Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 627

Chapter 627 The Holy Knights Formation

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“Really? Where is he?” Everyone asked after hearing what Wang Yu said.

Wang Yu said, “I think he should be hiding in the Magicians’ Academy.”

“Unlikely. He is a Prophet. For such an important NPC, we did not even find him in the City Hall. How could he be hiding in the Magicians’ Academy?” Ming Du doubtfully said.

“Because he is Reynolds’ master… Since Reynolds was the job NPC at the library, this had to be his job. Hence, Regis is highly likely a Librarian too,” Wang Yu explained.

“Erm…” Everyone stayed quiet. This explanation was extremely valid with supported assumptions and seemingly had no loopholes.

Yes, everyone neglected the fact that Regis was Reynolds’ master. However, Reynolds’ master need not be a Librarian as Reynolds had also said that Regis was a great Magician master and Scientist.

“He could also be a Magic or Science teacher…” Vainglory rebutted.

“Makes sense. However, where is the library and scientific lab?”

“Magicians’ Academy…”

“That’s it…” Wang Yu said, “So Regis is highly likely to be in the Magicians’ Academy.”

After Fearless heard Wang Yu’s explanation, he agreed, “Old Bull is right. You guys go search the Magicians’ Academy quickly. The players on my end are too weak. I don’t know how long more we can hang on.”

After speaking, Fearless closed the chat window. By then, the second wave of Holy Knights had appeared.

As the road was covered in burning flames and could not be passed through, and with Coulee and Reynolds fighting in the sky, the second wave of Holy Knights could only choose to arrive through climbing over the mountain.

Fearless and Berserk Heavenlaw looked down from the top of the mountain and saw the Holy Knights climbing up.

This wave had fewer Holy Knights than the previous, of around only a hundred of them, who were scattered around in no formations, just like a bunch of tourists.

“Eh, there’s only so few people in the second wave?”

Berserk Thundergod propped himself up and looked at the Holy Knights at the foot of the mountain. He could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

The second wave of monsters was one-tenth of the first. Although they did not have an effective location for an ambush, by just looking at the number of people, it was quite optimistic to have two hundred people against one hundred of them.

“Don’t let your guard down. This is a large dungeon. Have you seen any dungeon quest with a second wave easier than the first?” Moonless Thunder said.

“That’s right. These monsters look way stronger than the previous wave.” Fearless nodded.

“Really? How can you tell? I think they look exactly the same.” Berserk Thundergod did not understand Fearless’ words.

Fearless pushed his glasses on his nose and said, “Look at their waists carefully.”

“Waists?” Berserk Thundergod and Moonless Thunder heard him and quickly looked at the Holy Knights’ waists. Indeed, they found something alarming.

The previous wave of Holy Knights only had two weapons on them, a shield and a cross sword. However, these Holy Knights had a crossbow on top of the shield and sword.

Them having a crossbow meant much more than having other weapons. Having other extra weapons meant that they had an extra option, but a crossbow was not just an option. Its greatest strength is that it gave these iron-clad lads a remote attack ability.

These iron-clad lads originally had high defense and even had healing skills and formations, a full package of complementary skills. Under such a combination, the Holy Knights were already extremely powerful. Now that they could remotely attack, the difficulty for players to survive levelled up as all of Berserk Heavenlaw’s players were Guardians and Magicians… The distance of crossbow attacks was longer than Magicians’.

At this thought, Berserk Thundergod was stunned, “F*ck, how shameless of them. Luckily they don’t have much intelligence. With how scattered they are, we can use our height to take them down one by one.”

After Berserk Thundergod finished, a group of NPCs suddenly appeared from within the forest.

These NPCs had different equipments and were of various jobs. There were even women and children amongst them. Everyone instantly recognised that these NPCs were the civilians of Atlanta City.

“Even women and children have come. Atlanta’s civilians are really courageous.” Moonless Thunder mumbled at this sight. “Rubbish, these Grand Cathedral troops are invaders. It is the duty of everyone to defend their country when it is invaded. This has nothing to do with their culture,” Fearless said.

Moonless Thunder smiled. “Then again, you are also from the Grand Cathedral, right?”

“I am different from them. I only belong to the side of justice,” Fearless said shamelessly.

As they spoke, Atlanta’s civilians had already charged into the vision of the Holy Knights.

Seeing that there were people charging down, the Holy Knights confidently stood at their spot and lifted their crossbow. They aimed at the Atlanta’s civilians and shot an attack.

“This…” Fearless saw how the Holy Knights strategized their positioning and his heartstrings tightened.

After the Holy Knights shot a round, a dozen civilians were killed. Seeing what had happened, the rest quickly dashed up the mountain.

There was quite some difference in terms of going down the mountain and climbing back up. The Holy Knights calmly followed behind the civilians and climbed up the mountain.

“Lol, this is the difference between professional troops and civilian troops.” Moonless Thunder sighed as the difference was too obvious when the civilians who had never fought a battle was compared to the Holy Knights.

“No, you are wrong.” Fearless said, “Individually, there isn’t much difference. In fact, Atlanta City’s NPCs have better equipment. They lose out in terms of formation.”

“What a joke. Aren’t these Holy Knights standing randomly?” Moonless Thunder said.

“Randomly? They are standing in a Waveline Formation,” Fearless said condescendingly.

Fearless was extremely familiar with the Waveline Formation. This was the formation Quan Zhen Sect commonly uses when they were outnumbered. Such a formation could dilute the opponent’s attack effect. For example, based on the Holy Knight’s formation, [Chain Lightning] would not even be able to connect and area spells could only have effect on individuals.

This formation was even more powerful during attacks when they can bring about criss-cross attack effects, able to keep the opponent out of their attack range. Hence, they looked like they were standing randomly but actually, they were in a very useful formation.

Of course, Quan Zhen Sect did not create this formation. It was the forward formation for last century’s Hua Xiaguo troops. Now that technology has improved, marine troops have slowly retired. Only those who have a deep understanding of their military matters remember this formation… Who knew that a designer would be so knowledgeable?

“Damn it. They are indeed in a formation. Our vision is blocked.” Moonless said as he looked down and realised that the Holy Knights were all hiding behind the Atlanta civilians.