Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 67

Chapter 67: I Want to Touch

HP: 60 000

MP: 100 000

Skills: [Poison Nova], [Restrictive Web], [Queen's Decree]

Even though Wang Yu was more daring than the others, there still was a limit to how daring he was. Even though Wang Yu was a martial artist, this was the first time he had ever seen anything so gruesome, stunning him for a moment.

Andrea came swung her claws at him while Wang Yu was distracted.

"Quickly dodge! When she's in her spider form Andrea's attack can poison you!" Spring Halo stepped forward, commanding his ghosts to go to Wang Yu's side as he casted [Distortion] to stop her slimy claws from touching Wang Yu.

It was only then that Wang Yu managed to regain his composure, rolling out of Andrea's attack range.

Once she transformed into the queen of hell, Andrea was no longer a humanoid monster, but a bestial type boss, this meant that Spring Halo's spells were completely ineffective against her.


A halo of green light oozed out of Andrea, spreading out in all directions, instantly killing Spring Halo's ghosts.

[Poison Nova], a skill that turned to surroundings into a highly toxic environment, causing anything in the vicinity to receive constant damage.

Everyone other than Wang Yu had already faced this boss once, this was especially true for those that had played during the beta testing, they had even played the Abyss tier Blood-Soaked Church. They knew that this was Andrea's signature move, not only was it an AOE attack, it would even continue to damage them for a while.

"Look for a place to hide!"

Fearless immediately issued the order when he saw Andrea emitting a green glow. Once they heard the command, everyone ran for their lives, eventually find a pillar to hide behind.

But Wang Yu was currently standing not too far away from Andrea, at this moment there were no obstacles in his vicinity that could shield him from [Poison Nova].

But Wang Yu was not even the slightest bit worried. Right as the [Poison Nova] was about to hit him, he smashed the tip of the pole into the floor as he leapt up, balancing himself from on the pole, completely evading the poisonous attack.

"What the f*ck, how's that possible!"

The members of the Quan Zhen Sect felt as though they were beginning to understand Wang Yu's skills less and less the more they saw him fight.

It seemed as though many rules in this game were completely irrelevant to this man, no one would believe what they saw even if they told them. How could it be possible to dodge [Poison Nova] without hiding behind something?

After once again baffling these gaming experts when he evaded the [Poison Nova], Wang Yu immediately continued his assault, jumping off the pole and violently slamming it into Andrea's head.



Wang Yu was deeply shocked when he saw the red number above Andrea's head, he had only dealt 300 damage! And a red number even appeared above his head.


"Huh?" Wang Yu was extremely confused, immediately sending a message to the party chat.

"What the f*ck do you mean 'huh', it's called damage reflection! Quickly lure her over to outside!" Fearless quickly replied.

"Mm!" Wang Yu replied, raising his pole as he mercilessly struck Andrea's chest several times.

Andrea grew enraged, loudly wailing as she charged towards Wang Yu.


But Wang Yu did not retreat. Instead, he stretched his pole out, preparing to meet Andrea's wild charge. Loudly shouting as he poured every ounce of strength into his arms, executing one of his martial arts skills, 'Floor Dragon Leaving The Sea', jamming the pole into Andrea's chest, sending her flying into the center of the room.

The other seven members of the Quan Zhen Sect were, in fact, hiding behind a pillar at the very spot.

"What the f*ck! We asked you to lure her here, not throw her here!"

Even though they were complaining, not a single person stood by idly. Everyone was hurriedly preparing their strongest attacks while dodging Andrea's claws.

A single wave of attacks had done nearly 3000 damage to Andrea.

Just at this moment, Wang Yu had already leapt over, landing on Andrea's spider back, violently lashing out with his pole.

A Pugilist did not have the ability to use a pole, but a Martial Artist did. If Wang Yu was able to activate [Lateral Kick] to deal damage with his pole, he would be immensely powerful.

But naturally, that was just a pipe dream. All of Wang Yu's attacks had been basic attacks, not skills. Even so, because of Wang Yu was using the Independent mode, he was naturally able to display his martial arts prowess, dealing an insane amount of damage.

Because his normal attacks with the pole had exceeded 120% perfection, this had given his attacks an additional effect, causing the carapace on Andrea's back to shatter.

Andrea screamed as another spider web fell from the sky. Wang Yu swiftly somersaulted off her back as the spider web covered her.

"Eh? She got caught in her own trap? I thought she wasn't affected by my control skills?"

But just as they were deep in thought, they faintly heard another sound.


Andrea had activated [Poison Nova] once again.

Wang Yu repeated his previous action, easily dodging her attack. But the others weren't as nimble as Wang Yu and were all struck by [Poison Nova], causing Fearless to frantically heal them.

It seemed as though [Poison Nova] was capable of completely killing them, just a moment ago they had nearly failed the dungeon...

"Come over here!" Fearless instructed Wang Yu after he finally managed to stabilise everyone's health.

"Iron Bull hold the boss off, Crotch Lord you have to stun her! The rest of us will attack!"

"Truth be told I should be the tank, it's one thing to be surpassed by Spring Halo but now, even Iron Bull is doing the job of tanking on my behalf... do you guys really need a Guardian? Maybe I should just leave..." Crotch Lord dejectedly spoke.

"Crotchy, why do you have to compare yourself against Iron Bull? You're just going to hard your own pride." Everyone laughed.

Ever since he got the pole, Martial Artist's Determination, Wang Yu had finally solved the problem of having a shorter attack range than bosses.

Even though the Ground Fist style of martial arts was very strong, but Wang Yu could not bear to be constantly rolling on the ground to fight monsters!

Wang Yu used his pole to firmly hold Andrea down, not letting her move as he skillfully balanced attacking and dodging, not receiving a single blow as he drew all her aggression to himself. Even if he did not receive help from the other members of the guild, Wang Yu probably would have no problem finished Andrea off by himself.

The others were frantically attacking now that Andrea's skills were on cooldown.






After a long grueling battle, Andrea was finally reduced to a corpse, returning to her original human form.

A boss was ultimately meant for players to defeat.

"Search her, who wants to do it?" Wang Yu asked.

"ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!" Spring Halo and Vainglory excitedly shouted. Andrea had a voluptuous figure, this was a blessing from the system that was hard to come by.

"How can you do this Brother Spring? I'm just a kid so why don't you give this chance to me?" Even an arrogant kid like Vainglory was humbly pleading with Spring Halo.

"Stupid manchild, do you understand the concept of respecting your elders?" Spring Halo laughed as he pushed Vainglory behind him.

"What the f*ck aren't you married?"

"What do you know, it's precisely because I'm married that I need to treasure this opportunity!" Spring Halo shamelessly declared.

"Stop arguing! As the guild leader, you should give this chance to me!" Fearless angrily shouted.

"Why!" The two coldly glared at Fearless.

"Because I can kick you guys out of the party right now!" Fearless indifferently replied.

The duo immediately shut up. If they were really kicked out of the party, then all their effort would have been for naught. This shamelessness of Fearless was truly on another level.

"What the fuck are you touching!" Boson shouted as he slapped Fearless' shoulder.


Just as Fearless was deep in thought, he suddenly heard Wang Yu's voice.

"[Hellfire Wall], uncommon skill, can a Pugilist use this? Hey I'm talking to you Old Li, why aren't you talking?"

"F*CK!" Fearless had completely forgotten about this wildcard.