Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 514

Chapter 514 Old Grievance

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“What girl? What nonsense are you spouting?” Hidden Lurker glared at Little Meng, telling her to cut the crap.

Little Meng was oblivious as she said, “Wasn’t it that girl Solitary Ling? Why are you embarrassed by this? A loser like her, I can understand why you wouldn’t want her.”.

“” the crowd was stunned by this revelation.

Wang Yu typed in the chat, “Was this what you meant? That’s such a low blow Fearless, even I wouldn’t fall for it”

To his surprise, Fearless snapped, “I’m not creating this, the story is real!”

“For real? Are you serious? Was there really someone named Solitary Ling?” Wang Yu said, stunned.

“Solitary Ling? This name sounds familiar, Wasn’t she the girl who got married to Spring Rain Pavillion and got a divorce two days after?” Darknorth Fisher and Crotch Lord said.

“That’s right! She is also the creator of the Quan Zhen Sect, the first leader of the Quan Zhen Sect!” Ming Du, who was seldom serious, said with a deadpan voice.

“That means the Termination Manor is really” Darknorth Fisher said with some surprise.

All seasoned gamers knew about the fall of the Termination Manor. Rumour had it that it was the Quan Zhen Sect’s doing, and after being with them for some time, he knew of the sect’s power. But who would have thought that a small independent organisation could take down a powerhouse with millions of people?

DarknorthFisher had personally experienced the might of a powerhouse clan.

Fearless smiled, “You can say that, but the main thing is that Hidden Lurker’s personality is crap, his undoing will come eventually.”

No one dared to conclude that it was Quan Zhen Sect’s doing and no one knew apart from the people who were there. But talking about Spring Rain Pavillion and Solitary Ling was a gossip that no veteran gamer wanted to miss out on.

Everyone knew about them, their marriage even moved the GMs at that time

They broadcasted their marriage life and held it at a royal venue which made many jealous. They were also the first couple to be recognised by the public.

But it was said that after a few days, Solitary Ling left the game, and there were rumours that Spring Rain Pavillion only wanted to use her as publicity.

Before long, Termination Manor announced its disbanding, and Spring Rain Pavillion never appeared again.

Hearing these old names spring up again, the crowd couldn’t hide their interest.

“ Oh right Liuyun, weren’t you going to go ahead with the quest first? Go on, don’t let others get there first,” Hidden Lurker attempted to change the topic.

Perhaps he could have gotten away with it if it was just another story, but this was different, Solitary Ling’s name was renowned. The credibility of little Meng had been verified by Hidden Lurker himself just now.

The crowd urged Little Meng on, “Continue your story”.

“It’s fine, I shouldn’t continue. Basically, that woman made a mountain out of a molehill, you guys were already married, why did the position of leader matter?” Little Meng said.

Hidden Lurker glared at her and said, “You’re definitely not someone from the Termination Manor. Tell me, who sent you here to frame me?”.

“Frame? Boss, what are you saying? I am a member of the Termination Manor. I was under Sacred Mountains, why don’t you ask him to come here and tell you himself?” Little Meng replied in fear.

The Sacred Mountains that she referred to was the current leader of the biggest clan in China, The Ancient Empire.

Naturally, Hidden Lurker did not believe this lass could have known someone as great as him, but if she really did, things would not have turned out well for him if he came here and gave his stamp of authority.

Thinking about this, Hidden Lurker didn’t waste any more words as he raised his staff and directed a chain of magic attacks at Little Meng.

Hidden Lurker was a veteran, and Little Meng was just a weak archer, she would never have been able to withstand his attack.

Just as she was about to get obliterated, a white ray of lightning shone down as she was pushed to the side, away from his attack.

“Lurker, are you trying to seal the words of truth?” Wang Yu said as he sheltered the terrified Little Meng.

The crowd began looking at him suspiciously, realising that Wang Yu’s words made sense.

The trust and grandeur that he had built were falling apart now.

“What the f*ck, you set this up didn’t you?!!” Endless Thunderstorm, descend!” he commanded with his staff as he waved it thrice at Wang Yu.

Three bolts of lightning rained down at Wang Yu’s location after his command.

Wang Yu did not care about the three bolts of lightning. He grabbed Little Meng and was just about to dodge when the three bolts of lightning suddenly split apart and formed an electrical cage surrounding him in a 3 metre radius.

In that moment, a look of panic flashed across Wang Yu’s eyes as he tossed Little Meng out of the electrical cage, enveloping himself in the lightning.

Endless Thunderstorm was Hidden Lurker’s trump card, his ancient-level technique, the ultimate move of the lightning mages. The threat was immense, even tankers would have half of their health bars obliterated.

The only weakness was that there was a small window of opportunity before the bolts of thunder split, but unfortunately, because Wang Yu didn’t know about this skill. Moreover, because he had to save Little Meng, he could not avoid this attack.

“Hmph! What bullshit most powerful player, wasn’t he just obliterated in a second by me?” Hidden Lurker said as he pointed to Little Meng.

“You’re next, tell me who sent you here, or I’ll kill you!”