Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Qing Gongs Sick Attributes

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“Why are you coming with me?” Wang Yu asked because he couldn’t understand her thinking. As an Archer, Elf City was obviously a better choice for her to train.

Ling Longmeng replied, “I want to go take a look And also visit those b*stards…”

Wang Yu cursed at Ling Longmeng in his heart, “This woman is really rough with her words She could have said she wanted to say hi to the rest but she clearly is a bum beetle”

“Why? I, this old woman, want to follow you wherever you go. What’s the meaning of that unhappy face?” Ling Longmeng continued.

“Why will I be happy to have you tagging along” Wang Yu mumbled to himself before replying Ling Longmeng, “I’m warning you, you better exercise restraint in the things you say. Otherwise, do not blame me for not being polite with you”

Ling Longmeng was excessively boorish and straightforward in the things she said. Even though Wang Yu was not used to it, he could still accept it over time. However, if Mu Zixian heard her saying any of the accusations she said previously, how crazy would things get?

Given the nature of the Quan Zhen Sect and how good they were at stirring shit up, even if Mu Zixian doesn’t hear it personally, they would make sure that she heard it someway or another.

“F*ck! I control my mouth and legs so I go wherever I want and say whatever I want. Who are you to stop me?” Ling Longmeng’s words shook Wang Yu.

Wang Yu, “…”

This woman was truly frustrating to handle. Wang Yu was not the city lord so he was naturally not able to stop her from entering Twilight City.

With a bum beetle behind him, Wang Yu returned to Twilight City to look for Old Man Hermit.

When Hermit saw that Ling Longmeng’s head also had the ‘Child of the Wind’ title, he looked surprised as he asked Wang Yu, “Shadow Control Angel?”

“What?” Wang Yu replied in shock.

“Shadow Control Angel!” Ling Longmeng replied loudly, “Old man really does have good judgement.”

“I’m fine But you do not have a Pugilist’s hidden job so you cannot obtain quests from me.” Hermit replied.

Hearing Hermit’s words, Wang Yu started to get curious, “So all those with Pugilist’s hidden jobs have to find you for quests or rewards?”

“Not exactly Any hidden jobs can approach hidden jobs mentors in cities near to the main city to retrieve personal quests. Otherwise, players will start cursing the system if they needed to travel thousands of miles just for the one quest.” Hermit continued, “We are definitely not that bad to players.”

Wang Yu nodded, “En, you’re only out to suck all our money.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. You’ve completed the quest?” Hermit coughed awkwardly before changing the topic.

“Completed!” Wang Yu showed his ‘Child of the Wind’ title.

“No wonder you’re my student! Job well done!” Hermit smiled as he sent a light into Wang Yu’s body.

Following the system notification, Wang Yu’s mount tab had one more distinct personal mount tab. It was displayed as “Yet to be equipped Personal Mount.”

“Alright, scram!” After activating the personal mount system, Hermit waved his hands to chase Wang Yu away.

Wang Yu was just about to leave before turning abruptly as he seemed to have thought of something, “What about my Qing Gong?”

“F*ck You’re still thinking about that?”

“Of course! What do you think?!” Wang Yu was infuriated. They had known each other for so long but Hermit was still the same as before, trying to keep everything he could attempt to keep. Fortunately, Wang Yu reacted quick and thought of that at the very last moment. Otherwise, this fella might not admit to this the next time he came to ask for it.

“Alright, alright alright I shall give it to you” Hermit took out a green book as he said, “I’m just joking with you. Look at how angry you got. Do you really think I will keep your rewards to myself?”

“F*ck!!” Wang Yu took over Qing Gong as he looked disdainfully at Hermit. In terms of how shameless the system was, keeping rewards was considered a small matter already.

When Wang Yu placed Qing Gong into his personal mount tab, the attributes appeared.

“Imperial Wind”: (Rare object) (Qing Gong)

Imperial Wind Movement: Movement speed increase by 300%. Every second will take up 2 Qing Gong points.

Imperial Wind Warp: Under the Imperial Movement state, one can use the frightening speed to execute a four segments jump. Every segment allows up to 200% of the player’s greatest jumping ability. Every segment jump exhaust 20 Qing Gong points and every second exhausts 2 points.

Roof Leaps and Wall Vaulting: Hidden branch job “Cloud Stepping Guest” and Martial Artist’s skill. Under the Imperial Wind Movement state, the player can suspend off or climb obstacles in scenes. Suspension: Every second exhaust 1 Qing Gong points. Climb: Every second exhaust 4 points.

Personal Mount: A personal trait for Pugilist. One could execute all the skills under the Imperial Wind Movement state.

Imperial Wind Strike: Riding skill. Striking a fatal blow to the opponent under high-speed movement. MP exhaustion 500. Cooldown time: 50 seconds.

Power of Wind and Thunder: With the support of the badge, exhaustion of Qing Gong points is halved.

Qing Gong Points: Exhaustion points when a player is in the Qing Gong State. Current points: 1200. Every increase in a level will lead to an increase of 30 Qing Gong points.

“Oh” Initially, Wang Yu was pretty pleased with the attributes of Qing Gong. The only query he had was this Qing Gong points.

The increase in movement speed for an ordinary mount was about 200% and 300% for the personal mount. The attributes were the same but the only difference was the exhaustion One must know that every other job’s personal mount didn’t have this segment.

1200 Qing Gong points would mean that he could only run for about 10 minutes. With the support of the Power of Wind and Thunder, it was at most 20 minutes.

The maps in <> was extremely huge. In just a mere 20 minutes, even with the 300% increase in speed, one wouldn’t even be able to cover the entire wildlife area of a main city In comparison, this Qing Gong point system seemed to be made just to make things harder for Pugilist.

However, when he saw the later attributes, he started to understand why there was a need for the exhaustion of points.

Firstly, personal mounts for other jobs were all considered external forces. Qing Gong was dependent on the player’s ability so it was only natural that they couldn’t outrun animals.

Secondly, Imperial Wind Warp was not a simple jump. An ordinary Pugilist’s jumping ability was 1.5 metres while Wang Yu’s jump with the support from equipment as well as titles was about 3 metres. Under the Imperial Wind Warp state, it was 6 metres and four segments jump meant he could cover a total of 24 metres. With the addition of Roof Leaps and Wall Vaulting, the system was certainly allowing a Pugilist to jump beyond many scenes in the game within the limit of the Qing Gong points.

As compared to other jobs, the difference between a Pugilist’s movements and jumps was definitely small. For example, a Pugilist could simply jump over the city’s walls to leave the city while other jobs had to go for a walk around to find the exit. This point alone was enough to demonstrate the superiority of Qing Gong.

Additionally, most jobs could only use mount combat skills while on their personal mount. For Pugilist, they could basically use all their skills including the mount skills. Even though using these ordinary skills at such high speed was not particularly beneficial, this was still a great advantage of Qing Gong.

It was no wonder other jobs’ personal mount only required the need to activate the tab and they could purchase at the system’s shops while Pugilists needed to look for their own It was no wonder a Pugilist was so weak in the earlier stages of the game this was because a Pugilist with Qing Gong had the agility and attacks which other jobs could never equip themselves with.