Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Deciding On The Squad

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As a Martial Artist, Wang Yu loved fighting and enjoyed the thrill of fighting. However, if he were to fight ordinary people like Sanguine Warflag, it wouldn’t take him more than a second to do so. There was simply no thrill in doing so. In fact, he would rather spend this time to kill a BOSS in some dungeon quest.

“…” Hearing Wang Yu’s reply, Sanguine Warflag’s heart shattered into pieces. Even though Sanguine Warflag couldn’t be considered a professional level expert, he was still the leader of the Sanguine Alliance. To be honest, Sanguine Warflag couldn’t be considered weak as well but in Wang Yu’s eyes, he was completely insignificant.

“Which is why we don’t play such things.” Fearless continued, “The higher-level experts are all in the league tournament. For a tournament with this pre-season model, you wouldn’t be able to join without accumulating enough points. However, accumulating those points will waste our time. As we don’t have large guilds to supply us with equipment, there is no point in wasting this time. Unless you choose to join their squad.”

“We will always welcome you.” Sanguine Warflag’s spirits were lifted when he heard what Fearless said.

“That is even more meaningless…” Wang Yu’s one sentence was enough to extinguish Sanguine Warflag’s excitement.

“How about we form a squad?” Wang Yu said regretfully, “I really do want to fight hand to hand against those so-called professional experts.”

Wang Yu had met some professional experts before and the Apocalypse’s Thunderlord Block was an extremely rare opponent.

“This…” Fearless and Boson all revealed a helpless expression.

However, people like Crotch Lord and Darknorth Fisher were pretty happy too. These two fellas joined them with the intention of being a professional competitor. They knew how fortunate they would be to be able to team up with an extreme expert like Wang Yu.

Vainglory, Frost Blade and the two ladies were feeling more equivocal about it.

Frost Blade was his own Boss so he could play the game anytime he wished. The key was that he could earn some money while playing with friends. Vainglory and Yang Nuo were both children of wealthy entrepreneurs who weren’t lacking in money. Ling Longmeng would also be willing to join in the crowd.

Fearless thought for a while before saying, “It isn’t impossible to form a squad to compete. During the actual competition, we can afford to take leaves to compete. However, the pre-season accumulation of points is way too taxing. We already have limited time to play this game, how can we fork out even more time to accumulate those points?”

“Hehe!” Wang Yu chuckled. “After we form our squad, I will go and accumulate the points by myself.” At this moment, Wang Yu was actually pretty quick-witted.

“Not possible…” Before Wang Yu finished his sentence, Sanguine Warflag interrupted him, “For the league tournament, every single person has to hit the minimum number of points to enter. Even if the entire squad turned up, if the individual member didn’t hit the minimum points, the squad wouldn’t be allowed to compete.”

“What? Why?” Wang Yu couldn’t understand.

“Prevent people from fighting on behalf of others ah,” Fearless explained.

In this virtual world, nobody knew who was the one playing the game. There were scandals about people fighting for others in such tournament previously. To put an end to such a phenomenon, the game workers put in a lot of effort. If Wang Yu could think of such an idea, the gaming company would have thought of it too. Therefore, they wouldn’t want anybody to exploit this gap.

Even though Sanguine Warflag wanted Wang Yu to help accumulate points too, his own men would still accumulate points by themselves. They merely wanted to advance to be able to fight in the tournament.

Fearless and co. were different. The moment they spared time to accumulate points, their equipment would drop. In such a tournament, a player’s equipment was the most important asset. Going without equipment would be a wasted trip.

Therefore, squads without the support of a large guild like the Sanguine Alliance wouldn’t make it far.

The Quan Zhen Sect only had slightly over ten members and they were merely playing for fun. It would be a joke for them to form a combat squad.

“Are there no way to get the best of both worlds?” Wang Yu asked.

“I think there is one!” Sanguine Warflag said, “During this pre-season period, the system will organise a ‘Professional Single-Elimination Open Tournament’ where the champion of every major district would be able to disregard the points system to automatically enter the league tournament.”

There were two sides to the points system. After all, the game had limited resources, there weren’t many squads with enough support to accumulate the points. This way, even though they put an end to one fighting on behalf of another person, they created the opportunity for the larger guilds to monopolise the points system.

Actually, there were many solo players who were extremely strong. It was a pity that such players wouldn’t be able to compete because of this points system.

The gaming company organised the Single-Elimination Open Tournament to allow everyone to participate. Of course, because of this, many rich players would splurge on equipment so that they could obtain the title “Number One in the country”… This way, the gaming company would also be able to earn a large sum from them.

“This is interesting.” Once Sanguine Warflag explained this, Fearless smiled.

Many games had this elimination open tournament. Even though it was technically also a competition, all they needed to do was to win the competition. It was so much easier than slowly accumulating points. At the very minimum, they wouldn’t need to spend too much time accumulating the points.

“So? Shall we form a squad to play?” Fearless suggested.

“Can, as long as it doesn’t affect my work.” Spring Halo agreed as Boson also nodded decisively.

Ming Du commented, “But I am an official…”

“Official your head! Does it really matter if there is one less watchdog on the street?” Vainglory instantly shut Ming Du up.

When even Ming Du had no objections, everyone else naturally agreed to it.

“What? This isn’t what we discuss at first, right?” When Sanguine Warflag saw that the Quan Zhen Sect formed squads just like that, he was dumbfounded.

Sanguine Warflag had witnessed how the people from the Quan Zhen Sect were like. Without mentioning a rare species like Wang Yu, everyone else was also a peak grade expert. Even though their movements might not be at the level of a professional squad, the difference wouldn’t be too far.

Moreover, Fearless always had tricks up his sleeves and he was capable of tricking any living person on earth. The equipment they had on them was better than most people… If this group of lions and wolves were to compete in this tournament, even the Sanguine Squad would have to kneel in front of them for mercy…

He came to ask them for help so how did he end up with one more strong opposition.

“Leader Sanguine, don’t worry about it. Since you’re so loyal, we will not treat you unfairly. Accumulate points, right? You can count on Old Bull.” Fearless instantly sold Wang Yu out.

Sanguine Warflag wiped his sweat and said, “The single-elimination open tournament will be announced in a few days. I’m merely leaking this news slightly ahead of time but since you guys are going to form a squad, I don’t think it’s appropriate for Great God Bull to help us.”

Fearless smiled and said, “It’s okay. Anyway, your squad is destined to lose… What you need to do is to pray hard that you wouldn’t face us…”

“F*ck!” Sanguine Warflag was on the verge of tears. Only a shameless person could say something so shameless.

However, Sanguine Warflag couldn’t disagree with Fearless. He couldn’t help it because the shadow caused by Wang Yu in his heart was too hard to forget…