Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 592

Chapter 592 Whoever Crosses This Line Dies

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F*ck!! Hearing Hidden Lurkers yell, everyone in the house was stunned. They were so focused on the enemies outside that they neglected this a**hole.

F*ck you! Berserk Thundergod had a really bad temper. After he found out about the truth, he already disliked Hidden Lurker and now that he did this, Berserk Thundergod was exploding. He waved his staff and sent a bolt of lightning towards Hidden Lurker.

Hidden Lurker knew that what was done had been done. He knew he was going to die, and no one would pity him when he returned to Berserk Thunder City. With Berserk Heavenlaw and United Alliance around, he would not be able to continue staying in the Light Faction.

Hence, he decided to betray his faction and die before those guys returned back such that they would not have it easy too.

Therefore, when Berserk Thundergod sent him a bolt of lightning, Hidden Lurker had no intention to dodge it. However, at the moment the lightning landed on Hidden Lurker, a white light emerged and protected him.

[Sacred Ray]? Boss Fearless, what are you doing? Berserk Thundergod and the rest simultaneously looked at Fearless after seeing the white [Sacred Ray].

Fearless chuckled and said, It would be too easy on him to kill him now. He implicated so many of your people. Do you only want to kill him once?

Boss Fearless, you are right. Berserk Thundergod immediately agreed after Fearless reminded him. He ordered in his guild chat, Surround the Magic Academy. Dont let Hidden Lurker escape!

Berserk Heavenlaws players were puzzled and asked, Surround him for? Earlier on, they were still allies, but now, they had to kill him. This change was too quick.

I will explain when Im back. Just stop him! Berserk Thundergod said.

Seeing how Fearless saw through his intentions, Hidden Lurker looked at Fearless with deadly eyes then said in the United Alliances guild chat, Berserk Heavenlaw is in cahoots with the Dark Faction. Mercy Hand and the few of them are spies from the Berserk Heavenlaw. Guys, come to the resurrection point to save me.

F*ck, is this real? United Alliances players received such shocking news and started to panic. Mercy Hand and the rest were core members, but now, they were spies. Even the real spy from Berserk Heavenlaw was stunned. He even direct messaged Mercy Hand, You are a spy too?

What spy! Hidden Lurker is such a liar! Hidden Lurker was the guilds leader. Usually, he held on to his authority very tightly so Mercy Hand and the rest could not explain their way out. Instead, they just roared in anger in the guild chat then left the guild.

The United Alliances players were puzzled once more, Liar? Spies? Who was speaking the truth?

Brothers, I swear on my character Hidden Lurker had not finished speaking and a notification appeared in the guild chat.

What United Alliance was in chaos. Hidden Lurkers worthless vow on his character was ignored.

Usually, Hidden Lurker grabbed onto his authority too tightly, but most of United Alliances players were fans attracted to the guild by Nian Liuyun. Hidden Lurker was at most his manager while Nian Liuyun was the real spiritual pillar of United Alliance.

Now that even Nian Liuyun left the guild, did it matter who was the liar and who were the spies? Since their idol was not around, their faith was gone too. The guild did not matter to them anymore.

One after another, the guild withdrawal messages came out. Within half a minute, United Alliance had less than a hundred players. Those remaining were those that were not online.

Hidden Lurker saw everything and was heartbroken, F*ck Quan Zhen Sect. F*ck you, Nian Liuyun, how dare you cheat me!

Hidden Lurker was ultimately an a**hole and he got what he asked for. At this time, he was still not repentful and instead, blamed everything on others.

At the same time, Berserk Heavenlaw had already surrounded the Magician resurrection location tightly. Berserk Thundergod then personally sent Hidden Lurker into the resurrection location.

Quan Zhen Sect saw Hidden Lurker turn into white light and they snickered at his downfall. Berserk Heavenlaw had enough people and had enough hatred towards him. He would probably never make it out of the resurrection location this lifetime.

Hmm? Theres no one in the house? Why is there lightning!

At the same time, they heard Hidden Lurkers yell. The Dead Spirit Citys players searching outside saw the lightning in the house. It successfully attracted their attention. Indeed, everyone saw Mystic Barrier disappear due to the [Lightning] in the house, and everyone in it was exposed.

They are coming again, I should not have used a skill. Berserk Thundergod blamed himself as he looked at the impending Dead Spirit Citys players.

Fearless smiled and said, No need to blame yourself. After the first [Lightning], the invisibility lost its effect, just that they could not see that [Lightning].

What do we do now?

Try to hold them back as long as possible. Hopefully, we can relieve some of Old Bulls burden so he can run out. Fearless said.

Although Fearless said these, he was not confident himself. Although he did not see the outside situation, just as Wang Yu said, You cannot imagine how many is two hundred seventy thousand people.

Initially, Wang Yu also thought that based on his Qing Gong, he could run out but once he reached the alley entrance, he saw the never-ending stream of people coming for him and so, he gave up.

Ancient people were indeed accurate to use Mountains and seas of people to describe such situations.

However, books that said anything about killing the First General amongst tens of thousands of troops were simply lies. With so many, it would be impossible to even squeeze through them. Not losing their way would even be a talent.

Wang Yu turned around and ran towards the deepest end of the alleys port. The Dead Spirit Citys players chased him down. However, as it is an alley, at most it could fit four to five thousand players. With so many people chasing Wang Yu down, the crowd alone was unimaginable. Even if Wang Yu could fly, these people could find a way to pull him down.

Since he had already moved forward, there was no way back. Even if it was the route to death, Wang Yu had to just go for it.

Soon, Wang Yu was forced to the end of the port Dead Spirit Dock.

In the past, there was an ocean beneath this Dead Spirit City. However, time has passed, and the ocean had become a smelly swamp.

No matter what attributes players had, anyone who stepped foot into this swamp grounds would die. Even if Wang Yu could kill a bull in one punch, he would also vanish once he jumps in.

Argh, every second counts. Let me buy as much time as I can for them!

Seeing the swamp with no end, Wang Yu was fearful. He turned to stand on the port then used the long stick in his hand to draw a line on the ground.

Wang Yu drew his boundaries as he saw the Dead Spirit Citys players closing in on him at less than five metres away. He said loudly, Whoever crosses this line, dies!!