Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 500

Chapter 500 Personal Mount And Competitor

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“!!!” Wang Yu forced his own hand back as he almost smashed Hermit’s head onto the wall. Wang Yu was truly puzzled because he was considered a cultured and accomplished man. However, why was he always losing his temper when talking to this person.

“Why?” Wang Yu asked not because he was fooled by Hermit but because he felt that the game was unfair towards Pugilists.

“Because we are people who rely on our fists and legs to fight. Why do we need to ride anything? Have you seen anyone punching and kicking while riding a horse?” Hermit asked.

“No” Wang Yu’s head drooped as he replied in disappointment. The combat skills related to the personal mount was determined by a person’s job and equipment. Without any proficiency in equipment, Pugilist could only use their fists. Fighting empty-handed on horses against those with weapons was truly not a sight Wang Yu wanted to imagine.

“So you understand now? This is why we don’t have our own personal mount.” Hermit replied.

“Then hand me the token back.” Wang Yui extended his hand to ask for the token. Even if he couldn’t exchange for a mount quest, he could still fetch a high price by selling it.

Even so, it would never be easy to take something back once it landed in the hands of the system NPC. This was especially true for a crafty old man like Hermit.

“Young man, why are you being so anxious? If Pugilists do not have our own personal mount, we will naturally have something else as a replacement.” Hermit kept the token and smiled.

“What?” Wang Yu’s eyes widened.

“Qinggong! Have you heard of it?” Hermit acted all mysterious as he asked.

“Qinggong?” Wang Yu was slightly taken aback when he heard this. He was not expecting to hear an Eastern word like this is a Western fantasy game.

As a person who practiced martial arts, it was impossible for Wang Yu to not know about Qinggong. Even though Qinggong was not as magical as described in legends, leaping onto roofs and vaulting over walls were still possible once a person reached a certain standard. Wang Yu could be considered as quite a master in this subject so he was rather excited when he heard about this.

“Will Master impart this skill to me?” Wang Yu was really interested in this.

Wang Yu was currently also capable of leaping onto roofs and vaulting over walls. However, those were not the system skills. If they were system skills, there would definitely be more cool attributes.

Hermit shook his hand and said, “Qinggong is not a skill. If you want to categorise it, it can be considered a mount in another form. It was also placed in the personal mount tab.”

“Oh, so you’re saying that Qinggong is the personal mount for Pugilist?” Wang Yu’s power of comprehension was still considered high so he instantly understood the fundamental definition of Qinggong.

“It can be interpreted that way but it is quite different from the regular mount. You have to experience it to understand the specific difference.”

“I see.” Wang Yu was extremely excited because it seemed like the system didn’t give up on Pugilists. On the contrary, they gave Pugilists a mount unique to themselves.

“I have a Qinggong book left behind by a Martial God. Only those who pass the test will be able to activate the personal mount tab. Are you ready to accept the test?”


Wang Yu had already given away the priceless token so why would he not accept this quest?

Personal Mount Quest for Pugilist – A Wind That Is Hard To Manage

The Sacred Snow Lotus in Lorraine Kaji Mountain was the Wind Elf, Messiah, favourite item. Two Sacred Snow Lotuses would be enough to obtain the appreciation of Messiah. Messiah would then give gamers tests and through these tests, players could the blessing of the wind and be given the title ‘Child of the Wind’.

Take Note: This is a personal quest and you are not allowed to form a team to complete it. Everyone would only have one attempt at the Messiah’s test. The system recommends players to take on this quest after level 60.

Looking at the introduction of the quest, this seemed like a pretty straightforward quest. However, the more straightforward it seemed, the harder it would be. This was why the system recommended players to attempt it after level 60.

Wang Yu was not an arrogant person so he would never attempt anything he wasn’t confident in. Therefore, Wang Yu wanted to hold off this quest for a while but the Hermit’s next sentence dismissed that thought on Wang Yu’s mind.

“Kid, you have to hurry. There is already someone ahead of you and I only have one book of Qinggong. Based on personal feelings, I will definitely give it to you but if someone else completed the quest before you, I have togive it to him right?” Hermit smiled as he commented.

“F*ck! Someone accepted this quest already?” Wang Yu was taken aback because the faction dungeon was only opened for less than two days and two personal mount tokens were given out? Could someone else have achieved 110% completion level too?

“En, it was the Pugilist who asked about the personal mount before you. Of course, I still believe in you to complete it before him. After all, you are my disciple.”

Following that, Hermit continued, “I’ll give you another warning. Qinggong is very different from the personal mounts of other jobs where if the level is right, it will be given to you. Qinggong is a rare tool which doesn’t like to be cultivated. This is what made it extremely rare.”

“No way, so isn’t it unfair to Pugilist?” Wang Yu asked. Other jobs’ personal mounts can be mass-produced but Pugilists have to depend on themselves to find theirs. The difference was truly drastic. Come to think of it, it made sense because it would be weird if the game were to mass-produce Qinggong, which was something that doesn’t belong to this world.

“It is fine. At the very least, once you are equipped with Qinggong, you can use it immediately. There is no need to look for or learn higher level mounting skills.”

“Oh. Looking at how rare the higher level mounting skills were, it seems like Pugilist will not lose out much too. But what is the point of telling me these now?”

“No point! But I’m just warning you that if you don’t leave now, my Qinggong book might be taken away by someone else. You might have to wait for your next life for another book like this.”


Wang Yu cursed as he ran out of the alley without looking back. This old man was clearly trying to waste his time.

Lorraine Kaji Mountain was one of the mountains in the North Pole’s perpetually frozen glacier. Specifically, it was located within Titan City and it was the home to level 80 monsters. It was an extremely dangerous place. This was one of the basic knowledge of <> and Wang Yu knew these because of his recent time spent on the newbie guide.

However, Wang Yu was most curious about who his competitor was and how powerful he was to think that he would dare to take on the quest which the system recommends players above level 60 to do.

The Art of War states that knowing yourself and your enemy ensures that you will never be defeated. Even though Wang Yu was strong, he never believed that he was the strongest in this game. After all, there were billions of players and there would certainly be quite a few extremely capable players. Presently, Wang Yu, who understood how rare Qinggong was, was naturally not going to underestimate his competitor.

The faction dungeon was the only dungeon that was giving away personal mount exchange tokens. Those who could obtain the Sixth Apostle’s treasure were naturally those who achieved 110%. Presently, Fearless was probably the only person who had the 110% strategy and still dared to sell it to others.