Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Glorious Martial Arts

Night had already fallen as Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian arrived home, with a mountain of bags in hand...

If it had not been for the fact that even that all the store owners in the marketplace were rushing now, Mu Zi Xian would have spent at least another half an hour shopping.

When they opened the door, they were surprised to see Li Xue and Meng Meng donning masks as they swept the floor. They had even draped a trash bag over themselves as though they were painting the house.

This scene had greatly surprised Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian.

"We were only out for a while and you girls decided to renovate the house?" Mu Zi Xian teased.

"Landlady, we were just cleaning this place for hygiene purposes..." Li Xue pulled down her mask to answer.

"Er..." Mu Zi Xian blushed.

Wang Yu tilted his head and took a peek into the girl's room, it really did need to be cleaned...

Even though the four ladies were all rather beautiful and were all quite well mannered on a day to day basis. But who would have thought that they would have such poor lifestyle habits...

Not only were there multiple takeout boxes lying all over the floor, there were even several towers instant noodle packets stacked up against the wall. Mary was currently using her hand against the wall to support herself as she laboriously stomped on the dustbin, trying to stuff more trash into it...

It was almost the new year already, this really was a problem... (As someone with a very traditional background, Wang Yu was rather superstitious.)

"You really do need to pack up, do you girls need any help?" Wang Yu offered.

"No, no need, it won't be convenient for you to clean a girl's room." Li Xue shyly declined.

"Oh..." Wang Yu nodded, putting the things he bought into the refrigerator as he thought: "This really is a surprise..."

"Professional gamer, you barely go out at all, if you didn't have me... you'd be no different from those ladies." Mu Zi Xian playfully pinched Wang Yu as she teased.

"It's really been hard on you darling.." Wang Yu emotionally sighed.

By the time the girls had finished cleaning their room, Mu Zi Xian had already prepared a large spread of delicious food for dinner, even making some dumplings by hand.

The four girls were incredibly touched when they saw the spread before them.

As professional gamers, not only did these girls not regularly clean their rooms, none of them even knew how to cook. This resulted in their daily meals either being instant noodles or take-out that they had ordered. It was only after they had moved in with Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian that they had slowly changed their eating habits.

"Let's eat together!" Mu Zi Xian declared as she placed a plate of fish on the table, inviting the girls over: "It really isn't easy for you girls to be living by yourselves, not even going back to celebrate the new year's eve. Why don't you join us for a reunion dinner here."

"Thank you, sister-in-law!"

The girls appreciatively sat down.

"What's the occasion today, why did you girls log off so early?" Wang Yu bewilderedly asked.

"There's a system maintenance." Li Xue explained.

"Maintenance? Didn't the system just upgrade itself recently?" Wang Yu asked.

After having played this game for awhile, Wang Yu had become quite well-versed in the game from his interaction with the other players from the Quan Zhen Sect. He knew that if a system maintenance wasn't to introduce new levels and content, it would be to fix bugs and problems in the game.

As the first virtual reality game, it was rather laughable that <> had to undergo system maintenance every couple of days or so.

"This maintenance is to introduce an event quest." Mu Zi Xian laughed.

"Event quest? That's true, after all, it's almost the new year, but there wasn't any news about this."

"There'll be an announcement after the update." Mu Zi Xian explained.

"How mysterious, seems like the Soaring Dragon Game Studio really likes to pull this stunt. Speaking of which how come you know about this sister-in-law?" The girls curiously asked.

"That because I'm an employee there..." Mu Zi Xian sheepishly replied.

"Lord GM!!!" The girls excitedly screamed.

Just these two words were enough to shock anyone. To think that this simple lady who doted on her husband so much was actually a legendary GM!

"No need to exaggerate, I play a really minor role in the company." Mu Zi Xian gestured with his fingers.

"But you're a stuff of legends for players like us..." The girls protested.

"Sister-in-law, could you give us some secrets about the game? The kind of information you have is probably something that's not available on the market..."

"Secrets... one secret is that you can gather resources from dungeons, so you should pay more attention to your surroundings when you enter it." Mu Zi Xian replied.

"Hey hey hey, isn't this against the rules." Wang Yu hurriedly reminded.

"It's not... with the low position I have in the company, the knowledge that is available to me is probably known by the other players in the game, the company doesn't really have any restrictions on me. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to register for the game given my identity as a member of the Soaring Dragon Game Studio." Mu Zi Xian calmly explained.


"But the number of people that can enter dungeons are really too little, there aren't even that many players over level 15, these resources are too hard to gather." Li Xue dejectedly replied.

"My guild has eight people who are eligible!" Wang Yu boasted.

"The members of your guild are inhuman!" The girls protested.

"To think that I was even planning to try to pull you girls into my guild, but with such an attitude I think I'd better not..." Wang Yu pursed his lips as he thought. Those hooligans were not as good natured as him.

"Don't...Don't be like that Brother Yu, we were just kidding." Mary hurriedly interjected.

Even though the Quan Zhen Sect was famous for all the wrong reasons, this didn't change the fact that they had the skills to back up their arrogance. With the protection of the Quan Zhen Sect, these girls would have an easier time with their gold farming studio, but most importantly, the other members of the sect were all rather rich.

"Ok, then I'll bring this up tomorrow." Wang Yu replied.

After finishing their meal, the girls helped Mu Zi Xian clean up while Wang Yu went to practice his martial arts, his thoughts drifting towards the game.

Wang Yu's life was very simple, other than practicing his martial arts, playing <>, looking through the forums, there really wasn't anything else he did other than accompanying his wife...

Practicing striking the pillar every day did not yield very visible results, while looking through the forums only made him feel tired. Repeating this day in day out from dusk to dawn was extremely boring, the only thing that managed to help him alleviate this boredom was playing the game, killing monsters and feeling like a martial artist.

Wang Yu had already reached an extremely high attainment in his style of martial arts, it was extremely hard to improve. But he was surprised that after playing <> for a few days, his skills had become even more polished.

When he thought about it, when he was playing the game, his fighting capabilities were severely restricted by his attributes, forcing him to fight in a weakened state. Yet it was exactly because of this that he had gained a more profound understanding of his martial arts, allowing him to improve more quickly.

According to legends, there were many martial artists in the past that would cripple their cultivation and start from scratch. Wang Yu had always believed that these were just lies to deceive people, but now he realised there was truly some benefits to this method.

"Science really is a blessing to humanity, who would have thought that a mere game would have such an effect. Who knows, in a matter of years, traditional martial artists like me might really become extinct." Wang Yu sighed.

At this moment, the moonlight illuminated a small alleyway in the city, the entire floor littered with the unconscious bodies of several thugs.

"It's mine..." Brother Hui mumbled, fighting the tears in his eyes.

Brother Hui was really pitiful. He was returning from the hospital, with his brothers who had been beaten up by Wang Yu, planning to celebrate the new year's eve. But they had encountered another demon and were severely beaten for a second time.

From her movements, Brother Hui knew that this lady was a martial arts practitioner as well. Even if their arms were in perfect condition, they would not have been able to deal with her, let alone now when their arms had all been destroyed by Wang Yu?

To meet two monsters on the same day, Brother Hui really didn't wish to continue living.

Was there someone after his life?

"Hmph!" The lady seized his finger and cruelly twisted it, causing Brother Hui to wail in agony.

"A coward like you also has the name Wang Yu? Do you really think that are really that many people that know Critical Break? Speak! Otherwise, I'll sever your tendons and break your bones!"

"I'll I'll talk..." Seeing that this vicious and cruel lady seemed to know Wang Yu, Brother Hui decided to talk.

"This is something that a huge guy compensated me with just now, his wife had dirtied my clothes and he severely beat up me and my brothers, so he gave me this jade pendant.:

"Wife?" A cold glint flashed in her eyes as she asked.

"What was she called?"

"From what I heard I think it's Mu, Mu Zi Xian..." Brother Hui slowly answered.

"Hpmh!" The lady flung Brother Hui away as she shouted: "Scram! You bunch lowlifes!"

Brother Hui felt as though he had struck the lottery, leading his men as they stumbled out of the alley.

Once Brother Hui and his men had left, the lady took out a phone from her pocket, answering a call: "Officer Liu, I'm in your L district, can you help me check the background of a lady called Mu Zi Xian!"

"Alright, I know what to do! Thank you, Officer Liu, I'll pay you guys a visit in the future."


The lady hung up the phone, looking up towards the night sky as a tinge of loneliness flashed in her eyes.