Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 638

Chapter 638 God Of Puppets

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The players from Berserk Heavenlaw might be useless but they weren’t immovable soil. After hearing Fearless’ command to spread out, they subconsciously understood Fearless’ plan. Seeing Fearless jumped to the side, everyone else followed suit.

The players’ current position was near the edge of the cliff. Due to the limited IQ of the Holy Rulers and the impaired vision due to the pink fog, they charged in formation towards the direction of Fearless’ previous position.

In the very next moment, the Holy Rulers charged to the edge of the cliff.

As elite NPCs, the Holy Rulers charged across over ten metres and to the players’ surprise, they jumped off the cliff uniformly.

“Boom!!” Seconds later, a thunderous sound followed. This single thunderous sound proved that under the effect of gravity, even those of different weights would land on the ground at the same time.

After hearing that loud sound, the players left on the cliff hurried over to the edge to take a look. All they saw was that the Holy Rulers were struggling to get on their feet while being in flames.

“F*ck! Why are they not dead?” Everyone was dumbfounded at that sight.

In this game, the damage for falling off a significant height was calculated to be very high. To be able to get back on their feet after falling off such a high cliff was simply ridiculous.

“What are you guys staring at?! Hurry up and find rocks to throw down!” Fearless almost exploded in fury after seeing how the Berserk Heavenlaw players simply stood there to watch the show.

Everyone’s face turned red as they hurriedly obeyed Fearless’ orders.

At this moment, the Holy Rulers were already halfway back up the mountain. With so many people throwing rocks at them, all of them fell back down like dumplings.

After this repeated for several times, the Holy Rulers were constantly smashed off the mountain. The damage from the initial fall was already quite significant so in addition to the flames and falling rocks, those Holy Rulers were finally tortured to death.

“F*ck! Ruling Official Coulee!” After seeing this notification, everyone looked upwards at the sky.

Fearless’ face turned black when he saw the notification. He would never expect that the final BOSS would be Ruling Official Coulee. If it was any other BOSS, Fearless was confident that he could still buy some time. However, Ruling Official Coulee was the vicious man who cleaved a mountain with his sword. In this current game, other than the minute few BOSS, no one was probably a match for this fella.

Could he really depend on these useless buggers from Berserk Heavenlaw to handle an NPC of this calibre? This must be a joke, right? Even if the entire Quan Zhen Sect was here, they would not even be enough to go against one slash of Ruling Official Coulee.

“Are you guys done yet? My side isn’t going to last any longer!” an anxious Fearless asked.

“Not yet! We’re still trying to get the last fragment out!” Wang Yu answered.

Quan Zhen Sect was also in the team so they would have seen the system notification too. They knew that the last BOSS was not someone they could deal with.

However, Regis was truly a pain in the a**. After the five fragments were stolen from him so easily, the last piece seemed to be non-existent. Frost Blade’s [Pickpocket] was successful for a few times now but he only managed to retrieve useless rubbish. He simply couldn’t find the last fragment.

Just when they were conversing, Reynolds had chased after Coulee and arrived above Fearless and co.

Even though the previous battle was merely animation, Fearless could tell that Coulee’s strength was somewhat inferior to Reynolds. Otherwise, the close combat battle between a Warrior and a Magician shouldn’t last this long.

At this moment, Coulee’s army was completely wiped out so he was no longer in the mood for zealous fighting. Every move executed by him was tireless and lacked in energy. Seeing that Reynolds had overwhelmed Coulee significantly, everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief.

The two of them had been going at each other for a while now. Reynolds finally knew how to hurt Coulee effectively as an explosive flame forced him back several metres.

At this point, Coulee took out his scroll as he shouted furiously, “All these traitors! Go to hell!”

As Coulee said that, he opened up the scroll and a dazzling holy light descended from above. The entire sky was covered in white. Shortly after that, the corpses of the Holy Knights who were ravaged by players instantly turned into white light as they flew into the sky to merge with the holy light.

Everyone knew that this was merely a CG animation of the game. However, they were inevitably shocked at the effort of the game-makers to make this look exceedingly real.

The holy light lasted for a full thirty seconds before diminishing. As the holy light disappeared, a weird looking armoured Knight with white wings on his back appeared beside Coulee.

This weird Knight has four pair of arms and they were holding the Cross Blade, Cross Spear, Cross Bow, Sacred Halo, Sacred Ray, Holy Cross Shield and Staff. No one knew how strong this person was but he really did look exaggerated.

If Wang Yu was here, he would definitely be able to recognise that this weird person was the God of Puppets from the Tower of Elements. Even though the God of Puppets that Wang Yu met back then was not as exaggerated as this one, the basic features didn’t change much.

“Servant of God, sweep up these traitors of God in front of you!” Coulee pointed at the players as the God of Puppets landed in front of the dumbfounded players. With one sweep of his spear, he swept all the surrounding players away. Only Fearless managed to dodge the attack with his high-level manoeuvrability.

The God of Puppets raised one of his arms and the Sacred Ray, as well as Sacred Halo, was shot towards Fearless.

If this was during normal circumstances, given Fearless’ laziness, he would definitely not bother trying to survive in a sure-death situation like this. However, Fearless raised his staff in an attempt to buy more time for Wang Yu and the rest.

One had to admit that with Fearless’ capability to react and manipulation accuracy, he wouldn’t be considered weak in any professional team. With exception to the two freaks like Wang Yu and Yang Nuo, those who knew Fearless well such as Ming Du and Spring Halo would not even be confident of defeating Fearless in terms of manoeuvrability.

Otherwise, wouldn’t Fearless be considered proud and arrogant in front of the Quan Zhen Sect? If Fearless didn’t have this same capability, he wouldn’t be able to lead this group of rascals.

As the Sacred Halo was about to hit Fearless’ head, he raised his staff to add a ‘dispersion’ on his head. Following that, he rolled backwards which neutralize the God of Puppets’ attack.

After witnessing how Fearless avoided his own attack, God of Puppets shot an arrow with no emotions at Fearless. Immediately after that, God of Puppets raised his shield and charged at Fearless.

Fearless supported himself with a barrier to deflect the attack once more. He quickly swallowed a bottle of recovery medicine before using some healing spells on himself just to pull his health back to full bar.

Presently, God of Puppets’ other arms were constantly on the move to destroy Fearless’ barrier.