Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Be Face Conscious And You Have Lost

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Messiah smiled and nodded. Quickly, Wang Yu and Ling Longmeng’s surroundings changed and they were brought to the trial field.

“All trial players, it doesn’t include me right” Ling Longmeng looked at the quest information and asked Messiah.

With a smile, Messiah said: “Included.”

“What a shameless old bull, I am going to kill you, why did you implicate me!!” After three seconds of silence, Ling Longmeng pounced at Wang Yu so ferociously as though she wanted to swallow him alive.

Ling Longmeng was only there to have fun, who knew the punishment for failure would be so severe.

The Personal Mount allowed for percentage increases in their speed and defence. Ling Longmeng was an Archer with low attack values and moved slowly, she was hoping that one day she will make her mark after earning a Personal Mount. Wang Yu’s current quest had eradicated her last glimpse of hope, how could she not be worried?

“Sighs” Wang Yu dodged and pointed at Messiah and said: “I didn’t know too, it is him who conned you.”

Messiah continued to smile: “You did not ask.”

Wang Yu and Ling Longmeng: “”

“Don’t be so negative.” Messiah said: “If you complete the quest, you will be rewarded too.”

It was all fine until Messiah said that. Once he said that, Ling Longmeng lost even more hope, what ifthis NPC’s use of words had already hinted the success rate’s possibility, one in ten thousand.

“SorryI also did not know it would be like this.” Wang Yu said extremely apologetically as he put himself in her shoes. Wang Yu’s attributes were already extreme and yet, when he heard that he would not be able to learn Qing Gong, he reconsidered if he should take up the quest but Ling Longmeng, she counted on this for survival

“There is no point saying this now. You have ruined my life, will you take responsibility?” Ling Longmeng asked.

“Forget about any responsibility, at most I will help you take revenge against anyone who bullies you.” Wang Yu bargained.

Ling Longmeng disregarded him and said: “Alright alright, don’t waste your words, I can tell that you are not sincere. We might as well think about how to complete the quest.”

“Hmm” Wang Yu was speechless.

Actually, Ling Longmeng was quite easy-going, if it was anyone else who was conned like this, his life would be in danger. However, Ling Longmeng only got angry for a while and then, everything was fine. Such a character if nicely put, was being broad-minded, but to put it badly, it was being heartless. Then again, an archer who has attributes on top of intelligence and yet still plays with so much zeal could not be full of emotions.

Messiah’s trial was divided into three levels, high jump, running and the BOSS battle respectively.

After passing every level, the system would reward the players with a title, and after completing all three levels, the three titles would merge to become a “Child of the Wind” title.

The main component of hidden quests and normal quests were rather similar. What was different was that the levels included more obstacles and the addition of the final BOSS which Messiah was as the competitor for the three levels. If Messiah’s results exceeded the players’, even if they pass all the levels safely, they would still fail.

Wang Yu finished reading the trial’s introduction and could not help but despise the system for being so shameless.

The initial settings were normal except that last one where Messiah was the competition, it was way too overboard.

Messiah was the Wind Elf. Competing with him and even having to outdo him, don’t they sound impossible?

The first level of the trial was called “Rising against the wind”, whereby the three of them leaped up a mountain while obstacle items like stone and wood occasionally rolled downand in the level’s settings, regardless of how high they jumped, so long they were hit by an item, they would have to start from the beginning, and this was the challenging part.

Pugilist’s professional high jump were their strength, and Wang Yu was also agile so he was initially very confident in this level, but after seeing how Messiah was floating in mid-air, he lost hope.

“How do you jump without legs?” Wang Yu asked Messiah as it was obvious he could not jump without legs.

“I can’t jump.” Messiah said: “I can fly.”

“Is this trial really for players to complete?” Wang Yu was already numb towards the unfair quest settings. He did not show much agitated emotions upon hearing that his opponent could fly, instead, it answered the question he had.

The “Rising Against the Wind” level’s scene had more than a hundred platforms, and it was already tiring enough for the players to leap from one to another while having to deal with the falling items, and yet, the system opponent simply flew upwards

One flew while one jumped, these two were obviously different, Wang Yu really questioned if the system intentionally pranked the players.

“Don’t have emotions, my abilities will weaken a lot, just come up with a way, and you can possibly win.” Messiah said while preparing for battle to the distressed Wang Yu and Ling Longmeng: “Then again, so long either one of you defeats me, it will count as both of you are victorious.”

“Does it make a difference?” Wang Yu rolled his eyes at Messiah

Higher, faster and stronger, two of these were related to agility but Ling Longmeng was just a useless Archer. Could Wang Yu count on her to run faster or jump higher than the Wind Elf?

Messiah laughed and did not say anything. Ling Longmeng tugged Wang Yu and said: “I thought of a plan.”

“A plan?” Wang Yu whispered: “What plan.”

“We can do this.” Ling Longmeng quietly explained her idea in the team channel.

Wang Yu listened to Ling Longmeng’s plan and rubbed his chin: “I can’t tell you could actually come up with such a good idea.”

“Rubbish, of course a 30-odd level one with complete attributes in addition to top intelligence would be smarter than you.” Ling Longmeng said haughtily.

Wang Yu hesitated and said: “It may be a good plan but your shamelessness”

“Urgh, what are you saying? The system has always been shameless, be face-conscious and you have lost.” Ling Longmeng told Wang Yu condescendingly.

Wang Yu thought so too. Since the system was shameless enough to pit flying against jumping, it would not hurt for him to be shameless for once.

“Right, you make sense, let’s do as you said!”

Wang Yu finished speaking and stood up, coming close to Messiah.

Messiah smiled and asked: “Have you thought of a plan?”

“Finished thinking?”

“Shall we begin?”

“Ok, let’s begin!” Wang Yu pressed confirm, and the screen showed the countdown.

When the countdown reached one, Messiah was about to take flight when Wang Yu suddenly asked: “Messiah, what level are you at now?”

“The same as you, level 40.” Messiah said without much thought

“Haha, then I’m sorry!” Wang Yu said as he grabbed towards Messiah.