Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 667

Chapter 667 The Real Boss

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When the Quan Zhen Sect returned to the empty space with the monkeys, Wang Yu was holding the stilts on King of Beasts, Dijun’s head while looking at the Flaming Magic Tigers.

Wang Yu stood on King of Beasts Dijun’s head and Dijun couldn’t attack him at all. After some time, Dijun lost its morale and simply lay down there in low spirits. Wang Yu was free to torture it as he wished.

When the Quan Zhen Sect saw that Wang Yu seemed to be enjoying himself while stepping on King of Beast Dijun’s head, no one was surprised. After all, they were used to seeing Wang Yu’s disgusting abilities so they had already been numbed to this sight.

“What should we do now?” When Quan Zhen Sect brought back the Dusk Magic Ape, they asked Fearless.

Fearless wanted them to catch the monkeys but now that they had captured them, these monkeys looked like they were only interested in the fruits on their hands. They simply don’t look like they could be of much help to the fight.

Moreover, everyone noticed the attributes of the Flaming Magic Tigers. They knew that even if all the monkeys decided to work together, they wouldn’t be enough to handle on Flaming Magic Tiger.

“I have no idea too…” Fearless looked helplessly at Doak. That fella said that these monkeys knew how to use [Piercing Eyes] but they were clearly only here for the fruits. They were nothing more than useless and greedy monkeys.

Doak looked at Fearless and co. before taking the initiative to walk over. He laughed and asked, “Do you need my help?”

“What do we do with all these monkeys?” Fearless asked.

“Hand it to me!” Doak smiled as he picked out an unknown item from his shirt before throwing it towards King of Beast Dijun.

When the Dusk Magic Apes saw the item thrown by Doak, their eyes turned red instantly. They turned away from the fruits on the Quan Zhen Sect’s hands as they ran towards King of Beast Dijun.

“Bang!” A loud balloon explosion sound could be heard as Doak’s item exploded. All the surrounding Dusk Magic Apes squatted where they were before charging at King of Beast Dijun with their sharp teeth. At the same time, the hair on their body turned from red to gold as their eyes emitted rays of light like searchlight on the Flaming Magic Tigers’ bodies.

After the Flaming Magic Tigers were shone on, they exhibited their true appearance. Those shadows turned black under the [Piercing Eyes].

At this moment, Fearless and co. realised shockingly that the Dusk Magic Apes’ attributes changed. Their levels and attributes became the same as the Flaming Magic Tigers.

“Aiya! I really cannot tell that this Doak is so strong!” Looking at this scene, Ling Longmeng complimented. Meanwhile, Fearless, Spring Halo and the rest’s expressions changed.

“Fearless, how much money did you give Doak before he told you this secret?” Spring Halo asked Fearless in the group chat.

Fearless shook his head with a serious look, “No money…”

“Then when we were helping Old Bull fight earlier, did he try to attack you?” Ming Du also asked.

“No…” At the thought of this, Fearless’ face turned extremely black.

In <>, the NPCs were always out to trick the players. This was even the case for NPC in the same faction as them. The Quan Zhen Sect had threatened Doak earlier on yet he took the initiative to help them and even helped them for free. This was evidently not right.

“One who is unaccountably solicitous is definitely hiding evil intentions! Kill him!” Vainglory shouted as he executed his [Shadows Chain Kick] on Doak.

“Haha, I wanted to play with you guys for a while but you guys seem to have detected it.”

Doak smiled as he used his large sword to block Vainglory’s skill. With a twist of his sword, Vainglory was sent flying by him.

“F*ck…” When everyone saw that Vainglory was sent flying by a twist of the sword, everyone was stunned.

Vainglory had an ancient weapon in the Despair’s Sting. Even though he was a Pugilist, his attributes were not a lot weaker than Boson. As for skills, this fella had kung fu foundation and was even mentored by Wang Yu. Out of all the experts in the Quan Zhen Sect, nobody except Wang Yu could hit their chest and say confidently that they could handle Vainglory.

Moreover, Vainglory even had the Pugilist’s ultimate skill [Shadows Chain Kick] which was extremely powerful. The judgement might even be stronger than Wang Yu. Even so, Vainglory was sent flying by Doak in just one exchange of blows. Moreover, wasn’t Doak about to die?

At the thought of this, everyone sent their probing skill back onto Doak.

Bounty Hunter, Doak (LV 50) (Obsidian BOSS) (Ancient)

HP: 3000000


Skill: Proficient Weapons Master

Talent: Taming Wild Beast, Steal

Background description: Doak has the innate talent to share pets. The current shared skill is ‘Steal’.

“F*ck! Wasn’t this King of Beast Dijun’s attributes? Shared skill ‘Steal’? Does this steal mean the attributes of steal?”

After looking at how Doak’s attributes turned into King of Beast Dijun’s attributes, everyone instantly understood. The Dusk Magic Apes with rubbish attributes actually had such a shameless skill. They could steal the opponent’s attributes and put it on themselves. At this moment, King of Beast Dijun and Flaming Magic Tigers had attributes as rubbish as the Dusk Magic Apes and Doak had previously.

If they were right, Doak should be the ultimate BOSS for this quest.

This crafty fella was actually so despicable.

While everyone was stunned, Doak lowered his head and used [Charge] towards King of Beast Dijun. Following that, he swung his double handed sword upwards without stopping. He executed a Warrior’s level 40 skill [Broken Army Rising Dragon Slash] at King of Beast Dijun’s head.

As Wang Yu was standing on top of King of Beast Dijun’s head to kill the Flaming Magic Tigers, he suddenly felt a murderous intent from above his head. He hurriedly jumped off King of Beast Dijun.

Just when Wang Yu landed, he saw the radiance slashed across and King of Beast Dijun’s head was cut off.

Doak held his sword with one hand and King of Beast Dijun’s head on the other. Fearless shouted to Wang Yu and said, “He wants to snatch our BOSS, don’t let him bring the head away!”

Wang Yu heard him and he immediately threw the spear out of his hand. Doak couldn’t dodge in time as he was struck on the wrist. King of Beast Dijun’s head fell onto the ground as Wang Yu charged over swiftly. With a swing of his long pole, Wang Yu tossed King of Beast Dijun’s head towards Fearless and co.

“Argh!” Doak glared at Wang Yu before whistling. Ten Dusk Magic Apes turned around and charged towards the Quan Zhen Sect.

“Aiya, Little Black, don’t you remember me? I fed you peaches remember…” As they saw the Dusk Magic Apes suddenly attacking them, everyone was shocked as Ming Du tried to toss another peach to the monkeys.

Who knew that the Dusk Magic Ape didn’t even look at the peaches as they simply tossed the peaches away. They roared before charging towards Ming Du again.

F*ck! These fellas did not only steal the attributes, they even stole their characters and ferocity. They were clearly hungry for meat.

Seeing that Ming Du was about to be pinned down by them, Spring Halo’s demon appeared in front of Ming Du. Its head was stuffed into the Dusk Magic Ape’s mouth… It was instantly bitten off and turned into black fog.