Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Sinister Beast Summoning

Chapter 662: Sinister Beast Summoning
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“What do you guys want to do?” Seeing how Quan Zhen Sect surrounded him, Doak went pale as his back was flat against a tree and he looked at Fearless and the rest in high alert.

Fearless chuckled “Hehe, nothing much. We heard that you are a gold BOSS.”

“And so?” Doak instinctively put his sword horizontally in front of his chest.

“And one with little blood left,” Fearless added.

“Hehe, even with this little amount of blood, based on just these few of you, I’ll be able to kill a few of you!” Doak proudly said.

“Yes, but our lives are worthless. If you die, you’ll really be dead.”

“…” Doak was speechless, and coldly said, “How much money do you want this time?”

“How much money do you think your information is worth?” Fearless lifted his staff and aimed it at Doak. Ming Du, Spring Halo and the rest also started taking out their weapons.



Doak was about to offer a price for his life and suddenly, a loud, sharp cry was heard, shocking everyone.

Everyone simultaneously looked towards the King of Beast Dijun and saw the King of Beast Dijun burning in fire and flapped his wings to leap up.

He leaped up but with his short wings and fat body, he looked nowhere near graceful.

As the King of Beast Dijun was covered by fire, Wang Yu had no choice but to jump down from its claws.

After the King of Beast Dijun leapt up, he charged downwards to the ground and turned himself into a fireball while his wings looked like swords on fire, stabbing towards Wang Yu.

When the King of Beast Dijun spread his wings, it was five to six metres wide, and he was moving at an insane speed. By then, it was too late for Wang Yu to dodge away. Seeing how he was about to crash into him, Wang Yu dropped to the ground and lay on the floor.

The King of Beast Dijun swerved right past Wang Yu, almost touching him.

Just then, Wang Yu stood right up and executed a [Thunder God’s Stomp]. With lightning, he fiercely kicked on the King of Beast Dijun’s abdomen.

The King of Beast Dijun was already charging forward at high speed. Now that he was kicked by Wang Yu, he lost control of himself and smashed head-first towards Fearless and the rest.


Quan Zhen Sect had been staring at Wang Yu. When Wang Yu lay down, everyone thought he did it only to dodge aside but they did not think that this lad was so daring to launch a counter-attack under such circumstances.

Seeing that the King of Beast Dijun was flying towards them, Quan Zhen Sect instantly dispersed but poor Fearless did not have teleportation skills. His position was right in the way and so he could not escape. Hence, he frantically put on a [Invisible Halo] then hid behind the tree behind Doak.

“Peng!” The King of Beast Dijun crashed into Doak. Doak’s miserable HP was crashed into nothing left.

The King of Beast Dijun stood back up and looked around the surrounding, then stepped on Doak, to charge towards Wang Yu again.

Seeing how the King of Beast Dijun left, Fearless used his staff to revive Doak, then relievingly said, “Damn it, my money tree almost died.”

Speaking, Fearless pointed his staff at Doak again, “How much did you offer just now?”

Doak snickered, “I advise you to just take the secret.”


“Look there!” Doak pointed at the King of Beast Dijun who was tackling Wang Yu.

The King of Beast Dijun had a big build but after all, he was still a domesticated animal with two claws and a pair of wings. Compared to wild beast monsters, it was less convenient for him when in combat. After charging at Wang Yu again, Wang Yu jumped backwards, intending to whip him several times with his pole. However, he ran to five to six metres away from Wang Yu and stopped there.

Wang Yu was slightly shocked and was about to charge forward when the King of Beast Dijun’s wings started flapping, hitting the ground continuously.

Soon after, numerous fireballs started rising from the ground and became a dozen monsters.

Flaming Magical Wolf (LV50) (Elite)

HP: 200000

MP: 10000

Skills: [Eviscerate], [Spitting Fire].

Talent: Metamorphosis.

Monster Introduction: The King of Beast Dijun is the bloodline of the Godbeast. After killing the monster, you can use the monster’s soul as a servant to fight for you.

Flaming Magical Leopard (LV50) (Elite)

HP: 250000

MP: 15 000

Skills: [Flying Pounce], [Flaming Sword]

Talent: Metamorphosis.

Monster Introduction: The King of Beast Dijun’s skill bloodline. After killing the monster, you can use the monster’s soul as a servant to fight for you.

After the fireballs turned into monsters, their bodies became blurred. Just as Wang Yu probed the monsters’ attributes, each of these monsters split into three. From just a dozen of them, there were tens of them.

“Gah!” The King of Beast Dijun shrieked at the sky and tens of fireball monsters pounced towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu squinted his eyes and used his long pole to smash the Flaming Magical Leopard.


Wang Yu hit the Flaming Magical Leopard but he did not feel as though his pole hit a physical object. It felt as though he hit the air and dropped. He looked carefully and saw that the long pole moved past the Flaming Magical Leopard’s body and crashed into the floor.

“Oh no! They are fake!” Wang Yu silently yelled. He propped the long pole on the ground for support the jumped up. At the same time, several Flaming Magical Leopards pounced towards him.

Wang Yu used both hands to hold the long pole for support then used his legs to kick two monsters separately.

In the end, it was the same as previously. Wang Yu’s two legs did not feel anything when he kicked the two monsters’ bodies. The two monsters were like shadows and pounced across Wang Yu’s body.

“…” Wang Yu was speechless. After so long, this guy was just hoaxing him.

At the thought of this, Wang Yu landed and kept his pole. Once he landed, he wanted to charge straight towards the King of Beast Dijun. Just then, two Magical Wolves ran to Wang Yu’s back and bit on Wang Yu’s ankles.

Wang Yu thought they were just illusions so he did not bother with them.

“Crush!” Wang Yu instantly felt his feet in pain.



Crippled, speed is reduced by 30%.

“F*ck! How did they become real?”

Wang Yu was shocked. At the same time, tens of monsters surrounded Wang Yu and started attacking Wang Yu with flames and blades.

As these monsters were illusions from souls, Wang Yu could not feel any breathing. At that moment, Wang Yu’s breathing sensory skill lost its effect so he could not differentiate which monsters were real or fake.

Seeing these monsters attacking him, Wang Yu used his [Kickstart] skill and dodged all the spells sent towards him.

Luckily, these monsters’ attacks were all individual attacks. Even though he was surrounded and attacked by tens of monsters, Wang Yu’s mysterious steps could still handle them.

At this moment, Quan Zhen Sect who were chilling noticed Wang Yu’s situation and rushed over.

Crotch Lord lowered his head and charged into the circle, arriving right beside Wang Yu. Instantly, he executed a mass [Taunting] skill and more than half of the monsters were sucked to Crotch Lord’s side.

Boson arrived and began his [Tornado Slash]. At the same time, Spring Halo’s [Dark Barrier] shielded Wang Yu and the rest. Ming Du’s [Flaming Thunderstorm] quickly followed and was sent across.


It was the sound of the skills sent into thin air…

The atmosphere turned awkward.