Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 523

Chapter 523 The Final Battle Level

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Run with the Wind: Non-combat state movement speed +50%.>

While Messiah was in a daze, Wang Yu reached the end point and the system sent the notification.

“Yay!!” Ling Longmeng jumped with joy upon seeing the system notification.

“We won!” The level was perfectly cleared, the scene was removed, and Wang Yu was sent back from the end point, Ling Longmeng screamed while pulling Wang Yu’s arm..

“Of course.” Wang Yu smiled and pushed Ling Longmeng’s hand away.

Messiah was shocked and surprised but did not show any signs the anger he had after the first level.

“Not bad, this way, I can accept this level’s results.” Messiah said with admiration.

As seen, this was the quest’s bottomline. It was impossible for players to outrun or out-jump an NPC who could fly. Therefore, teams could be formed as the breakthrough point given to players by the system.

However, there was a limit to this breakthrough point. Players could do their best to harass the NPC but attacking him would be against the rules.

Just like in the Olympics, athletes could ridicule and insult their opponents, and at most receive a warning, but if one blatantly caused a trip, it would be a disqualification.

Normal players were not as knowledgeable and cultured as Wang Yu and Ling Longmeng, so no one dared to attack the trial’s NPC…this was why S-grade quests could be completed, it was a test for the players’ solid standards.

“However, the third level is not so easy!” Messiah said relaxingly when he say their relieved smiles.

“The third level is the battle level right.” Wang Yu asked.

Wang Yu had already completed two out of the three levels, and so he naturally thought he deserved to complete the third level since higher and faster were jumping and running, the third round, stronger, definitely was a fight.

“Right!” Messiah said: “There is no technique to pass this level, you can only suppress me by true abilities.”

In this level, the NPC was not in attack state so regardless of how cruel players were, their actions were all permitted by the system, and so Messiah could only accept fate. This battle level was a competition of brute strength.

“Oh, I see” Wang Yu rubbed his chin and said: “Actually I don’t like to run or jump. Battles are still more interesting.”

“Oh?” Messiah was stunned by Wang Yu’s words. Messiah was tricked by the players for two consecutive levels, and was even so pathetic in the first. Therefore, he was feeling wronged, and wanted to regain his superiority in this battle level. Who knew that while Messiah had confidence, Wang Yu looked even more confident?

Messiah was puzzled as he was a BOSS, could this young lad actually think that that was all to him?

“Let me tell you, my abilities in the battle level are not as simple as the first level.” Messia warned Wang Yu

“I know.” Wang Yu nodded: “That’s what makes it more interesting”

“…” This time, not only Messiah, even Ling Longmeng was stunned. Was he scaring the BOSS? His tone was too exaggerated.

“Ok, let’s not waste time and begin.” Messiah waved his hands while speaking and the three of them entered a new scene.

After entering the scene, Wang Yu and Ling Longmeng had not regained their focus but Messiah lifted his arm and shot an arrow towards Ling Longmeng.

Ling Longmeng was a weak Archer, how could she endure an arrow from the BOSS? Hence, she was immediately sent out.

“Urgh, what a despicable guy, you even jumped an attack!” Ling Longmeng just entered the scene and had not even seen the surroundings before she was sent out, no wonder she started yelling.

There was no other way, Messiah was both an Archer and Magician. In the second level, he had already experienced Ling Longmeng’s harshness as an extreme Archer full of bad intentions.

If it was only Ling Longmeng, Messiah could just beat her up, easily killing her. However, there was also Wang Yu, a Pugilist. For a long distance BOSS to be so close to a Pugilist of a short distance job? Messiah, who had a taste of Wang Yu’s doings, dared not to be within a 5-metre radius from him.

Wang Yu saw that Ling Longmeng had been eliminated, and blurly said: “Where’s the countdown?”

“As an Martial Artist with the strongest job, don’t you desire to have a fair battle?” Messiah said in a dignified manner.

“Yes, but what you did was against the rules.” Wang Yu said seriously.

Messiah panickingly handed something to Wang Yu then sneakily whispered: “Don’t tell anyone.”

Wang Yu: “…”

Title Stone: Use to gain “Heart of an Expert” title, Job Requirement: Archer.

What, limited to Archers, this must be special compensation for Ling Longmeng…Wang Yu did not know to laugh or cry and put the Title Stone into his bag.

At the same time, the screen showed the countdown, and within the countdown time, Messiah flew dangerously away from Wang Yu. It seems like Wang Yu’s short distance battle ability had left him traumatised. Otherwise, a BOSS would not be afraid of just a player regardless of the difference in their jobs.

The countdown ended. Messiah was already more than twenty metres from Wang Yu, and for safety purposes, he even flew into mid air.

Wang Yu also saw all of Messiah’s attributes.

Wind Elf, Messiah (LV 45) (Gold) (Ancient)



Skill: [Wind System Magic Mastery], [Sharpshooter Master], [Sigh of the Wind].

Character Introduction: Rare genius of the Elven Tribe, given recognition and inheritance by the Wind Element upon birth, undefeatable archery skills in the Elven Tribe, Messiah became an elder of the Elven Tribe before turning 800 years old.

Wind Elf’s Fury: Your earlier actions have angered the elegant and prideful Wind Elf, Wind Elf’s level +5, current level 45.

Wind Elf’s Trial: In trial, the Wind Elf’s ability level +1, currently Ancient.

Although the attributes’ introduction was very simple, Messiah’s strong abilities need not be questioned.

The Elven Tribe’s lifespan was not unlimited but was about there. An 800-year-old Messiah when converted to human age was just several years old. To be an elder of the Elven Tribe at that age only showed the extent of Messiah’s talent.

Sharpshooter was the job with the greatest growth in agility, Wind and Thunder Systems were job systems known for their speed, of course the Thunder System’s speed referred to the speed by which spells could be sent out, and the Wind System’s speed referred to the movements’ speed.

In the past, the movements’ speed and all were important for the game but were never so undefeatable. However, in the virtual reality mode, if the player did not have a control-related job, so long as there was sufficient movement speed, it was definitely possible to be undefeatable.