Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 650

Chapter 650 Quest Reward

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With all the six fragments collected, Ming Du was about to submit them when Wang Yu stopped him.

“Old Bull, what’s wrong?” Ming Du asked as he did not understand why Wang Yu did that.

Wang Yu said, “Isn’t your quest about the coordinates? These are all fragments. This old man is crafty, he might not give it to you.”

Wang Yu had been taken advantage of by word-plays too many times and so he was extremely alert. Since the quest wanted the coordinates of the holy hidden grounds, they minimally had to analyse the fragments first. Based on the system’s habit, once it took the items, it would not return the items to them.

Ming Du heard his words and was pale from the scare. He fearfully said, “Phew, I almost got tricked again.”

He spent so much energy on top of an extra ten thousand gold coins to gain these fragments. Obviously he would not hand them over so easily.

At this thought, Ming Du asked Reynolds, “Can you analyse the coordinates on these six fragments?”

“Cannot!” Reynolds shook his head and said while deducting 200 gold coins from Ming Du.

“Cannot? Why not?” Ming Du was angry. He was obviously cheating him.

Reynolds said, “Because it is not within my abilities.” Another 200 gold coins was deducted from Ming Du.

“I…” Ming Du vomited blood.

This fragment was a quest item, and Reynolds was the one who created the quest. It was impossible that he could not analyse the fragment’s coordinates.

Just as Ming Du was about to rage when Fearless held him back and said, “You should not ask this way.”

“Then how should I ask?” Ming Du was slightly stunned.

“What is the secret behind this fragment?” Fearless took the fragment and asked Reynolds.

“1000 gold coins!” Right after Reynolds announced the price, Fearless was another 1000 gold coins poorer.

Then, Reynolds slowly said, “This sixth fragment is the holy hidden ground.”

“This is the holy hidden ground? Who are you kidding?” After they heard what Reynolds said, not only Ming Du and the rest of Quan Zhen Sect, even Wang Yu was dumbfounded.

The holy hidden ground was where the Atlanta’s people were hiding. This palm-size, square object could not even fit a hand. How could it hide all of Atlanta’s people?

Before Reynolds could deduct more money, Fearless explained, “He is right, this is the holy hidden ground. Have you guys forgotten about the spaceship we made in the dungeon?”

“Spaceship?” Hearing what Fearless just mentioned, everyone remembered that flying equipment which looked just the size of a car but could hold more than two hundred people.

“It’s a space spell?” Spring Halo was surprised.

“It isn’t space spell, it’s space technology.” Fearless said, “In the dungeon, Reynolds said that it was their research in time and space which were banned that caused their civilisation to be eradicated.”

“Damn, space technology? Particle transmission or the fourth dimension?” Boson was curious.

Spring Halo said, “Obviously it is the fourth dimension. Particle transmission is for teleportation…”


… Quan Zhen Sect started discussing seriously but Wang Yu was totally clueless as to what these guys were discussing about.

“What is particles? What is Schrödinger?” Wang Yu asked as he poked Fearless.

Plainly speaking, the particles are unpredictable. Meaning that before the seal is opened, no one knew what was inside…

“Oh, is this related to the holy hidden ground?”

“Of course, if we don’t open the holy hidden ground, no one would know how those people in are living…” Fearless said.

“Oh, then it should be called Reynolds’ Rubik’s Cube.” Wang Yu asserted.

“You are smarter than this bunch of bookworms who tries to assert reality in the game!” Fearless praised Wang Yu, then said, “Hence, this sixth fragment should be the legendary fragment of the Atlanta’s Sparkle. That is why it is said that to save the Atlanta people, all fragments of the Atlanta’s Sparkle will have to be collected. We might be going into a dungeon but actually, it is travelling through time and space.”

“I see, but why can’t Reynolds go personally?”

“Because time cannot be reversed. As someone who had been there, if he returned, time and space would be in chaos,” Fearless said.

“Sh*t, playing this game requires so much knowledge.”

“The game does not require so much knowledge, we have complicated it. Based on the game’s terminology, we went to a dungeon and brought him equipment for sealing. Anyone who tries to find reality in the game is an idiot!” Fearless said as he pointed at Boson and Spring Halo.

“Aiya, I wanted you guys to ask me about it but you guys figured it out on your own.” Reynolds sounded disappointed but his expression said that he expected it. It seems like he knew that based on Fearless’ intelligence, it would not be difficult for him to guess the connection here.

With Reynolds verifying Fearless’ guess, the name of the fragment in Fearless’ hand changed from an unknown fragment to Atlanta’s Sparkle fragment.

Ming Du agitatedly snatched the sixth fragment from Fearless and passed it to Reynolds.

“Completion rate of 60%? Why? Didn’t we give you all the fragments?” Ming Du asked unhappily.

Reynolds chuckled and said, “Do I still need to mention how you guys got the fragments? You guys did not even complete a single quest background story. It is for these six fragments that you guys even have 60%.”

Reynolds’ words made everyone ashamed with guilt. Based on the system hints, they could gain five fragments by helping Regis or the God’s Punishment Army. However, due to Quan Zhen Sect’s manpower issue, they used violence and stole the fragments… It was not bad that they even received a 60% completion rate.

“This is your reward” Reynolds waved his arm and sent two rays of lightning into Ming Du’s body.

Soon after, Ming Du received a system notification.

You have gained the Grand Wizard’s blessing and gained a passive skill: [Escape].

Escape: You will be able to break through any magic spells and can learn all spells.

You have gained a special skill, “Sealing Spell”

Unsealing Spell: Special skill. You can use your palm print to release spells. Magic consumption reduced by 50%, magic power increased by 50%. The [Silence] skill has no effect on it.>

Upon receiving the system notification, Ming Du was so happy that his mucus started flowing out. It was just in name to become an official disciple of the Grand Wizard Reynolds but these two skills were indeed very good practical things.

Although mixed system Magicians knew two systems’ spells, magic spells were hard to master. Often, mixed system Magicians could not learn spells with huge effects such as [Chain Lightning] which belonged to a sole system. Now that he had the [Escape] skill, Ming Du could learn all the magic spells and combine all the spells with huge effects. This way, his power did not only grow by a bit.

The [Unsealing Spell] was even better. It reduced his magic consumption and increased his strength exponentially. Just the ability to ignore the [Silence] skill alone made all the other Magicians envious as it was as good as a holy skill.

After Ming Du received the rewards, he was so excited on his own. Reynolds sighed at the sight of Ming Du then turned to look at Wang Yu. “I heard you were the one who killed the God of Puppets?”