Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 601

Chapter 601 Odd Boss

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Hearing what God of Puppets said, Wang Yu was slightly taken aback but became happy shortly after.

From the words of Fearless and the rest, Wang Yu knew how difficult this dungeon was going to be. If it was the God of Puppets’ peak phase, Wang Yu would definitely not cause trouble for himself.

After all, even if Wang Yu wanted to take on a BOSS like this one on one, he would minimally want to look at his attributes first.

However, this situation was different. Currently, God of Puppets was only one-tenth of his peak phase.

Even though the words said that 100% strength of God of Puppets would be ten times his strength now, nobody knows the true level of this BOSS’s 100% power. It was definitely going to be more than ten times the strength now.

The skills of this current BOSS were yet to be unlocked and the attributes were only so-so. Moreover, the puppet’s IQ wasn’t even high. To be honest, this fella was not even comparable to the Sixth Apostle.

Even if the God of Puppets’ aggro had yet to be ignited, Wang Yu planned on trying his luck. If he could ignite the aggro, it would be exactly what Wang Yu wants.

In a blink of an eye, the God of Puppets stood up and this fella was over two metres tall, about one head taller than Wang Yu. With a spear on his hand, he exuded immense grandeur.

No wonder this was God’s special fighter. Just the presence alone was on another level compared to any other BOSS Wang Yu had seen.

Wang Yu was not going to lose out when he saw that the God of Puppets was wielding his spear. Wang Yu switched the weapon in his hands as he took out his long pole.

Wang Yu held onto his pole with one hand while the other hand indicated for God of Puppets to come at him. He was clearly trying to provoke him.

Wang Yu learnt this hand signal from Crotch Lord. It was a Guardian’s way of taunting others. Even though Wang Yu was not able to create the [Taunt] effect, Wang Yu’s guts made everyone in the monitoring team stunned.

9527 said in surprise, “Is he trying to taunt Webster?”

“He is only doing the hand signal. There are no skill effects…” Little Zhang replied.

“Of course I know that! But don’t you think it is weird that a level 40 Pugilist would dare to taunt a level 60 Webster?” 9527 asked.

Even though God of Puppets only had one-tenth of its attributes, its 5,000,000 HP and MP and the shocking attack and defense attributes were still a nightmare of any player.

Even an entire squad of level 60 top end experts would not find it easy to deal with Webster, let alone one level 40 Pugilist.

However, Little Zhang did not find it weird that Wang Yu looked like he was trying to pick a fight with Webster.

Little Zhang replied, “Chief, I’ve noticed this fella for quite some time now. In the beginning, my reaction was just like yours, but aren’t we all used to it now?”

“This fella thinks he is so capable just because he externally modified? Did he really think a BOSS that we design is not worth being serious about?” 9527 said in an unpleasant tone.

“Chief, don’t speak too early because we still cannot confirm that he externally modified. Who knows? Maybe he really does know Kung Fu?” Little Zhang couldn’t help but remind 9527 when 9527 kept talking about how Wang Yu externally modified.

“If he hadn’t externally modified, I will swallow a keyboard.” 9527 pointed at Little Zhang’s keyboard as he responded in a fierce manner.

Little Zhang twitched his mouth and said, “Stop fooling around! This a brand-new keyboard and it cost me a few thousand dollars.”

“En?” 9527’s expression changed.

Little Zhang hurried to explain, “I’m just worried that you won’t be able to digest this new keyboard well. I care for your stomach. Let’s continue watching…”


As the two of them spoke, God of Puppets already raised his spear and took great leaps towards Wang Yu. His heavy footsteps shook the entire platform and the menacing spear in his hands was aimed towards Wang Yu with a lot of holy grudges.

Exuding grudges was a special effect for BOSS above level 50. The God of Puppet’s spear’s grudges were half a metre long. In addition to the length of the spear, the entire weapon gave God of Puppets an extra three metres reach.

If Wang Yu the blow of this attack, he would undoubtedly die.

However, just as the God of Puppets’ spear was going to pierce through Wang Yu, Wang Yu’s body twisted out of the way. Instead of retreating, he charged forward and swung his long pole on the God of Puppets’s forehead.


A clear sound could be heard and a tiny “-1” appeared on the head of the God of Puppets.

“Eh?” Wang Yu couldn’t help but exclaim.

Against such a heavy armour BOSS like God of Puppets, Wang Yu knew that his attacks would only be effective if he attacked places not covered by the armour. Therefore, he picked the forehead to attack but who knew that his strike didn’t even break through his defence. This was clearly not scientific.

At this moment, God of Puppets swung his spear towards Wang Yu again. Wang Yu bent forward and rolled under the spear. Once again, he took out his pole and struck it against the God of Puppets’ back dimples.


Wang Yu was still unable to break through the defence and he was really confused.

Usually, Wang Yu’s attacks were so terrifying solely because his skill’s completion level always exceeded 100%. This would completely disregard any special effects of any defence. In his two attacks, Wang Yu’s completion level was above 300% so how could it have no effect at all?

At this point in time, Wang Yu was still not the person in the greatest shock. It was 9527. 9527 stared shockingly at the display as he started shaking Little Zhang’s shoulder, “F*ck! Did you see that? He actually dodged that! I told you externally modified right? I told you that right!”

“Chief, don’t make such a big fuss out of that. You’re going to shake me to death. Aren’t these numbers normal…” Little Zhang kept his cool as he pointed to the data display screen beside him.

“How? How is this possible? This is a level 60 BOSS!” 9527 responded.

This was the first time 9527 saw Wang Yu solo fought a BOSS. In his subconsciousness, while Webster might not be a nimble BOSS, he was still 20 levels above Webster. His attacks were relatively quick and even if Wang Yu’s speed was enough, he shouldn’t have been able to dodge that attack in that situation.

However, Wang Yu easily avoided both attacks without breaking a sweat. In fact, he even managed to counter-attack in the split second after dodging. How is this possible?

“You’re forgetting that he knows Kung Fu again.” Little Zhang replied.

“Kung… F*ck! Stop spouting nonsense!” 9527 was infuriated.

While God of Puppets was only a low IQ monster, he was still a stage BOSS who wouldn’t be lacking in combat awareness. Just as Wang Yu rolled under his strike, his other hand held onto another sword as it looked to slice towards Wang Yu’s head.

Wang Yu rolled forward once more as he rolled to the legs of the God of Puppets. At the same time, his long pole struck against the ground and his entire body flew up. From below, Wang Yu used his three chain kicks on the chin of God of Puppets. God of Puppets trembled after he was kicked by Wang Yu and Wang Yu used his momentum to land outside of the God of Puppets’ range of attacks.





Four numbers appeared above God of Puppets’s head.

“Eh? That easy again?” Wang Yu was surprised as he started looking at the God of Puppets in details.