Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 539

Chapter 539 United Alliances Weakness

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“Of course we’re going to snatch it from them.” Fearless revealed a vicious smile, “While we had no idea they were trying to capture the BOSS, they definitely didn’t know we’re coming too We just have to make a slight change to our plan.”

“Oh? How?” Boson asked.

“Luring the tiger from its domain in the mountains, besiege and rescue!” Fearless turned to Wang Yu, “Old Bull, you shall lure them away.”

Initially, Fearless’ plan was to catch Hidden Lurker’s men off guard and kill them. Now that Hidden Lurker knew the method to capture the BOSS, there had to be some precaution put in place.

Hidden Lurker interacted with Fearless and the Quan Zhen Sect before. He knew that everyone in the Quan Zhen Sect was up to no good. If all of them were to appear at a time like this, given Hidden Lurker’s IQ, it wouldn’t be hard to guess the Quan Zhen Sect’s motive.

And if Hidden Lurker managed to guess the Quan Zhen Sect’s motive, he would definitely contact the Apocalypse for help instantly.

At that point in time, the Quan Zhen Sect would end up worse off in an attempt to gain an advantage.

Therefore, if they wanted to steal the BOSS, he had to make Hidden Lurker feel that the Quan Zhen Sect was not going after the BOSS.

“You think it is that easy to lure him away? Hidden Lurker is not an idiot.” Wang Yu refuted.

Wang Yu personally experienced the underhand methods of Hidden Lurker before. Hidden Lurker was not only corrupted, his ability to invert right and wrong was exceptional. Evidently, his IQ and ability to adapt were equally high too. He wouldn’t be inferior to Fearless in that aspect. Using such a simple method was undoubtedly not going to work against Hidden Lurker.

“So who do you think is an idiot?” Fearless chuckled.

“Nian Liuyun is a complete fool!” Wang Yu looked over at Nian Liuyun.

Nian Liuyun might be strong but he had no opinions of his own. He was deceived by Hidden Lurker a few times and even disregarded Wang Yu because of Hidden Lurker.

“Great!” Fearless continued, “Later on, you just need to head there and kill Hidden Lurker.”

“That’s all?” Wang Yu was in slight disbelief.

Fearless nodded, “En! You won’t go wrong if you listen to me. It is not wrong that Hidden Lurker is smart but this is also their guild’s weakness. Just look at Nian Liuyun and co, Hidden Lurker manages and controls them so much that they have all become fools.”

A few years ago, Fearless interacted with Hidden Lurker before. He knew about Hidden Lurker’s character and while he was proud of his IQ, his desire to exercise control over people was extremely strong. He was even determined to direct and control small issues like the daily quests. Over time, the players in the United Alliance became overly-dependent on Hidden Lurker. Because of that, they would naturally be less independent as time passed by.

With a management style like this, the power was concentrated on one or a few people. While the coordination of the gamers would be very high, the weakness was extremely obvious too.

Once Hidden Lurker was killed, the United Alliance would be out of their wits. This bunch of fools would naturally take commands from the number 2 figure in the guild, Nian Liuyun. Nian Liuyun was also someone who depended on Hidden Lurker for a long time so he usually did things without thinking through. Without Hidden Lurker, this group of people including Nian Liuyun would be nothing more than a pile of loose sand.

“Alright!” After hearing Fearless’ explanation, Wang Yu turned and was about to proceed, “When you lure him out, try not to kill too many people because this will reveal our motive. However, that Priest has to die!”

“Priest?” Wang Yu glanced over at the lady and said, “But she is a lady.”

“You’ve killed a few female monsters too right Stop acting all innocent.” Fearless disregarded Wang Yu’s worries as he replied, “Moreover, with that Hundred Flowers Outfit, as long as the person doesn’t look like Ming Du, it would be hard to tell if the person is a male or female.”

“Really?” Wang Yu scratched his head, “Are you sure you’re not getting me to kill her out of pure jealousy?”

The Imperial Edict was probably a one-of-a-kind skill. Fearless would naturally feel unhappy that he lost out on obtaining that skill.

Fearless replied, “Jealousy is only a small part of this. More importantly, the Imperial Edict skill is going to be exceedingly troublesome”

While the Imperial Edict skill wouldn’t do any damage, it had one unique effect which was also known as the brainwashing effect.

Turning wild monsters into pets was not considered anything special but the unique feature of Imperial Edict was its ability to turn other gamers’ pets’ loyalty and intimacy to oneself. It was basically a skill to steal pets.

If they didn’t kill the Priest from the start, it wouldn’t matter even if Ming Du successfully manages to entice the Flower Goblin to become his pet. This was because the Priest could simply use Imperial Edict to snatch it over from them.

“I got it!” Wang Yu answered as he rushed right into the circles of the United Alliance.

As the Quan Zhen Sect observed, the United Alliance had already cleared the small monsters and guards on the outside. Presently, they were surrounding the Flower Goblin BOSS but were not acting.

Nian Liuyun was protecting the Priest as she executed the Imperial Edict skill consecutively. Every time the skill was used, the Flower Goblin’s eyes looked increasingly dazed.

“Little Lotus, are we almost done yet?” An impatient and excited Hidden Lurker asked with an anxious tone. His tone was similar to one of a cheating man.

They were currently stealing a BOSS on someone else’s turf. Hidden Lurker was not like the Quan Zhen Sect where they didn’t care about anything else. Even though he was protected by his men, he couldn’t help but feel slightly diffident.

This Priest called Little Lotus was someone Hidden Lurker found from his online advertisement. Even though she had such incredible skill, she was evidently not very strong The fact that she needed Nian Liuyun’s protection from the Flower Goblin proved that point.

Little Lotus’ full name was called Little Lotus Sharp Corner and unlike Ming Du, she was a proper lady. After Hidden Lurker’s question, she replied hurriedly, “57% now! Once the level of intimacy reaches 70%, it will become my combat pet.”

“Oh yes, Boss Hidden Lurker. How did you know that the Hundred Flowers Outfit can increase the power of my Imperial Edict” Little Lotus asked out of curiosity.

“Hehe.” A proud Hidden Lurker chuckled, “Since you’re no longer an outsider, I don’t have to hide this from you. In this game, knowledge is power.”

“Ah?” Little Lotus was slightly confused.

Looking at Little Lotus’ expression, Hidden Lurker laughed out loud. “Knowledge is power” was merely a made up excuse to obscure the facts. The truth was that Hidden Lurker purchased the method to capture the Flower Goblin from the Mage Library. In fact, he spent quite a huge sum of money to obtain it. As a paranoid person by nature, Hidden Lurker was naturally not going to tell Little Lotus his secret on getting such a strategy.

While the two of them were chatting, her hands didn’t stop moving. Little Lotus was constantly executing her Imperial Edict while the Flower Goblin was getting increasingly dazed. The level of intimacy had grown to over 60% now.

The more crucial the moment was, the more focused everyone was on the BOSS. They had completely failed to notice the arrival of someone from the back.

“Hey! What is everyone doing here?”

Just when the level of intimacy increased to 62%, a familiar voice was heard.