Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 559

Chapter 559 The Unusual Account

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After Wang Yu got the key from Vainglory, the first person he had to find was Hermit.

Although this old man had a horrible character, he was relatively knowledgeable as a Hero job mentor in the background story.

Entering the small alley, Wang Yu held on to the key and straightforwardly asked, “Sir, do you know what this is?”

Old Man Hermit did not reply him. He picked up a brick from the side and questioned Wang Yu, “Do you know what this is?

“No” Wang Yu shaked his head and said, “But it looks like a rock.”

Old Man Hermit nodded and said, “Then I can only tell you that that thing looks metallic”

“F*ck!” Wang Yu broke down. This old man had learned how to play with others’ minds. He could have just said he did not know instead of playing such pranks.

Seeing how Wang Yu was upset, Hermit became more daring. He started nagging, “I am not some encyclopedia. Can you not ask me about every small thing? I am a busy man!”

“F*ck” Wang Yu was dumbfounded by Hermit and tried his best to hold in his anger.

“This item is called the Atlanta’s Key. You are so knowledgeable. Have you heard of this person?” Wang Yu asked respectfully.

“Atlanta?” Hermit’s expressions turned solemn after hearing what Wang Yu said.

Wang Yu noticed Hermit’s expression and knew something was up. He quickly asked, “Have you heard?”

“It just sounds familiar but I’ve never heard of this person.” Hermit’s reply disappointed Wang Yu.

“It would be better if you ask someone else.” Hermit said.

Wang Yu depressingly said, “Who should I ask? You are the only knowledgeable person I know.”

“Haha.” Hermit smiled and said, “There are so many people more knowledgeable than me. For such questions, you naturally should go to the most widely read person. He will give you an answer.”

“Widely read? Who is that?” Wang Yu asked again.

Hermit impatiently chased Wang Yu away, “Why do I have to tell you everything? Leave now!”

Wang Yu took some money out of his bag, “I can give you money”

“Not even with money! Hurry, leave!” Hermit was extremely adamant.

Wang Yu felt helpless. It seemed like this key involved very valuable things such that Old Man Hermit could only drop him hints and not explicitly tell him about it.

However, who was the most widely read person in Twilight City?

Wang Yu asked this question in the guild chat but everyone was unsure too.

“Could it be the Magician mentor, Claire? She is always holding a magic book which makes her look extraordinary.” Ming Du said.

“F*ck!” Spring Halo condescendingly said, “Prophet Corin looks even more ethereally extraordinary.”

“Red-robed Bishop also seems like a very knowledgeable lad.” Fearless offered a different opinion.

The rest did not have anything to say as their mentors were all mediocre as compared to Ming Du, Fearless and Spring Halo’s mentors.

However, based on their arrogance, the three of them were obviously not discussing who was wider read. They were simply using their top-notch mentors to belittle others.

Finally, Wang Yu said something which shut the three of them up, “Are you guys saying these three of them are intelligent NPC?”

“Erm” The three of them instantly lost their arrogance.

Job mentors were high level NPCs with a certain level of intelligence. However, their intelligence were still far from an intelligent NPC like Hermit whose intelligence was comparable to a real person.

“Then who do you think it is?” everyone asked Wang Yu.

“I have no idea too. Let’s split up and search. Twilight City only has a few intelligent NPCs. If there is no other way, we can ask them one by one.”

“Alright. Although this idea is kind of lame, it can be effective.” Everyone was supportive of Wang Yu’s “plan”.

Just as Wang Yu was about to to visit the city’s main residence, a line of “red words” appeared on Wang Yu’s screen suddenly.

“????” Wang Yu was stunned when he saw the notification.

Mass reported? Undergo an all-rounded check? Is this a joke? Are the liars up to something new?

After hanging out with people from Quan Zhen Sect for some time, Wang Yu had some understanding of the lying skills used in the game. Top lying tactics include sending out messages to players in the name of the system.

However, Wang Yu checked the message a dozen times but still did not find any loopholes. This message was indeed sent by the system.

“I have been reported. The system wants to check my account.” Wang Yu sent the news to the guild chat immediately.

“F*ck, what happened?” Everyone asked in shock after they heard the news.

“It seems like some people mass reported me for making external modifications to my account.” Wang Yu forwarded the system notification to the chat.

After half a minute then Quan Zhen Sect started replying, “This, this can’t be real.”

In the past, everyone did not realise it. However, now that they saw the system notification, they thought about it in detail. Wang Yu’s formidability was indeed way beyond everyone’s imagination. Even though they knew Wang Yu was a martial artist, they did not believe that there would be such great difference between humans.

However, Wang Yu was their friend. Quan Zhen Sect did not think of him as an enemy and so never thought too much about it. Now that everyone started to recall his strength, external modifications seemed to explain it better than his explanation as a “martial artist”.

“Rubbish, I don’t even know what external modifications are!” Wang Yu said dejectedly.

It was even his first time playing a game and yet the system accused him of making external modifications. How ridiculous is this?

Ming Du suspectedly said, “Then why didn’t the system look for us?”

Wang Yu helplessly said, “Brothers, why do you insist on me saying things to hurt your egos?”

“” Everyone was in silence.

The official system was not dumb. They did not investigate everyone who were mass reported if not those online stars with lots of anti-fans would have been long gone Everyone in the job industry would also be at risk.

Why did it only approach Wang Yu? Obviously it was because Wang Yu was so formidable that even the game designers did not think it was possible and so, informed Wang Yu to cooperate in the checks This was the kind of players who were so strong that it seemed as though they made external modifications.

Everyone in Quan Zhen Sect were eye-teary, “F*ck you, you are the one being reported, why does it seem like we are the ones being attacked?”

Just as everyone was mulling in self-pity, Wang Yu’s character background changed as he was transported to a scene that looked like the game’s checking platform. A bunch of oddly-dressed people appeared in front of Wang Yu.

“Information successfully attained. Check target has been transferred to the checking platform!” A young man beside Wang Yu spoke to the computer.

“Data successfully attained. Check target entering checking mode.” Another voice beside Wang Yu was heard.

“Can I ask what is going on?” Wang Yu could not help but to ask under such an unusual situation.