Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 552

Chapter 552 Thunderlord Block And Nian Liuyun's Teamwork

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United Alliance had an advantage in terms of numbers and also the decisive opportunity. Even so, they were unable to restrain any of the top experts from Quan Zhen Sect. After losing their only opportunity, the Quan Zhen Sect players had completely turned the situation around.

“See what I mean? I knew that Hidden Lurker is never up to anythin good!” After the tides had turned, Fearless smiled and commented.

On the way here, the Quan Zhen Sect noticed that there were nobody on the streets. Therefore, their guess was that nobody would be guarding the entrance of the port as well. However, Fearless knew that Hidden Lurker would never give up so easily and that he would be hiding his men to prepare for an ambush. Hence, Fearless got Ming Du to put on the Hundred Flowers Outfit. The actual Flower Goblin was actually dressed up like a Mage

When Hidden Lurker saw that Little Lotus was ambushed and lost her advantage, Hidden Lurker panicked and shouted, “Liuyun, go and help her out!”

“Got it!”

After Nian Liuyun received the order, he executed [Crushing Blow] and jumped towards the squad.

At this moment, Wang Yu suddenly swung a pole onto Nian Liuyun’s legs. This was enough to make Nian Liuyun fall to the ground.

“Where do you think you’re going? Your opponent is me!”

“You!!” Nian Liuyun was anxious and furious as he got up and charged at Wang Yu.

Nian Liuyun rushed his attack only because he was infuriated with Wang Yu. His Kungfu was not comparable to Wang Yu at the moment and he actually charged at Wang Yu without any skills. Wasn’t he asking to be humiliated?

A calm Wang Yu welcomed Nian Liuyun’s attack as he casually moved to the side. Because Nian Liuyun was charging forward at an incredible speed, he lost his balance and fell to the ground when Wang Yu moved to the side.

Wang Yu lifted his foot and was about to stomp Nian Liuyun to death. However, he heard the word “B*stard” again and Wang Yu was drawn over for the third time already

“F*ck!!!” Wang Yu cursed.

The common saying was that an expert would never be struck by the same technique twice. Wang Yu was embarrassed because he was struck by the very same move three times today.

However, he had no choice because a Guardian’s [Taunt] was a target-type skill with no trahectory and known solution to dodge When the user shout at you, you will get drawn over regardless or whether you respond or not

As a close combat fighter too, a Guardian was actually much stronger than a Pugilist in this aspect.

A Pugilist was quick and skillful and could be considered to be similar to an Assassin. The only difference was that a Pugilist’s nimbleness was not as great as an Assassin and their attacks were not as strong too

A Guardian was covered with a body of heavy armour and shield. Moreover, their health was exceptionally high. Even though they were slightly slower in their movements, the [Taunt] skill made it easy for them to deal with light and nimble jobs like Pugilist and Assassin.

When Wang Yu was drawn over by [Taunt], Thunderlord Block raised his shield and attempted [Shield Bash] again.

To dare to use the same trick against Wang Yu three times in a row with such a high success rate, Thunderlord Block was indeed a true expert among experts.

“Boom!” Wang Yu was struck by the shield and exploded into fragments.

“F*ck!” Thunderlord Block was not feeling very good about himself too. While the [Taunt] and [Shield Bash] combination was merely a simple technique used by Guardians, it was the skill with the highest success rate.

Even the new players playing as Guardians, regardless of PVP or PVE, would find it hard to make a mistake while executing this skill. Even for such a simple skill with such a high success rate, Thunderlord Block, as an esteemed top expert, actually missed three in a row

F*ck! This fella is really tough to deal with.

Even when Thunderlord Block was depressed, he didn’t simply stand there idly. When he saw that Wang Yu disappeared, he subconciously raised his shield to protect his head.


Almost simulatenously, Wang Yu’s leg brought along lightning flashes as it landed on the shield.

The judgement of Wang Yu’s kick was extremely high and Thunderlord Block didn’t manage to activate his [Hinder] The shield was forced back and smashed against Thunderlord Block’s helmet. This resulted in an ear-piercing sound of friction.


Damage was done.


Wang Yu and Thunderlord Block exclaimed at the same time.

“He really is an iron turtle! How did I not manage to kill him with that kick?”

“What a monster! If I didn’t have my shield with me, I would have been dead from that single kick alone!”

The two of them had very different thoughts at that moment.

Wang Yu wiggled his leg around as he looked serious again. He was on his toes as he looked for the opportunity to attack.

After being on the receiving end of Wang Yu’s attack, Thunderlord Block dared not take him lightly anymore. In fact, he wished he could simply hide his entire body under the shield. He was fearful of revealing any gap because he knew that Wang Yu would capitalise on that to kill him.

A turtle-like way of attacking and only attacked after defending was what Thunderlord Block planned on doing. If Wang Yu didn’t attack, he would simply stand there to protect himself.

“Heh!” Just when the two of them were confronting each other, Nian Liuyun popped up again as he reached out for Wang Yu’s chest.

Wang Yu saw that coming as he moved backwards to dodge Nian Liuyun’s attack.

Nian Liuyun landed on the ground but was off his feet again in no time. His body increased in speed once again as he was extending his arms.

Nian Liuyun was also a practioner of martial arts hence, the precision and speed of his attack. It was impossible for Wang Yu to dodge an attack of this intensity so he could only reach out his arms to counter every move.

Who knew that Nian Liuyun had learnt to be smarter this time? When he saw that Wang Yu was going to retaliate, he executed his [Grappling] skill to hold onto Wang Yu’s wrist.

Wang Yu did a flip in mid-air in an attempt to get out of Nian Liuyun’s grasp. However, Nian Liuyun’s other hand followed suit as he grapped onto Wang Yu’s arms.

After being grapped by Nian Liuyun, Wang Yu could sense an immense energy but was no longer able to move.

“An opening!”

Thunderlord Block, who was by the side, saw that Wang Yu was trapped so his eyes lit up. In almost a split second, his shield was already charging towards Wang Yu.

With Nian Liuyun’s forceful grasp, it wouldn’t make sense if Thunderlord Block missed his next attack Wang Yu was struck head on by Thunderlord Block’s shield and was sent flying. The health that he finally regained was back at the bottom again.

When Wang Yu was finally on the receiving end of their attacks, the two experts heaved a huge sigh of relief Fortunately, this fella was not invincible.

Not too long ago, these two men were overlords in their own area. Presently, they were celebrating the success of a single attack. If someone were to tell them about this previously, they would never believe it.

“We will attack together! Guard me!”

“En!” Thunderlord Block nodded as the two of them charged towards Wang Yu one after the other.

Nian Liuyun led the way and when he reached, Wang Yu ducked and with a shift of his body, one hand was on Nian Liuyun’s collar while the other was on Nian Liuyun’s pants pocket. With a swing of his body, he borrowed Nian Liuyun’s momentum to throw Nian Liuyun back where he came from. Simultaneously, Wang Yu jumped and chased after the flying Nian Liuyun. Thunderlord Block raised his shield to protect Nian Liuyun. Because of that, Wang Yu’s pursuit landed on Thunderlord Block’s shield.

“Bang Bang Bang!” The trembles of the immense attack could be felt. Thunderlord Block took a couple of steps backwards to steady his body. Wang Yu used the momentum to flup backwards as he landed in front of Nian Liuyun and Thunderlord Block.

“Wow! I didn’t expect the two of you to be this powerful when working together!” Wang Yu laughed.