Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Hidden Quests Are Lies

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“What does this mean?” Wang Yu wondered.

It was supposedly the quest of “Wind Elf”, why did it suddenly change to a hidden quest, and even one of S grade.

“Dear friend.” Messiah pointed at the Thunder Badge on Wang Yu’s chest and said: “Since you have passed Zeus’ trial, you must be an heroic warrior, and only the most heroic warriors can accept this incredible honour.”

Once Messiah explained as such, Wang Yu understood that the trigger requirement to the Wind-Manoeuvred Strength of Thunder was the Thunder Badge. The badge was the trial’s reward, no wonder Zeus said that it was not simply an access pass.

“Hmm, since it is a hidden quest, what is the reward?’

Wang Yu has been played by the NPC so many times, he had learnt to be careful, and was no longer that blur lad who thoughtlessly took up any quests.

After playing the game for so long, Wang Yu knew that <> was different from other games as those rare S-level quests in normal games were not any fewer than the lowest D-level quests in <>, even the Mercenary Hall and job mentors’ area had S-level quests hung around but the number of players that could actually complete S-grade quests could be counted in two hands.

S-level and A-level quests were different as no matter how hard A-level quests were, it could be completed so long there was sufficient abilities, but S-level quests required the breakthrough to be found. If not the players could only resign to fate, and even pay a heavy price as punishment for failing so S-level quests were nicknamed as pseudo quests.

The Qing Gong quest was of sole nature which cannot be taken again once he failed it. If he could not complete S-level quests, wouldn’t he have to escape for the rest of his life?

Furthermore, based on Zeus’ quest, completing the trial only earned him a badge with limited use, equivalent to winning nothing. If Messiah’s trial’s reward was also a badge, he would rather not do it as the badge would not affect the quality of his Qing Gong.

“If you pass the trial, you will get a badge, everywhere you go, all the people of the wind will open the road for you and you will also successfully complete your Qing Gong quest.” Messiah said relaxingly.

“Will the title and badge affect my Qing Gong?” Wang Yu asked once more.

“No” Messiah shook his head.

“Then” Wang Yu was just about to reject this quest before Messiah suddenly said: “However, you will receive an unimaginable surprise when you have both the Wind and Thunder Badges.”

“An unimaginable surprise?” Wang Yu was tempted by what he heard, and quickly asked: “What surprise?”

Honestly, the benefits of a badge were quite obvious. The access pass to the Holy Mountain, Nian Liuyun, would disappear after one use while the badge gave access to the Holy Mountain anytime. The most obvious was that with the Thunder Badge in the Titan City, the NPC’s fame would increase exponentially although Wang Yu was unsure by exactly how much, but based on the soldiers’ attitude, at least by 50.

“You will have to experience it yourself.” Messiah said smilingly.

Looking at Messiah’s expression, Wang Yu was hesitatingS-level quest, although Wang Yu also knew that S-level quests were generally impossible and not that rare, the reward was indeed something substantial.

In face of such challenging yet rewarding challenges, it would not be Wang Yu to backdown. However, if he took it up, Wang Yu was worried he would be lied to and would not be able to learn his Qing Gong forever, and this was quite a huge price to pay.

“S-level quest, do you think I should accept it?” Wang Yu turned around to ask Ling Longmeng.

NPC did not give advice to the players, and at that time, Wang Yu only had Ling Longmeng with him, so he could only leave the decision-making to her.

Ling Longmeng heard Wang Yu weigh the pros and cons then nodded clearly and said: “Of course, accept it!”

“Alright! I accept it!” Wang Yu already decided to accepted this quest, and with Ling Longmeng’s assurance, he straightforwardly told Messiah: “Accept the quest!”

Having spoken, Wang Yu turned around to ask Ling Longmeng: “Can you explain why I should accept this quest?”

Ling Longmeng honestly replied: “Anyway I have nothing to lose if you fail.”

“Ohno” Wang Yu broke down once more, and bitterly asked Messiah: “Can I cancel the quest?”

Messiah smiled and said: “Of course but you only have one opportunity for the trial. If you give up this quest, you won’t have another chance.”

“Shit!” Wang Yu’s tears started to flood, indeed one wrong move would result in his deepest regrets. How could he leave such an important decision to this unreliable woman?

“Do you give up?” Messiah asked.

“No!” Wang Yu hurriedly denied, what a joke, at least if he tried, there was still a chance to succeed, but if he gave up, he would have to watch everyone else surpass him for the rest of his life. Just the thought of those animals gloating at him made him decided to not give up.

Messiah, Wind Elf’s, trial “Higher”0/1, “Faster”0/1, “Stronger”0/1. Quest Notification: This quest is of higher difficulty, you may complete it in a pair. Recommended level: 80.>

“Conned again”

Wang Yu’s hand trembled as he saw the quest’s notificationa level-40 player completing a level-80 quest, what a cruel situation.

No matter how confident Wang Yu was, he could only leap up 20 levels to complete the quest, and 40 levels, was he a superman? Seeing how Messiah was like a satisfied salesman successfully deceiving players though different ways. When the system decided to screw them up, there was no way they could defend against it.

“Let’s begin.” Wang Yu said forcefully with determination.

He accepted the quest himself and so even if he had to hold his tears in, he had to complete it. This was the motto Wang Yu set for himself in the game.

“You got an opportunity to form a team, aren’t you using it?” Messiah reminded him nicely.

Wang Yu flipped through the quest tab, yes, this trial could be completed in a pair but the highest level players were only around level 35, and to complete a level-80 quest, not even 20 people were sufficient.

“Will the quest’s difficulty increase if I form a team?” Wang Yu asked carefully.

Having the difficulty multiply when a team was formed was a relatively common despicable move.

“You have to believe in the personal integrity of the Elf Spirit”

“Will the difficulty increase?”

It won’t.”

“Oh” Wang Yu acknowledged it then tossed a team request to Ling Longmeng. Although this girl would not be helpful, it was a favour for her following him there.

“Hmm? Why include me? Now you remember how good I am? Didn’t you say” Ling Longmeng excitedly walked over, spouting some nonsense, and Wang Yu hurriedly said: “This trial allows pairings, if you spout anymore nonsense, I won’t bring you along.”

It was evident, women were significantly more interested in excitement than nagging as after she heard what Wang Yu said, Ling Longmeng immediately shut her mouth.

“Let’s begin.” Wang Yu said to Messiah.