Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 583

Chapter 583 Ambush

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In the limited information, Atlanta was only briefly mentioned but one undeniable thing was that Atlanta was a port city. Cowell was the only port in Dead Spirit Swamp and hence, it was most probably the entrance of the disappeared Atlanta.

Everyone spared no effort to end up here. Naturally, they could not just skip the Port of Cowell.

Lets go to the Port of Cowell! Spring Halo stopped mentioning about Dead Spirit City and waved his hand to lead the way.

Just then, Wang Yu suddenly pushed Spring Halo on to the ground and yelled, Ambush! Lie low!

F*ck you, Old Bull Spring Halo almost bit his tongue thanks to Wang Yu. He was just about to scold him when an arrow flew above Spring Halos head and disappeared in the grass. Spring Halo broke out in cold sweat.

Fatal shot! This was the signature skill for level 30 Archers with a 30% chance of killing its target in one shot.

With this probability, even Guardians would be badly injured.

Luckily, Wang Yu held Spring Halo down or else he would be shot by the arrow. Even though Spring Halo had boosted vitality, guards naturally had weaker defense and hence, with such a fatal shot, it would be tough to survive.


The rest saw what happened and laid on the ground. Then, several arrows flew towards the grass patch. All these arrows were fatal shots. Seems like the players ambushing them are above level 30.

At the moment, only veteran players who joined the game during the public beta testing period could be level 30 or higher. A troop of so many veterans showed that they were not to be trifled with.

Fearless, whats going on? The rest asked as they were clueless. Fearless led them there. Based on his intelligence, how could he have walked into someones ambush?

Damn it, this is the level 40 monster region of Dead Spirit City. I forgot. Fearless replied as he lay flat on the ground.

Since everyone had equipment and skills, the main tactic to gain experience and more equipment was to kill monsters of levels above them. A level 40 monster region was the favourite gathering spot for the top players.

Such experts tend to belong to large guilds. Large guilds do not have much to do other than rearing monsters tirelessly.

Quan Zhen Sect was so prominent that it would be odd if they did not attack them.

Oh? You even dodged our fatal shots? Seems like you guys are experts.

Just then, an archer carrying a black longbow and dressed in a black leather vest said from the bushes away from Quan Zhen Sect.

Hmph, Old Blackie, you guys missed your targets. The rest mocked him.

A [Fatal Shot] is only fatal because of its quick rebound speed. Based on the players current situation, they would not be able to escape if they aimed well.

Spring Halo was ambushed. There was no way that instincts could play a part here. To be able to dodge, it had to be the inaccuracy of the attacker.

What a joke! Old Blackie said, When did you see us shoot inaccurately? There must be an expert on the other side, a real expert of the experts.

Dead Spirit Citys experts are mostly here. Weve never seen those people. The people by the side continued to mock.

How many experts have you seen The person opposite is not simple. Just then, someone called Light and Arrows said on the channel.

Leader, you know them?

No, but our arrows did not hit its target. Light and Arrows said.

Everyone remained silent. It seems like there was more than one person living in denial.

Enough, keep a lookout. Dont let these guys show their faces. They are most probably from Berserk Thunder City. Lights and Arrows said.

The experts in Dead Spirit City basically knew one another. Quan Zhen Sect were all strangers and this was the border between Berserk Thunder City and Dead Spirit City. Hence, Lights and Arrows was not blindly guessing.

Everyone heard him and quickly hid themselves well while continuing to look at where Quan Zhen Sect was hiding.

At Quan Zhen Sects side, Fearless crawled to Wang Yu and asked him, Old Bull, which direction are they in?

Everyone in Quan Zhen Sect knew that Wang Yu had the ability to sense ambushes. If it was not for him, they would have all died.

I dont know. They did not aim at me, so I cant sense it. Wang Yu stated.

I see Fearless nodded in deep thoughts.

Should I stand as a bait?

Speaking, Wang Yu wanted to stand but Fearless quickly held him down and said, Dont. We dont know how many people are there. Furthermore, most of their shots are fatal. Theres no need to take the risk.

Are we going to just keep crawling? Wang Yu was not satisfied.

There were no trees in the Dead Spirit Swamp. There were only bushes which were less than a metre tall to camouflage them. For someone so big like Wang Yu, even if he squatted to move, half of his head would be exposed. It would only be safe if they crawled flat on the ground like how Fearless did but it would be extremely uncomfortable.

Hehe, watch me. Ming Du suddenly laughed as he took out a staff with a hat on it from his bag then lifted it.

Someone is exposed! Attack!

Old Blackie and the rest who were laying ambush nearby saw that head and started shooting arrows over, shooting multiple arrows at the same time at Ming Dus hat.

Fearless saw the direction the arrows were going towards then pointed at where Old Blackie and the rest were hiding, and ordered, Frost, Fisher, six oclock.

Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher became invisible and flew towards Old Blackie and the rest.

Old Blackie was confused, Who took down that head?

Regardless of which faction killed its target, they will gain PK values or special rewards. However, after everyone shot their arrows, it was odd that they did not receive anything.

Not me.

Not me either

I did not hit it

Everyone replied.

Hmm, somethings not right While Old Blackie was confused, a dagger was pointed at his waist. He was killed instantly. At the same time, Frost Blade appeared.

Oh no, there are Assassins!

Archers battle strength was near zero when it came to short distance battles. It was important to increase their distance from their enemy. The archers looked at Frost Blade then ran away shrieking but within a few steps, the one in front was stabbed by Darknorth Fisher at his stomach.

Darknorth Fisher specialised in draining blood and Archers were known for being vulnerable. With such a confrontational attack, the Archer died immediately.

Shit! We are surrounded! Shoot!

The Archers were no weaklings. Seeing that there were Assassins around them, they stood back-to-back, lifted their bows and released various arrow skills.

Arrows were shot from 360 degrees.

Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher simultaneously dodged the arrows by lying on the floor and then turned invisible.

When they reappeared, they were already standing right in front of the archers.