Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 596

Chapter 596 The Dungeon Quest That Cannot Be Completed

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After Quan Zhen Sect were sucked into the shield, they quickly received a system notification.

A hidden dungeon. Furthermore, a large one.

Woah, a hidden dungeon! We have striked rich!

Damn, a large dungeon? F*ck!

After receiving the system notification, Quan Zhen Sects emotions went on a roller coaster ride. Even Ming Du who has never shown any expression looked as though he did not know if he should laugh or cry.

Everyone elses look also showed a mixture of happiness and sadness as they did not know how to feel.

They were happy that this key was the lead to a hidden dungeon.

Hidden dungeons were extremely rare and were known for being high quality. Since the game server began, very few players had come across hidden dungeons. Most players had only heard of them.

What was saddening was that it was a large hidden dungeon.

Hidden dungeons and faction dungeons were the same as there was no order to them. However, like normal dungeons, hidden dungeons also come in different sizes.

Just like a normal dungeon, hidden dungeons come in mini, small, medium and large sizes.

Mini-dungeons like the Blood-Soaked Church are beginner dungeons which needed no less than five people. Small dungeons are mainly for small teams with only one unit, medium dungeons are for teams with tens of people and large dungeons are the legendary guild dungeons.

Guild dungeons are the dungeons with the highest difficulty in <>. The scale of these dungeons is huge and the BOSS is extraordinarily impossible to defeat. Usually, it took an entire guild of people to die several times before they can pass the initial round. This shows how difficult large dungeon quests are.

The most important thing was that in the games settings, the lowest level of large dungeons was level 60. As hidden dungeons were typically more challenging than normal ones, only those who were level 60 and above could challenge this Atlantas relic.

It was no wonder that although Hidden Lurker knew the keys secret, he did not seek it out. He also knew the difficulty of this dungeon quest and hence, wanted to try only after he reached level 60.

Perhaps it was fate that Hidden Lurker incidentally landed Quan Zhen Sect here instead.

Shall we leave after the faction war ends? Ming Du said sheepishly.

Wang Yu shook his head and said, We cant leave, the key disappeared

After Wang Yu spoke, everyone once again received a system notification.

Quest reminder: Kill the God of Puppets, if the quest fails, you will drop by 2 levels and randomly lose an equipment.>

F*ck, how shameless of them. They are sending us to death!

Everyone started to rant after seeing how the system forcefully began the quest.

The name, God of Puppets, alone was scary. The background story of <> put Gods authority above all. According to the games usual style, those with God in their names were not easy to deal with.

This God of Puppets had the backing of God. In the games background story, God did not do many good deeds but when it came to bad deeds, it was uncountable.

For example, Angelas entire tribe was accused of threatening Gods authority and they were cursed by God. The unlucky downfall of the Atlanta civilisation pointed to God being a petty a**hole who killed his people. They were definitely in trouble.

Furthermore, this was a level 60 hidden dungeon. It was challenging for current players to even kill level 30 monsters. There was no way they could kill this even more powerful dungeon monster.

Especially since hidden dungeons monsters were stronger than normal dungeons, they had no chance of winning.

The punishment for failing the quest was even worse. Players were only around level 30 which was not too high so after dropping two levels, they can level back up in two days. However, equipments were their lifeblood. Randomly dropping an equipment was akin to killing these players.

Although Quan Zhen Sect did not have the best equipments in the game, each of them had one or two lifetime equipments. If they lost those, it was as good as losing half their lives.

They did not expect that a simple secret quest would make everyone so hesitant.

Thundergod, has Hidden Lurker been caught? Fearless opened his friends list and asked Berserk Thundergod.

Killed twice and he went offline. How are you guys? Berserk Thundergod said.

Dont worry, we are completely safe. Keep an eye on Hidden Lurker and kill this bastard a few more times to take revenge for me! Fearless said angrily.

Sure, sure!

I think we should give it a try. Wang Yu stepped out and said as he saw how everyone was hesitating.

What a joke. Instead of wasting that energy, we can just wait till the faction war ends then commit suicide to return back to our city. Fearless said calmly.

Fearless did not say that because he was a coward. It was because he knew their limits. Fearless was willing to try so long they had an advantage through equipment or could use the location to their benefit. However, if he did not have any confidence at all, he would not go for it.

This was a level 60+ large hidden dungeon.

What was a large dungeon? It was a dungeon quest that needed hundreds of level 60 players to die several times to be able to complete, much less a hidden dungeon. Every small monster inside would most likely be stronger than the usual BOSS. They definitely did not have the slightest chance at winning.

Wang Yu smiled and said, Either way, we will die, so why not give it a try. Even if we cant complete it, at least we can familiarise ourselves.

Erm Fearless hesitated, then asked the rest, What do you guys think?

Doesnt matter The outcome will be the same anyway. the rest said.

Although it was not Quan Zhen Sects character to take on impossible challenges, it was also not them to coward away before putting up a fight.

Ok, then someone stay here to monitor the faction war. The rest of you take a look at this dungeon. Fearless said, Little Meng, you stay here.

Ling Longmeng upsetly said, Rubbish, why do I have to stay here. The ugliest one stays! No one wanted to stay here alone when they could be having fun with the rest.

Everyone simultaneously looked at Ming Du.

Ming Du angrily said, F*ck you, why are you guys looking at me. Am I ugly?

Erm, honestly, it is not whether you are ugly or not, Old Li. It is just that for normal people to see you, they would have to dream of you. Spring Halo said chuckling.

Yup, I dreamt of Old Li last night. Vainglory agreed.

Really, what were you two doing? Everyone asked excitedly.

Vainglory said, I dreamt that he returned me all the money he owes me.

Ah, young man, give me the IOUs I have returned you the money, why do you still have it?

Scram, shameless one!

You little b*stard!