Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Hell Queen Andrea

After they finished touching the boss, the Quan Zhen Sect members quickly consumed a few potions to return to their best condition and enter the church. As they were about to go in, Spring Halo took out a small shovel and dug out a few plants at a corner of the wall.

With a laugh, Wang Yu put on a very knowledgeable expression and asked: "I didn't know that you were a Pharmacist Brother Spring! Are you gathering these to make mixtures?"

Based on what Mu Zi Xian had said the previous day, the herbs found in dungeons could be used to make mixtures. Having learnt this, Wang Yu was trying to put the knowledge into practise

"Mixtures?" Spring Halo was stunned for a few moments before vigorously shaking his head: "Definitely not!"

"Then why are you gathering these for?" Wang Yu asked in confusion.

"To make poisons of course! Is there even anyone who can craft mixtures now?" Spring Halo replied.

"Ohhhh ok then" Wang Yu nodded in understanding and then suddenly remembered something: "Oh right I have a few friends that want to join our guild."

"Friends? Are they experts too?" Fearless asked. Since the Quan Zhen Sect was small, what was most important was the quality of their members. A few more people on near Wang Yu's level was definitely welcome.

"No" Wang Yu shook his head. The four girls really didn't have any abilities. They were barely comparable to the average player after all

Wang Yu's words had put Fearless in a tough spot. But as the guild leader Fearless had the do the right thing and said: " Brother Bull it's not that I'm trying to make things difficult for you, but you know how our Quan Zhen Sect works. If they don't have some abilities then it's very likely we'll kick them out"

"Alright then, I guess I better tell her the bad news." Wang Yu had already guessed that this would have been the result. He hadn't harboured any expectations and sad just trying his luck.

"Her? Are all your friends girls?" Fearless suddenly jolted.

"Yea they are!"

"Actually Our Quan Zhen Sect really is too small. A few more members wouldn't hurt!" Fearless shamelessly declared.

"Can you not be so desperate?" Wang Yu's face darkened.

"Well since they're Brother Bull's friends them I'm sure they're outstanding in their own way!" Boson agreed.

"She can craft mixtures!" Wang Yu nodded.

"Mixtures?! There's a sub-class like that?" Everyone cried out in shock.

"It's the hidden class Alchemist. I helped her with the quest for it yesterday! She can make middle-grade recovery medicines too!" Wang Yu replied.

"F**k me are you serious??? She can even craft middle grade recovery medicines?"

Since everyone here was an expert, they naturally knew the value of middle-grade recovery medicines at this stage in the game and hurriedly said: "Quickly add them! We definitely need people like this!"

Seeing everyone agree to his Wang Yu's request, Wang Yu quickly said: "Sure! After we clear this dungeon then."

The second stage of the dungeon was in the main hall of the church. The monsters in this stage were Black Bats and Gargoyles.

HP: 20000

MP: 2000

Skills: [Flight], [Stone Skin]

HP: 5000

MP: 5000

Skills: [Flight], [Leech]

Both of the monsters that spawned in this stage were flying monsters. The Gargoyle's [Stone Skin] made it completely immune to magic attacks, making it tough for the Quan Zhen Sect to handle. The Black Bats were incredibly fast and would constantly use [Leech] to drain the player's health.

Fortunately, the number of monsters in this area weren't high. After Wang Yu and the rest cleared the monsters, the boss of the second stage started to spawn.

HP: 100000

MP: 50000

Skills: [Summon], [Origin of Darkness], [Rebirth]

Fallen Priest David was actually very similar a Dark Shaman. Aside from having low attack, he could summon other monsters and heal himself. (Dark Shamans healing abilities would change to [Origin of Darkness] after job advancement and could only heal themselves.)

Just like the David in the normal tier dungeon, this one casted crowd control spells one after another, causing the Quan Zhen Sect to curse the designers' mothers. He was simply a stronger version of Spring Halo!

Fortunately, David was wearing cloth armour, which caused his physical defense to be very low. After being killed him twice, the second boss finally stayed dead.

The one who touched the corpse this time was Frost Blade.

David very generously dropped an uncommon Dark Shaman skill, [Boost Vitality].

This skill was meant to buff the ghosts from [Call of the Void]. Since there was only one copy of [Call of the Void], it was only natural that this supplementary skill was unique as well.

When he saw the skill book, Sorting Halo couldn't stop himself from trembling in excitement. He had been looking for this supplementary skill for a long time and now it just fell into his lap! Truly worthy of the first kill bonus.

Seeing that Fallen Priest David had dropped an uncommon skill, Ming Du eyes turn green with envy and he excitedly gripped his staff.

The next boss Andrea was a Magician type boss so the first kill would definitely reward them with some Magician related items.

Killing their way into the inner sanctum, the Quan Zhen Sect easily wiped out all the monsters in their path, causing a fiery vortex to form on the ground.

"Foolish heathens! You dare disturb the sleep of queen Andrea???"

When the vortex dissipated, it revealed the figure of a woman with messy hair and a crazed look in her eyes.

HP: 200000

MP: 100000

Skills: [Hell Inferno], [Flaming Barrage], [Hell Queen's Disposition]

As the nun which was chosen by the dark forces, Andrea was indeed incredibly beautiful. It was just that her clothes were very outlandish.

The problem wasn't that her clothes were hideous, it was that they practically didn't exist! She only had three tiny pieces of cloth covering her privates!

No wonder that little kid Vainglory almost caused them to get wiped out. This kind of scene was too stimulating for children.

Looking at Andrea, Wang Yu couldn't help but mumble: "You can't be serious Isn't this a bit too revealing"

"It is a bit But I like it!" Fearless smilingly licked his lips.

The rest merely continued staring at her body while nodding in agreement to Fearless' words. The most excited one was still Vainglory who looked like he was on the verge of having a nosebleed.

They really were a pack of hungry wolves Wang Yu could only helplessly sigh at the sight.

"Taste my hell fire!"

While they were still talking and ogling at Andrea, she had already finished her dialogue and had started attacking. Streak after streak of fire covered the sky and shot towards the eight of them.

Crotch Lord quickly raised his shield to block while Fearless started casting [Heal] and kept his health above 80%.

After 10 seconds, the rain of fire had yet to stop and the eight of them were pushed back again and again. It gave off the feeling that her skill wouldn't end!

"Isn't this a like too fierce? Her [Flaming Barrage] only shot twenty arrows last time but now it's been over forty and she isn't stopping!" Crotch Lord cried out.

"No shit sherlock! Of course the Elite tier is going to be much fiercer than Normal!Don't worry her limit in Elite is fifty arrows!" Fearless replied.

Just as Fearless finished speaking, Andrea's [Flaming Barrage] stopped as well. Before they even had the time to take a breath, the ground suddenly began to heat up before bursting into a sea of flames!

"F**k!" Facing a ground attack like this, there was no way for Crotch Lord to block it with his shield at all. After cursing, he immediately ran out of the sea of flames.

Following his example, the rest all used their own movement skills to escape from Andrea's [Hell Inferno].

The most easy going one was still Spring Halo. [Distortion] was more than a simple crowd control skill, it even had the effect of nullifying all magic within the area! In its area, not a streak of flame could have been seen. With [Distortion] cast beneath him, Spring Halo casually walked out of the [Hell Inferno].

Without their own movement skills, Ming Du and Fearless were unable to escape Andrea's AOE skill and had been roasted to the point of tears.

Thankfully, Wang Yu had jumped behind Fearless to kick him out of the area and used [Void Seizing Palms] to pull Ming Du to safety.

"Despicable! Die in hell you filthy heathens!"

Seeing that they had escaped from the sea of flames, she cast [Flaming Barrage] again.

Fearless quickly cast [Heal] on the party to bring them full health as he shouted: "F**k! These two skills last so long and their cooldowns are so low! At this rate, we're just going to be roasted to death! If only we could disrupt her skills!"

"Disrupt her? That's simple!" Wang Yu suddenly lit up.