Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 611

Chapter 611 A Letter

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The hidden dungeon’s drop rate was indeed impressive. At first try, he already got an obsidian. However, although this equipment’s attributes were strong, it was not very practical.

Firstly, this was a level 60 weapon and so at this stage, no one could use it. Secondly, all four skills of this equipment were aggressive ones. It would be a lot more useful if every skill was matched with a weapon but if all of them were matched to the same weapon, a Warrior or Knight’s MP would be insufficient for them to utilise this, requiring a lot of intelligence.

An intelligent warrior, this could perhaps be a creative method to play…

“What rubbish is this? Am I a beggar?” Looking at the Cross Blade’s attribute, everyone was upset. Wang Yu had such a huge flair for picking such weird items.

The second weapon was also an obsidian, the Cross Rifle, which had similar attributes as the Cross Blade. It was an important accessory for the servants of God.

“Two obsidians in a row. Old Bull, seems like your luck today isn’t very good.” Ming Du could not keep his mouth shut.

For equipments with very low practical usage, their attributes and level are very disproportionate. This was known as a disguise. It was also a form of luck to pick a disguised one. It was not much easier to pick two disguised obsidians in a row than to pick two rare obsidians in a row.

This showed how bad Wang Yu’s luck was. There was no other way. The dungeon’s reward was tagged to the completion rate. Since Wang Yu used tricks to kill the BOSS, he only managed to get the disguised obsidian because he took him on one-on-one. If the God of Puppets was killed purely by tricks, even the silver equipments would be disguised ones.

“Enough, it is not bad that I passed the quest. Say anymore and I won’t give you any useful items.” Wang Yu rebutted Ming Du and continued searching the corpse.

Quickly, Wang Yu picked out the third equipment. It was a pair of wings. Based on its looks, it was the pair on the God of Puppets’ back.

Angel’s Wings (Cloak) (Damaged) (Reparable) (Cannot be worn)

Item introduction: The symbol of an Angel’s strength. The special equipment for specific places.

“Wow, a cloak! Old Bull indeed picks out the weirdest things.”

Everyone was shocked after Wang Yu shared the Angel’s Wings attributes in the guild chat.

“Huh, what a great fashion piece and yet it can’t be used. Old Bull, what kind of luck do you have?!”

Everyone felt pitiful after seeing the Angel’s Wings usage conditions.

“Nothing to be pitiful about. This thing will hamper my movements…” Honestly, Wang Yu indeed did not want this Angel’s Wings as Pugilists’ movements had to be sharp. Obviously this cloak was not suitable for battles.

“What do you know! Do you know how much this costs?” Seeing Wang Yu’s attitude made everyone kick up a fuss.

“If you don’t want it, give it to me. I can earn a few hundreds of gold by just selling it at the system store.”

“Really?” Hearing what everyone said, Wang Yu’s expression changed. Wang Yu’s wife opened a store and so naturally, he knew how despicable the system store was. An item worth a dozen gold was worth only a dozen silver at the system store. It must be ridiculously expensive if these wings could be sold for hundreds of gold.

“Of course, this is a fashion piece!” Everyone exclaimed.

Fashion pieces were relatively rare. Even veteran players like those in Quan Zhen Sect had only heard of them but never owned one.

After all, <> was a battle-style game between swords and spells. The clothes and accessories were geared towards battle styles with no emphasis on fashion. Some equipments were extremely useful but looked extremely ugly, such as Wang Yu’s Heavenly Silk Armour which looked like a turtle’s shell on him. People would more likely die from laughing at it than be killed by Wang Yu.

The most important thing was that other than legendary clothing equipments, all the clothing equipments in the game were mass produced. Players of the same job and level would have exactly the same outfits.

Male players wanted more individualistic styling while female players hated to wear same clothing. Hence, many players had reflected their opinions to the game’s company on the forum. The company reacted quickly and launched a fashion store system just before the game went public. They not only resolved the issue but also managed to earn some money, killing two birds in one stone.

The game’s company seemed to be ashamed of their shameless acts and hence, at the same time, also announced that monsters could also drop fashion pieces.

However, the game’s company had full control over the drop rate. At the current stage, all the seen fashion pieces were those bought from the game store. No one had heard of anyone picking any up.

The fashion pieces cost quite an amount in the store. Even the cheapest ones were at least a hundred gold. Although fashion pieces had no attributes and were only worn for their appearances, they were a symbol of wealth. It was perfect for rich players who wanted to flaunt their wealth.

Quan Zhen Sect were not the type to spend money on such things, so Wang Yu never understood what they were.

Although Ming Du’s Hundred Flowers Outfit was not a fashion piece, it had the attribute to change one’s image and hence, its price was speculated sky high for one period of time…

Angel’s Wings was the most expensive cloak amongst the fashion pieces. Furthermore, this pair of wings looked extraordinary and also had special attributes. Even normal fashion pieces were so expensive, naturally, Angel’s Wings was much more.

“I see.” Wang Yu heard their words then casually opened the [Magical Refining] reforge page and threw the Angel’s Wing into it.

[Magical Refining] could reforge and repair equipments. Logically speaking, it could repair the Angel’s Wings. However, after it was thrown in, a system notification appeared: Special items cannot be reforged. Please upgrade your daily skills.

“…” Wang Yu was speechless after seeing the notification. This thing was indeed so valuable that the system did not want to help him.

“Fine, I shan’t repair it then. I’ll just earn some money from the store.”

Wang Yu was easy to get rid of. Once he saw that it could not be repaired, he categorised the Angel’s Wings as recyclable at the store then continued searching the BOSS’ corpse.

The last thing he found was not an equipment nor a skill book, but a letter.

The Demon Teacher, Regis’, letter: Special item. This letter can activate the job quest “Immigrant of Atlanta”.

“I want it, mine!” Ming Du started yelling after seeing the letter before anyone else realised what it was.

“Shut up, do you know what it is? If you do, it’s yours. Or else, zip your mouth.” Fearless said in annoyance.

“Obviously, the Demon Teacher, Regis. It must be a Magician’s job quest.” Ming Du said, “Most likely a Hero’s job quest.”

“Rubbish, who is Regis? Is there such a person amongst the Seven Heroes?” Fearless continued annoyedly.

Ming Du thought and said, “Who cares about him? Maybe he is Grand Wizard Reynold’s teacher.”

Spring Halo laughed, “Or maybe Shaman’s teacher. After all, Magicians’ jobs are quite limited. Since the Atlanta City’s NPC is so special, maybe he has access to both Light and Dark Factions.