Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 541

Chapter 541 Shattered Conviction

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After Wang Yu walked out of Fantasy Garden, he headed towards Sky Dragon City with Nian Liuyun and his men chasing after him. However, the United Alliance had a large number of Magicians. With Wang Yu’s speed, even if he intentionally slowed down, Nian Liuyun and co. were still struggling to keep up.

Hidden Lurker was not surprised that Wang Yu killed him. Given the things he did, Hidden Lurker would be more surprised if Wang Yu didn’t kill him.

Therefore, Hidden Lurker was still unaware of Wang Yu’s true motive. After resurrecting at Sky Dragon City, Hidden Lurker immediately went to provide support for Little Lotus. He also asked Nian Liuyun through the chat, “That fella didn’t snatch our BOSS right?”

“No” Nian Liuyun answered honestly.

“That’s good!” Hidden Lurker heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that Wang Yu didn’t snatch their BOSS. After all, with Nian Liuyun and so many other men around, regardless of how impressive Wang Yu was, trying to snatch the BOSS from them was not an easy task.

This was also why Hidden Lurker didn’t ask for the location of Wang Yu. After meeting Little Lotus, they hurried out of the city.

Just when the duo reached the entrance of the city, they saw Wang Yu running towards them.

“Hehe, what a coincidence! We meet again” At this moment, Wang Yu also spotted Hidden Lurker as he waved towards the two of them with a smile. This caused Little Lotus to panic a little. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had been stomped to death by Wang Yu once, she might think that Wang Yu was welcoming an old friend.

“Cover me! I will retreat first!” Hidden Lurker’s face turned pale as he pushed Little Lotus to the front as he turned around to run

With the support of his Qing Gong, Wang Yu’s speed was frightening. Hidden Lurker was so slow that it didn’t even matter whether he ran. At one point, Wang Yu was waving at the duo. In the very next moment, he was already in front of Little Lotus. Little Lotus was still in a shock when Wang Yu kicked her brain once again.

At this point, Hidden Lurker was merely a few metres away With a wave of his hand, Wang Yu executed his Void Seizing Palm to pull Hidden Lurker back in front of him. Neck twist, strangle and a punch was all it took to kill Hidden Lurker.

Just when Wang Yu was done killing Hidden Lurker and Little Lotus, Nian Liuyun and his men arrived at the entrance of the city. They witnessed how Hidden Lurker was turned into white light.

“You despicable scum!”

Nian Liuyun shouted as he used [Crushing Blow] to send himself flying towards Wang Yu. Wang Yu bent down and avoided Nian Liuyun’s [Crushing Blow]. Nian Liuyun saw that he missed so he reacted promptly by reaching out for Wang Yu with his arms in an attempt to grab him.

Simultaneously, Wang Yu’s left hand turned into a tiger claw as he ferociously struck it upwards. The strike landed on Nian Liuyun’s chin firmly and he was instantly air-born. In the very next moment, Wang Yu darted towards him and activated [Iron Mountain Lean Back]. After Nian Liuyun was sent flying like a broken kite, he landed on the ground and turned into white light.

Everyone from the United Alliance left alive was completely dazed at what they witnessed.

Players from United Alliance had two firm beliefs. One was Hidden Lurker’s intelligence and the second one was Nian Liuyun’s capability.

There was no need for a further description of Hidden Lurker’s intelligence. For the players from United Alliance, they depended entirely on Hidden Lurker’s plots for both their dungeons as well as attacks on BOSS.

As for Nian Liuyun’s capability, it was something nobody had any doubts about. After all, more than half of the members of the United Alliance presently were fans of Nian Liuyun. On a daily basis, Nian Liuyun would even lead them from the front so everyone was well aware of his limitless ability.

At the very least, the United Alliance’s players had never come across a person or BOSS that Nian Liuyun couldn’t handle. Even the number one guild in Thunderstorm City dared not do anything in front of United Alliance solely because of Nian Liuyun’s presence.

Those players had viewed the videos on the forum too. However, Hidden Lurker had also explained how Wang Yu cheated and ambushed Nian Liuyun. As Nian Liuyun’s fans, they never doubted Hidden Lurker’s words.

Back at Fantasy Garden, it was true that Wang Yu killed two men but he didn’t manage to fight Nian Liuyun head on. Instead, he started running when engaged by Wang Yu. Therefore, everyone was still confident in Nian Liuyun’s abilities. On the other hand, they were still convinced that Wang Yu only knew how to ambush and run when he knew he couldn’t handle the situation.

However, this scene destroyed any hopes and beliefs these people had on Nian Liuyun.

This time, Wang Yu didn’t hide or ambush and was able to finish off their idol within seconds

Yes, within seconds

These two experts were supposed to be equally famous. Even if they never fought over a hundred rounds, there should at least be a fight right. How was it possible that the fight was over within seconds?

“Move away, move away!”

Just when the United Alliance was still in a daze, Wang Yu started shouting at the players from the United Alliance.

“Move your head! Everyone block him”

When the United Alliance came back to their senses, they hurried to surround Wang Yu.

“Sigh” Wang Yu sighed as he jumped over their heads and before they could react in time, two pikes swept across everyone and over ten people were instantly killed

The remaining players were horrified as they saw the two guards followed behind Wang Yu.

“F*ck! What is going on?” The survivors from the United Alliance were all dumbfounded.

One of them said, “Could the rumour about how this fella could kill others by instructing NPC be true?”

“F*ck” When everyone heard that, they faintly remembered the rumours and were significantly more fearful of Wang Yu.

“Are you guys done?” Just then, Wang Yu sent a message to Fearless and co.

The Flower Goblin was not strong and Fearless had nothing to do as a healer. He was idling and when he saw Wang Yu’s message, he instantly replied, “Not yet. Why? Did you lose him?”

“Erm I’ve killed a few of them at the entrance and now the guards are chasing after me” Wang Yu replied.


Everyone from Quan Zhen Sect furrowed their brows. They were so used to Wang Yu killing people in Twilight City that they forgot to warn Wang Yu. In Sky Dragon City, those with more than 5 PK points were not allowed to hang around the guards.

“Do you think they can outrun you?” Fearless asked again.

“I doubt so but I am only afraid that they will not stop chasing after me” Wang Yu was well experienced so he knew what these fellas were capable of.

Ming Du, who was more experienced in terms of PK, responded, “As long as you have less than PK points, they will head back when they can no longer see you. Just run but make sure you don’t bring them to Fantasy Garden.”

“Got it!”

Wang Yu turned back and indeed, the two guards stopped chasing after him the moment he was out of their sight. Hence, Wang Yu turned around and headed back towards Sky Dragon City.

Chats were exploding in the United Alliance’s channel, “What is going on? Liuyun, how did you die too?” A depressed Hidden Lurker asked when he heard about Nian Liuyun’s death.

“I was killed by Iron Bull”

“Iron Bull? Wasn’t he at the city’s entrance?” Hidden Lurker questioned.

“En, we were chasing after him,” Nian Liuyun replied.

“What about the BOSS?” an anxious Nian Liuyun asked.

Nian Liuyun replied again, “The BOSS is still at Fantasy Garden. I’ve already told the members of the Apocalypse that we’re not done killing the BOSS and that we will return.”