid for it!” Ming Du started hitting the table as he said, “Hurry up hurry up! My gold coins are shouting at me already”

Everyone was just as excited and eager as they revealed the same expression, “Hurry up!”

Wang Yu’s face was full of frowns. It was no wonder everyone would gather here early in the morning. It seemed like everyone was already thinking about the Mount Token.

Yesterday, Wang Yu and Fearless managed to snatch the token from Nine Solitary Spears and co. and right after they returned to Twilight City, Wang Yu went straight offline. This resulted in everyone cursing and scolding him while he was offline. Therefore, all of them came online early in the morning as they were afraid they might miss the bidding of the token.

Wang Yu understood everyone’s intention and he replied with a straight face, “Who says I’m selling it?”

“If you’re not selling it, don’t tell me you’re keeping it to give birth?” Ming Du slammed the table continuously.

“Indeed! Pugilists don’t even have a personal mount so why are you holding on to it?” Everyone rubbed in.

Vainglory, who kept quiet all these while, commented coldly, “Now I’m unhappy. Just because we don’t have a personal mount means that we deserve to be discriminated against? Maybe Uncle Bull should keep it as an ornament.”

Spring Halo, who was closest to Vainglory, used his hand to press Vainglory’s face onto the table. “When adults are talking, children should keep quiet.”

“F*ck! Spring Dog, you wanna die?”

“Make some more noise and we will all kill you!” Everyone drew their weapons as Vainglory quietly returned to his corner.

“Haha!” Wang Yu chuckled, “Little Chicky’s suggestion is decent! This token looks pretty good on the outside, perfect as an ornament.”

“F*ck!” Everyone almost vomited blood as they replied, “Old Bull, stop fooling around with us. Just state your price and we will keep bidding for more! You will never be short of money after this!”

Everyone had a clear sensing as to how strong Wang Yu was and they knew that violence would not work on him. Therefore, they tried to convince him using logic.

Wang Yu chuckled again but replied in a serious tone, “I really have no intention to sell.”

“No intention to sell? Why not?” Everyone asked out of curiosity.

“I want to use it for myself!” Wang Yu answered.

“Can a Pugilist use it?”

“Did the official say that a Pugilist cannot use this?” Wang Yu questioned them back.

“This” Nobody had anything to say when Wang Yu replied them with this sentence. The officials never directly answer the question about Pugilists so players were merely assuming based on the information given. According to how the <> system was, anything they didn’t specifically mention was never confirmed.

“Which is why I wanted to try my luck. If a Pugilist is really unable to use it, I will consider handing it over.” Wang Yu replied.

“Alright! We shall talk in private then.” Ming Du smiled cheekily as he walked over to Wang Yu. He was viciously dragged back and kicked by everyone else.

After completing their daily dungeon, the squad left each other to do whatever they want. Wang Yu walked over to the alley alone. Today was an odd day because the old man wasn’t drunk or deep in slumber. Instead, he was leaning against the wall and enjoying the sunlight.

A stooped old man leaning against a dirty wall under the beautiful sunlight was an extremely artistic sight even though it was still early in the morning.

“You look great today!” Wang Yu commented in a surprised tone as he saw the change in Old Man Hermit’s spirits.

“With alcohol and food, I’ve always been very spirited. I’ve heard that you manage to seal the Heart of Darkness again?” Hermit chuckled as he asked.

“Yes, do I have a reward?” Wang Yu asked.

If the player didn’t ask for the rewards, intelligent NOC would usually keep it for themselves.

“Yes, there is. You’re such a good student of mine and I’m really proud of you.” Hermit said.

“Hand it over?” Wang Yu extended his hand.

“I’ve already given it to you”


“A compliment is considered a reward too!” Hermit replied shamelessly, “You are the first player I’ve complimented. What an honour!”

“F*ck!” Wang Yu couldn’t stop himself from cursing. This old b*stard was really too despicable.

Hermit looked at Wang Yu’s helpless face and was feeling extremely proud of himself, “Why? Why are you here?”

“I want to ask about mounting.” Wang Yu replied.

“Oh?” Hermit sized Wang Yu up before saying, “You’re already level 40 eh? There is no limit to your potential and now it is about time for you to look for a tool to replace walking.”

Hermit waved his hand and a gold radiance entered Wang Yu’s body.

Following that, a horse shaped button appeared on Wang Yu’s screen.

Upon clicking the button, a system notification popped up again.

At this moment, Hermit pulled out a book, “Basic horsemanship, 2 gold coins!”

“…” He had to pay to learn and study.

The basic horsemanship turned into a white light and Wang Yu had learnt basic horsemanship.

Horsemanship level 1: Able to ride ordinary horses.

Basic horsemanship belonged to the lowest level of horsemanship but considered a stable good in the system. Every player who wished to learn horsemanship had to buy and learn this book to progress further. The fact that it was 2 gold showed how despicable and greedy the system was.

After familiarising with the mount system, Wang Yu commented, “But I’m not here to activate this system. I wanted to ask about the personal mount.”

“Personal mount? This is so weird! Why is everyone asking about this today?” Hermit mumbled to himself.

“Oh? Someone else came before me?”

“Yes and it wasn’t too long ago.” Hermit nodded and asked Wang Yu, “Do you have the personal mount exchange token?”

“Yes, I do.” Wang Yu took it out of his bag.

“En, not bad! It’s real!” Hermit touched his moustache and said, “But both Pugilist and Martial Artist do not have personal mount.”