Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 629

Chapter 629 Holy Defenders

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“Argh, damn you!” Everyone was shocked at what Regis said. Based on what he said, it seemed like he knew a bit of what time travel was.

“It means we travelled across time to come,” Ming Du explained to Regis.

“The future me asked you guys to look for me?” Regis was indeed a great Scientist and Magician. He not only had the talent. He had a high level of understanding.

“Yes!” Ming Du said.

“Seems like my research is successful but Atlanta was still destructed…” Regis was panting even deeper after hearing Ming Du’s explanation.

“Yes, you don’t need to worry. We found this so quickly tell us the holy hidden ground’s coordinates so we can save your fellow people. Let me tell you, for your clan, we have given up too much. No matter what, you have to let me benefit a bit,” Ming Du convincingly and confidently said.

“Benefit you?” Everyone looked at Ming Du in anger.

“Benefit us!” Ming Du quickly rephrased.

Regis gave out a deep moan and said, “What holy hidden grounds? I have never heard of that…”

“Grand Master Regis, we have said so much and you still don’t trust us?” Ming Du said anxiously.

Regis shook his head and said, “I really don’t know what holy hidden grounds are.”

“Oh…” Ming Du was speechless.

Wang Yu said, “Try rephrasing your question…” holy hidden grounds was the term Reynolds used so Regis could use another term for it.

“Meaning where did you hide several of your clan members? I need to find them to rebuild the Atlanta’s Brilliance in order to gather all your clan member.” Ming Du explained.

“So you want the Atlanta’s Brilliance….” Regis then said, “I can give that to you.”

“Really?” Ming Du was elated as he did not think that this old man was so easygoing.

“Yes.” Regis nodded and said, “So long as you can help us eradicate God and his subordinates, I will give you the Atlanta’s Brilliance.”

Just as Regis finished speaking, Ming Du received a system notification:

“F*ck!!” Ming Du saw the system notification and vomited blood. “Hell quest, damn it!”

Hell quests were one of the scariest chain quests in <>. When players choose their factions, they would have seen it once on the faction’s board.

Light Faction’s quest was to eradicate all outliers and those who did not believe in God in order to bring light back to the mainland.

The Dark Faction’s quest was to kill all the civilians of God and neutral parties to bring the mainland into darkness.

It was highly likely that the players would not be able to complete either of these two missions before the game server is shut down. However, Regis so casually threw one of them out.

Counter-attacking the holy world was not difficult to understand literally. It was simply to attack the holy world to kill God… The Dark Faction had the Seven Apostles whose ultimate aim is to conquer the entire mainland only. Yet, Regis even had the holy world in mind. Compared to him, the two factions are too unambitious.

“Old Reg, do you know what level I am?” Ming Du asked.

Regis looked at Ming Du and casually said, “Level 40.”

“Then do you know what level God and his subordinates are?”

“I obviously don’t know about God’s subordinates but for God, I dare not guess,” Regis said.

“Just tell me straight that you don’t want to tell us. Why bother scaring us?” Vainglory said upsettingly.

Regis laughed coldly and said, “Do you think I am stupid enough to give you my clan’s holy item during our first meeting?”

“What can we do to make you believe us?” Wang Yu asked.

Regis said, “At least resolve my current problem.”

“I am afraid you won’t live to that day…” Ming Du rolled his eyes at Regis and said cruelly.

“That is not for you to worry. I simply used too much magic and my life is in no danger,” Regis said calmly.

The Holy Knights’ Waveline Formation was Quan Zhen Sect’s forte so naturally, Quan Zhen Sect was also an expert at dealing with it.

Under Fearless’ command, Berserk Heavenlaw’s Guardians stood in a row, into the Shield Formation, and moved forward.

When the Holy Knights came within their [Probing] skill’s range, Fearless was finally able to see their attributes.

Holy Defender (LV60) (Elite) (Holy, Army)

HP: 300 000

MP: 200000

Skills: Expert Knight, Holy Gift.

Talent: Oracles

Background Introduction: Holy Defenders have unstoppable strength.

“Damn it. These iron-clad people can match up to a BOSS. I doubt we can defeat them!” Fearless hopelessly.

These were troop monsters whose attributes became stronger with quantity. Without the geographic advantage they had in the first wave, and the 20-level difference, the one hundred people advantage they had were insufficient.

Furthermore, these were the Grand Cathedral’s Knights. The Holy System had always been known for their battle formations and recovery skills. Under a situation with equal men, they can easily wipe out their opponent, and hence, even more so when dealing with Berserk Heavenlaw, this bunch of lowly-skilled.

As both sides advance forward several more metres, the Holy Defenders were finally in the Magicians’ attack range.

On the other hand, the Holy Defenders saw Berserk Heavenlaw approaching then stood still and lifted the crossbow in their hands.

“Oh no, protect the NPCs!” Fearless hurriedly ordered.

The crossbow’s criss-cross attack was not target-specific. If they fought, the NPCs who were in the middle of both sides would definitely be injured.

According to how shameless the system was, even if it was just accidentally killing NPCs during defense, it would lower the players’ completion rate.

Upon receiving Fearless’ orders, the Guardians neatly lifted their shields and covered themselves while charging forward to shield the NPCs.

“Ding ding, dang dang!”

One round of attacks by the Holy Defenders was blocked completely by the Guardians’ Hinder values.

“Surround!” Fearless ordered again.

When the Guardians received the order, they moved from the original straight line into a semicircle, surrounding the Holy Defenders.

Although there were one hundred Holy Defenders, they stood very sparsely. Berserk Heavenlaw’s Guardians connected in a full circle, forming a large circle outside them. They trapped the dozen of Holy Defenders in the front in a smaller circle.

“Tighten!” Fearless ordered once more.

After they received the order, they tightened the formation, forcing the trapped Holy Knights to gather tightly together.

Just then, Magicians who were standing beyond the Holy Defenders’ range threw several [Chain Lightning].

100 Magicians simultaneously threw [Chain Lightning] on the ten-odd Holy Defenders and within one round, more than half of these iron-clad monsters’ HP disappeared.

“There’s an entrance!” Seeing the situation, Moonless Thunder was elated. “Another round of fireballs!”

Soon after, one hundred big fireballs were thrown into the circle. At the same time, the Holy Defenders turned the weapon in their hands into shields and lifted it to cover themselves. A huge spell formation appeared below them and white light descended upon on them. This wave of fireballs not only did not wipe the Knights out, the Knights’ HP even recovered to 80%.