Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Young Wizard Reynolds

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After everything was prepared, everyone walked towards what was previously called Dead Spirit City and now Dead Spirit Town.

After the previous lesson learnt, Berserk Thundergod intentionally warned his men to do everything in low-profile. They must not cause any additional trouble.

Because of the decrease in level of the main city in Dead Spirit Town, this place was still a mess. There was no one in the training area and everyone arrived at the pier of the Ocean of Death without any mishap.

After the opening of Atlanta City, the swamp beneath the pier disappeared. The entrance had turned into a black whirlpool emitting a rotten smell.

The depth of the whirlpool couldn’t be seen which made it extremely terrifying.

“This is the entrance?” An astonished Berserk Thundergod questioned. Other than Wang Yu and co, the only people who had jumped in before were the players from Golden Axe Metal Horse. Because Berserk Thundergod died early, he hadn’t seen the entrance previously. Now that he saw how terrifying it looked, he was naturally slightly fearful.

Ming Du looked at Berserk Thundergod with disdain before jumping down first. Following which, everyone received the notification to enter the dungeon.

“Eh? This isn’t right. We didn’t enter the dungeon like that previously, right?” Wang Yu asked as he furrowed his brows.

According to the original flow, one had to enter the Ocean of Death before activating the dungeon. Now, jumping in would kickstart the dungeon already.

Everyone else looked at Wang Yu in shock because Wang Yu looked like he had discovered something impressive.

The other players from Quan Zhen Sect felt extremely awkward because they had forgotten that Wang Yu was a gaming idiot. He wasn’t even aware of the simple differences between that of a dungeon quest and a normal dungeon.

Looking at how Wang Yu leaked his lack of knowledge here, Fearless hurriedly explained, “There’s nothing to be surprised about. Just like the faction dungeon in Twilight City, there are several significant differences between dungeon quest and the ordinary scenario dungeon.”

“Oh, I see. This is interesting,” Wang Yu responded.

The Berserk Heavenlaw’s players by the side were even more amused as they couldn’t help but discuss, “I thought everyone from the Quan Zhen Sect are experts? How did an idiot like him get inside their guild?”

“It is normal to have idiot ah. I’ve even heard that the majority of their players are lunatics…”

While everyone was still gossiping, the scenario changed, and everyone followed Ming Du into the dungeon.

After entering the dungeon, everyone, including Quan Zhen Sect, was dumbfounded.

The current Atlanta City was no longer the broken ruins at the bottom of the Ocean of Death. Replacing it was extremely majestic large-scale main city.

The most drastic change was the environment. Above their heads were no longer gloomy waters of the Ocean of Death but bright and blue skies with white clouds.

Looking at the layout of the city, Atlanta City seemed to be even bigger than the biggest main city in the Light Faction, Vatican City. The various architectures in the city were also much more impressive than the ones in Vatican City.

Atlanta City was front facing the ocean and the behind it was a continuous long and unbroken stretch of towering mountains. The Quan Zhen Sect was not unfamiliar with this mountain range as it was the Lawrence Mountain Range. Presently, there were neither any Ironcliff Fortress nor Thunderstorm City. It looked like an ancient Atlanta City.

“Where is this place? How luxurious!” Fearless looked around before asking Wang Yu.

Presently, everyone was on a very high platform and the platform was as big as a plaza. There were magic altars all around.

Looking at the colourful and towering light pillar, Wang Yu immediately responded, “This is the Tower of Elements.”

“Tower of Elements?” Fearless scratched his head as he frowned, “What? How did we end up here?”

The Tower of Elements had no stairs and the only way down was to jump. Looking at the surrounding, the platform was of the same height as the Lawrence Mountain Range. How ridiculous would it be if the first thing they did after entering the dungeon was to jump off a cliff as high as this?

At this moment, an explosion could be heard from above their heads. As everyone looked up, they saw a massive UFO-like flying machine slowly descending from the sky as it landed opposite the crowd of them.

“What? Are they aliens?” Everyone couldn’t help but feel surprised when they saw the UFO. If they could meet aliens by entering a dungeon, jumping off a cliff suddenly seemed worth it.

At the same time, the UFO’s door opened as a young and good-looking man walked out from it.

Everyone sent over their [Probing] skill and not to their surprise, it was filled with question marks.

After seeing the people on the platform, the good-looking man took out a dazzling staff as he pointed it to the crowd. “Are you people sent here by God?”

The good-looking man’s first question stunned everyone.

From the background story, Atlanta City’s NPC was definitely against God. However, this was the ancient Atlanta City where God had yet to do anything to the city. It was highly possible that they still respected God. Therefore, the question as to whether they were sent here by God was definitely not an easy question answer.

To say that they were sent by God? If the people here had already started hating on God, wouldn’t they be seeking an early death? Even though they had two hundred men with them, the good-looking man arrived on a UFO and wielded such an impressive looking staff. One look and everyone could tell that it was a God-grade item. Even two hundred players wouldn’t be able to handle the wrath of an NPC of his level.

To say that they were not sent by God? How are they supposed to explain why they were on the Tower of Elements without any conspiracy?

Just when everyone was tongue-tied, the team leader Ming Du replied, “Why should we tell you who we are? I don’t even know who you are. Why don’t you tell me who you are first?”

The good-looking man paused for a moment before suddenly chuckling. “I like people who ask questions, but it’s a pity that this a special phase where I cannot tell you who I am. You have to answer my question first. Otherwise, I will have to act accordingly.”

As he said that, the good-looking man waved his staff and the initially clear sky turned gloomy and was filled with thunder clouds. The blue lightnings flashed across the dark sky as the thunders were loud and resounding. That was enough to turn everyone’s faces pale.

A simple wave of his staff could cause such a tremendous reaction of heaven and earth? This person was indeed a peak grade NPC and shouldn’t be too far from an actual God. Compared to his lightning technique, normal players’ lightning skills were nothing more than firecrackers.

“You must be Reynolds, right?” At this moment, Fearless walked forward with a smile.

“Oh? You know me?” The good-looking man was slightly taken aback.

“En. I’ve heard of your great name.” Fearless nodded. Even though Reynolds was young and handsome, the shape of his face and eyes were similar to the old man in the library. In addition to the dazzling staff and way of speaking, Fearless was instantly able to recognise him.

“Since you know who I am, you must not be an enemy. Please state your intention here.” After saying that, Reynolds snapped his finger and the dark clouds dispersed.

Fearless was speechless for a second. This Reynolds’ judgement of good and bad guys was truly peculiar.

“I am tasked by someone to help you,” Fearless said.

“I got it. Did my master send you guys here?” Reynolds asked in a surprised tone.

Fearless remained silent.

Reynolds pointed to the flying machine as he said, “My master is currently cultivating within closed doors. You guys should hurry up and follow me down. This place is too dangerous for you. The God’s army is about to catch up.”