Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The Systems Thought Process

When Wang Yu logged in again, Ming Du and the rest had already completed the dungeon and were currently arguing in the guild chat.

Normally when these arguments took place, it was always everyone ganging up on Ming Du. However this time, the target of their abuse was Vainglory.

What was surprising was that the usually short tempered Vainglory was completely silent. If the chat didn't show that he was online Wang Yu would have thought that he was already logged off.

"What's going on? Look you guys already scared the poor kid! Even if you couldn't clear the dungeon you shouldn't be taking it out on a child like this" Wang Yu tried to mediate.

"We cleared it!" Boson sourly replied.

"Then why's everyone still scolding him?" Wang Yu asked in confusion.

"Because this little f**ker almost got us team wiped!" Ming Du angrily replied.

All five of them were one in ten thousand talents and something like almost getting them team wiped in a normal dungeon really was a huge mistake.

"..." Wang Yu was silent for a moment before asking Ming Du: "You sure it wasn't because I'd you that you guys were almost wiped out?"

Ming Du's shamelessness was something that Wang Yu had personally experienced countless times. It wasn't rare for him to cause problems for others.

"No it really isn't Ming Du's fault this time. It's all Vainglory's! F**king embarrassment!" Frost Blade replied.

"What exactly happened in there?" Hearing Frost Blade's answer Wang Yu was slightly stunned.Aside from himself, Frost Blade was the only other honest person in the guild. So his words were definitely true.

"The moment he saw the boss this like kid just froze! Isn't that embarrassing or what? Kids really haven't seen how vast the world is." Fearless coldly scoffed.

"For real? How ugly was this boss to scare the little kid?" Wang Yu asked.

"Heh! It was a female boss!" Boson replied.

"Oh so it was like that huh..." Wang Yu glanced at Vainglory and sighed: "Truly a kid You haven't seen many girls huh?"

If anyone else had said this, Vainglory wouldn't have reacted. However because it was Wang Yu, Vainglory felt very wronged and angrily retorted: "Hmph! I'm not scared of my wife like you!"

"Are you guys together?" Wang Yu's face darkened.

"Yea we are" The rest replied.

"What's the use of scolding him anyway? You need to beat this lesson into him!"

"Iron Bull, f**k your mother!" Vainglory roared.

Closing the guild chat Wang Yu used the teleporter in the guild headquarters to travel to Twilight City. After walking around Middle Street for awhile, Li Xue and the rest began to log in as well.

"Brother Yu where are you?" Li Xue messaged Wang Yu.

"In Twilight City waiting for you guys..." Wang Yu replied.

"Ok then we're in the Pharmacy. Are you far away?"

"I'm right outside actually." As he sent that, Wang Yu walked into the Pharmacy and Saw Li Xue and the rest.

At the moment, the four girls were standing in front of the counter quietly being scolded by a balding old NPC with pure white hair.

"This is the fourth time you girls have failed already! I only have five bottles of this poison so if you fail again then I'll have to find someone else..."

The four of them silently stood there, not daring to say a word. However based on their expressions, the four girls were either day dreaming or chatting with someone else. NPCs were just a bunch of data anyway so who would bother treating them like real humans?

After the old man finally stopped nagging, Li Xue emotionally took a dark green potion from him. After thanking the old man a few times the four smilingly walked towards Wang Yu.

"Brother Yu!"

"Mr Landlord!"

"What kind of quest is this? The NPC even scolded you guys!" Wang Yu chuckled.

"That old man is called 'Winston' and he wants us to go to the Dusk Mountain Range to get a key. But that key is in the hands of his nemesis 'Howard the Alchemist'. Howard is a very powerful boss that we're helpless against..." Li Xue replied.

"Ohhhh ok I see. So what's the purpose of that potion he gave you?" Having listened to Winston's ramblings, Wang Yu roughly knew what the quest was about.

"It's an important quest item! We're supposed to feed it to Howard." Li Xue stated.

"That's weird you've already fed it to Howard so many times and you still failed. You sure he'll eat it again?" Wang Yu asked in confusion.

Though NPCs had never heard the story of the boy who cried wolf, but the would at least have some common sense. Since Winston was the one who gave out the hidden quest, then his AI was definitely not low. Naturally, the AI for his nemesis wouldn't be low either. This kind of boss level existence being tricked again and again by these girls sounded incredibly suspicious to Wang Yu.

"He never suspects a thing..." Li Xue nodded.

"Yea that Howard really is too tyrannical. Maybe he thinks that he can kill us even if he is poisoned so he just happily drinks the poison every time." Mary suddenly interrupted.

"Do you mix the poison into his food or drinks?" Wang Yu asked.

"No we just directly give it to him..." Mary honestly replied.

"..." Wang Yu was dazed. What kind of poisoning method was this? And they managed to succeed four times? If that was true then these girls were prodigies when it came to poisoning.

"There's something fishy about this quest" Wang Yu declared after some thought.

"Fishy? What's so fishy about it?" The girls asked in shock.

Rubbing his chin Wang Yu replied: "Since it's a hidden quest how could the system give you so many chances? There's definitely some kind of catch to it"

From the job advancement to hunting Wharton to the Informant trying to skimp on his quest rewards, Wang Yu had learnt time and time again how vicious and underhanded these NPCs could be. Right now, Wang Yu had some understanding of the thought process of these evil game designers.

Since it was a hidden quest, there was definitely no was that they could try so many times without any consequences. There was definitely some kind of catch that the girls just couldn't grasp.

After some thought, Wang Yu determined that the crux of the issue was definitely in the so called "poison".

This kind of honest and straightforward poisoning method that the girls used was something that truly defied the heavens. Even the wild dogs outside the beginner village wouldn't just eat foods from a stranger (if they could), let alone poison!

Yet these silly girls had succeeded not once, but four times with the exact same method! How could that not be suspicious?

Thinking of this, Wang Yu asked: "Did Winston tell you how to use this poison?"

"No he just said it was they key to defeating Howard" Li Xue shook her head.

"So then you girls just tried to feed it to him?" Wang Yu gasped.

"Then what? Should we drink the poison?" Mary asked.

"You girls really are too innocent" Wang Yu shook his head in resignation.

Since the four girls mainly focused on gold farming before they left the Primrose Militia, they didn't know how crafty and evil the game designers truly were. How could they compare to Wang Yu in this aspect?

"What do you mean?" the clueless Mary asked again.

"I can guarantee that this you're supposed to drink the potion and not poison Howard with it!" Wang Yu solemnly replied.

"No way Are you sure Mr Landlord?"

"That's right any other way of dying is better that being poisoned..." Hearing his words, the girls began to voice their opinions.

Hearing that he wanted to drink the poison and kill himself, the girls began to wonder how Wang Yu even became the number one expert.

After thinking for a moment Li Xue said: "Brother Yu this is your first time gaming so maybe you don't know this, but quests are just quests. They're not as complicated as you think they are."

It appeared that since Li Xue and the rest had already played games for so long that they had a kind of system thought process.

"How are you so sure that the NPCs won't trick players?" Wang Yu chuckled.

"Because NPCs in other games aren't like that..." Li Xue honestly said.

"That may be true but is <> like other games?"

"Ah!" Hearing Wang Yu's words, the four were stunned again.